Mirai Nikki Episode 16

January has been a good month for my blog, despite a few delays. We *just* broke last month’s record view count, and with a day to spare!  So if you’re reading this, many thanks. 🙂 As for what’s attracting this month’s views… I’m overjoyed to see my Creamy Mami post place 4th in view count, but unsurprisingly posts on Mirai Nikki top the list. I honestly don’t know what I’ll do when the series ends. 😛

Episode 16 begins with the unexpected introduction of a new character: Yuki’s father, Amano Kurou! Having heard about his son’s hospitalization, he decides to pay him a visit.

Meanwhile, Minene is now acting as Yuki’s coach, part of sort of bargain with Aru and Nishijima. She claims they have a ‘secret plan’ to beat Seventh, and getting him into good physical shape seems to be a part of it. So she sits on top of him while he does push ups, as you do.

When Yuki’s father walks in and sees this, he inevitably comes to the conclusion that the two are engaged in some sort of ‘kinky play’… and is jealous.

It seems Yuki’s lack of strength is genetic – Kurou is an even bigger weakling, failing to do a single push up. He’s persistent though. His constant attempts to get Minene to ‘rehabilitate’ him end up with her proposing a competition between father and son. If dad wins, he gets ‘rehabilitated’; if Yuki wins, he gets to request anything from his father. After a moment’s hesitation, Yuki says he wants his parents to remarry! Despite the scale of this request, and the fact his ex-wife knows nothing about it, Kurou agrees… but only if Yuki wins.

Following a short comedic scene featuring Ai and Mar (showing that the info in future diaries can easily be misinterpreted!), the competition begins! A series of events designed to test their strength… such as it is. While Kurou talks big, he really is weaker than his son, and cheats his way through. Despite the obvious cheating, Minene seems to be on Kurou’s side, declaring him the winner each time. Maybe she secretly wants to ‘rehabilitate him’ after all!?

Having regained consciousness, Yuno is unsurprisingly watching the whole competition closely. She’s initially worried about the strange new guy hanging around her Yukkii, but soon reaches the conclusion that she won’t have to kill him.

In the evening, Yuki and Kurou face their final challenge: a race to the top of a hill. This round is worth so many points that their earlier scores don’t even matter, and cheating won’t be tolerated this time. Before they begin, Kurou takes the opportunity to explain why the divorce happened in the first place – it’s because he got into debt, that simple.

Realizing that his parents may never get back together, Yuki puts little effort into the race. Minene tells him not to give up on his wish, though, and once he finally reaches the top of the hill (the clear loser), he finds a note from his father waiting there. Apparently Kurou thinks he’ll be able to clear his debts, so Yuki’s parents may yet remarry after all!

Part way up the hill, Minene meets with Nishijima. It seems the ‘secret plan’ they mentioned at the start of the episode was a lie… but Yuki believes it, and since Seventh have his phone, they’ll be tricked into believing it too. All this was Aru’s idea.

Still watching Yuki from a distance with binoculars, Yuno is happy to see him reach the summit. However, she then spots his father outside the hospital, and decides to investigate. Inside, Kurou frantically searches Yuki’s room for something that will supposedly let him ‘live large’ for a while. He then receives a phone call, and we learn that the item he’s searching for is Yuki’s phone diary, and that the person calling him has promised to cancel all his debts if he destroys it!

The next day, Nishijima arrives at ‘Mother’s Village’ with a search warrant – the police have managed to link the facility with the attack on Kousaka’s house. Back at the hospital, Yuki and his father hear about this on TV. While they discuss the news, Yuno sneaks up behind Kurou… armed with a knife! Yuki notices, and makes up an excuse while pushing her out of the room!

Yuki is of course angry with her, but she tells him what happened in his room the night before. She believes the person who called him is Eleventh – the final diary owner to make an appearance, barring any plot twists.

After her explanation is over, it’s Yuno’s turn to receive a phone call… from Mar. Her attempts to kill Yuki’s father were picked up on the boy’s phone, along with mentions of Ninth (Minene) and Eleventh, leading Seventh to believe Kurou may prove useful in tracking down the remaining diary owners. He demands she bring Kurou to meet him, threatening to destroy the captured diaries if she doesn’t.

Yuno returns to Yuki’s room and explains the situation. She makes sure to mention the fact that Mar and Ai have Yuki’s phone, which makes a confused and initially reluctant Kurou much more willing to tag along…

The arranged meeting point is Sakurami Tower, conveniently abandoned and high up in order to avoid trouble. There they find the Seventh duo waiting, dressed as bride and groom – it’s entirely possible they just got married, after Ai’s phone predicted him handing her a ring earlier on in the episode. The first thing Mar does upon their arrival is punch Kurou, getting him out of the way while he plays a little game with the Yuki.

Mar places Yuki and Yuno’s diaries on a table in plain sight, and tells Yuki to come at him. Yuki shows us his manly side again and does just that, but is no match for Mar. Defeated, Yuki snivels about how he wants to go and see the stars with his father… while the man himself sneaks passed them towards the table, picks up Yuki’s phone… and breaks it.

Yuno sensed right from the start that something wasn’t quite, however, and also charges – not towards Yuki, Kurou, Mar or the table with her phone, but towards Ai, who’s just been stood there watching the whole time. Armed, and with the element of surprise on her side, Yuno easily knocks the bouquet Ai was holding out of her hands, catching it before it hits the floor.

It turns out the phones on the table are fakes – shiny, new and unblemished, unlike their real phone diaries which have been through a lot. Of course, this means that Yuki is fine. Yuno reveals their real phones from their hiding place within the bouquet, and tosses Yuki’s back to him. Unfortunately, his father still wants to break it. He pleads with Yuki to hand it over – Kurou knows nothing about the future diaries, and doesn’t realize he’s asking his son to surrender his life.

Before Yuki can explain the situation to his father, the ground begins to shake. Ta-kun, Seventh’s apprentice diary user companion, has once again set up explosives in case of their plan failing. Yuki seems to be standing in the wrong place at the wrong time, and the floor collapses beneath him. Both Yuno and Kurou run towards him, arms outstretched… he must decide whose hand to grab. But we don’t get to see who he chooses or the consequences of that choice until the next episode.

4 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode 16

  1. GoodbyeNavi says:

    Looks like we now know where Yuki-kun gets his naivete from; good old Dad. His father loves him but he is up to it in his eyeballs in debt. Yuno just sees the father as trying to kill Yuki ignoring the fact that he doesn’t know that breaking the cell phone will wipe Yuki out. She really needs some meds. I hope Yuki can break her out of her psychotic nature.

    • I have to wonder whether Kurou would simply give up on breaking the phone if the situation was explained to him, though… He may have some feelings for Yuki, but made it clear enough that his first priority after clearing his debts would be ‘living it up’, not returning to a happy family life.

      I could be wrong though – like Yuno, maybe I’ve gotten too used to not trusting anyone in this series myself. 😛

  2. […] I haven’t seen that include this storyline are Sailor Moon, Captain Tsubasa, Soul Eater and Mirai Nikki).  And oftentimes, the split is either played for laughs (Marmalade Boy) or to create a dramatic, […]

  3. […] I haven’t seen that include this storyline are Sailor Moon, Captain Tsubasa, Soul Eater and Mirai Nikki).  And oftentimes, the split is either played for laughs (Marmalade Boy) or to create a dramatic, […]

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