Winter 2012 Early Impressions… Not Just Yet.

Well, I’ve watched the first episode of everything this season, excluding shorts and sequels to shows I didn’t watch first time around. Based on their first eps, I picked up around half of them (8 series) and dropped the rest. I’ve now seen three episodes of every show I picked up, and around about that time every season is when I usually post my early impressions of them all. But I won’t be doing so this time, because I’m seriously struggling to rank them.

Before the season started, most of the shows set to air looked or sounded awful to me. I was genuinely surprised when I found 8 shows I like (at this stage, at least). But while none of what I’ve picked up is awful, none of it stands out as particularly great either. Attempts to rank them based on what I’ve already seen aren’t working, since most series have been slow to get going, and all have very different strengths and weaknesses. It’s as though they’ve mixed together into some slightly-better-than-average pool of potential, with last season’s shows either soaring high above or sinking down below in comparison.

On the other hand, I enjoy making early impressions posts. It’s fun to compare a list made early in the season to a list made at the end, to see how my opinions have changed over time. So there’s a good chance I’ll make one in a few more weeks, maybe mid-season at the ~6-7 episode mark. Hopefully I’ll have a better idea of where each series is going by then, and if that works then I’ll stick to mid-season impressions every season from now on.


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