Mirai Nikki Episode 18

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A lot happened in the previous episode of Mirai Nikki, but it was the cliff hanger ending with Yuki’s mother’s death that stuck in my mind. So I started the episode, excited to learn more about what had happened and what effect it would have on Yuki… and had to wait about half the episode to find out, as the first half consisted of a flashback to Yuki and Yuno’s school life before the survival game began.

Not much of the early stuff was plot relevant, as far as I can tell, so in summary: Yuki wants to confess to a girl in his class using a love letter, but Yuno finds out about it and tries to steal the letter. Hilarity ensues as she chases Yuki around a shopping centre, dressed up in a creepy bunny costume, inadvertently scarring a young child for life in the process. Yuno fails to recover the letter, but Yuki’s confession is turned down by the girl anyway.

As is usually the case with these lighter-hearted moments in Mirai Nikki, however, it is all linked into the main story line in the end. We see Yuno return to her home, enter the creepy room and greet her parents – still dead, but less decomposed at this time. It is revealed that they’ve been dead for a month – and we finally learn how it happened.

It seems they had unrealistically high hopes for Yuno, and when she failed to live up to their expectations, they locked her in a cage and starved her. So one day she drugged them and put them in the cage, thinking they’d treat her nicely if they understood her pain. Instead, they continued to shout and verbally abuse her, until they eventually died.

We then see her ‘dreams for the future’ school survey, the one where she agreed to become Yuki’s future bride. With her parents dead, this ‘future’ really is her only reason to carry on living… and the reason behind her obsession with the boy.

Back in the present, Yuki has redecorated his room, sticking up pictures of his mother on all his dart boards. First thing that springs to mind is the similarity between this scene and the ‘wedding’ photo copies that were put up all around him when Yuno abducted him… the second thing is that I hope he doesn’t wake up one morning and throw a dart at them like he used to without thinking. 😛

We learn that Yuki has already approached Deus, requesting he bring her back to life. But the god can’t do it – by now he’s in really bad shape, and has no more power over the current causality continuum. But Yuki is reminded that there is still a way to save her: all he has to do is become a god himself! And so for the first time, Yuki has a reason to seek out and defeat other diary owners aside from to ensure his own survival…

Yuki’s diary informs him that detective Nishijima suspects his father of his mother’s murder… and moments later that same father has the nerve to stumble through the door to his house! He’s slightly wounded after being attacked in the dark, which he assumes is related to his debts. Yuki patches him up, then directly confronts him about the murder. Instead of admitting or denying his guilt, Kowardly Kurou asks the boy whether he has any evidence… what a douche bag.

Yuki doesn’t have any evidence, of course… but luckily for him, his father carelessly leaves a pawn shop claim stub in plain view. When Yuki asks about it, he acts suspiciously, hiding it quickly. Yuki comes to the conclusion that this will lead him to the evidence he needs, and decides to recover the item from his father (with the help of his diary) when he goes to fetch it.

The next day, we see Nishijima interviewing Yuno about the identity of the third skeleton in her house. However, she gets up and leaves without saying a thing. The police make no move to stop her, but it seems they’ll be able to identify the body soon enough from DNA evidence anyway…

The same morning, Yuki oversleeps. He misses his father leaving the house, and his diary predicts that taking his usual route to the shopping district would mean he’d arrive too late to grab the item. He changes this future by taking a shortcut, arriving just in time to see his father (now carrying a long, thin bag… wonder what that could contain?) get into a taxi. Using his diary again, he finds out that Kurou is headed for the temple.

The shrine is an important place for both the father and the son – it’s where the infamous promise to go star gazing was made, back when the Amanos were still a happy family. When Kurou makes it to the top of the stairs, he is followed soon after by Yuki, who immediately steals the bag from him. He then opens it… but instead of some murder weapon, he finds a telescope.

Yuki’s father admits to his crime, and says he only wanted a little time to prepare himself and to apologize to his ex-wife. Both crying at this stage, the two make up, arranging plans to start again once his prison sentence is over. Touching stuff… or it might have been, if it hadn’t been so rushed… I found Yuki’s sudden switch from “I’ll make you pay for killing my mum!” to “I forgive you, worthless excuse for a father!” a bit ridiculous. Stuff like that takes time, surely!

Kurou doesn’t have much time left, however. As the two turn to leave the shrine, side by side, they are approached by a suspicious looking man… who stabs Kurou without warning. Yuki’s father dies instantly. All this makes Yuki even more determined to become a god, so he can bring back both parents and live happily ever after. But first, he has to deal with a whole group of suspicious looking men that come out of hiding to surround him…

Far from his usual pathetic self, the very angry Yuki massacres his assailants almost as easily as Yuno would have done. Of course, Yuno herself is never far away from him, and shows up to take care of the last of them. She gets him a drink to calm him down… but he’s beyond that.

Manic, and still holding the knife that killed his father, the same knife he himself used to kill one of the attackers, Yuki turns that knife on Yuno, informing her of his decision to become god. Which of course means he’ll have to kill her, too. She just smiles at him though, telling him that she’s willing to die for him at any time – he’s her sole reason for living, after all. In the end, Yuki can’t go through with it, and drops the weapon.

According to Murmur, Eleventh was behind Kurou’s death, which isn’t that much of a surprise. So he could well be the next big villain, setting aside Eighth for later. I suppose they’ll have to deal with Minene eventually too, just when they were starting to get along… Either way, Yuki finally going on the offensive should make things more interesting!


11 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode 18

  1. GoodbyeNavi says:

    This show needed to get Yuki to be in a more active role in the game. So far he has been fairly passive and frankly still “observing”. His father’s death was the final straw for him to start fighting. He so easily forgave his father for murdering his mother. I found that to be a bit unnerving. It’s about time for this show to give me some more answers.

    • The speed at which characters in this show change their minds, opinions, even personalities is probably the series’ biggest flaw in my opinion. But the way I see it, the characters pretty much exist only to act crazy and forward the plot… and it certainly succeeds in being entertaining, if nothing else!

      • GoodbyeNavi says:

        I would say the best part of this episode was learning what happened to Yuno’s parents. She was basically abused and “accidentally” killed her parents. Now the third body, I’m really interested in knowing who it is. The show is definitely entertaining but I’m going to need Yuki to be consistent. Nah, he can stay how he is. Yuno pretty much does what is expected of her.

        • Zammael says:

          I’m really suspicious about the third body — it must be related to that opening in the very first episode.

          No, this is not a spoiler, as long you’ve already watched episode 1.

          • Yeah, I’ll admit I’d forgotten about that opening scene until I saw the cage in episode 18. That’s all it took to remind me. I think you’re probably right, but how it’s related, I haven’t a clue.

            • Zammael says:

              Someone else died in Episode 1 opener. That’s the body in the gigantic hole next to Yuno’s parents. I’m smelling some kind of paradox here…

        • The third body is one of the biggest unanswered questions remaining now that they’ve revealed most of Yuno’s past. I’m glad that one final piece is still missing, as while it was interesting to find out how she ended up the way she is, I liked the fact we knew so little about her despite her being such a major character. Finding out everything at once would have been a shame!

  2. MR.KLAC says:

    whole yuki & mom-obsession even trying to letter a female look like his mom?

    anyone thinking mother-son incest on it even on a lookalike?!

    & yuno the wabbit where elmer fudd?

    • Haha, I see the resemblance now you’ve mentioned it! I think incest is going a bit far though, if he had those kinds of feelings for his mum, I doubt he would forgive his father so easily!

      No need for Elmer Fudd, the rabbit’s the one doing the hunting! Though Murmur gave her a good run around at the end. 😛

  3. Andrew says:

    How is the song called which was playing when yuki fought 11th’s men?

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