Winter 2012 Mid Season Impressions Pt. 2

Continuing from last time, here are my favorite nine anime series out of those I’m currently watching. One of which I won’t be watching any longer, for reasons that will be explained…

9 – Inu x Boku SS (NEW)

There are already so many tsundere shows and maid/butler shows out there already that I’ve grown tired of them, and almost wrote Inu x Boku SS off before even trying it as a result. I’m glad I watched it though, as the supernatural twist and hilarious characters are quickly turning this into one of the funniest shows of the season. Love the different character EDs for every episode too! Another case where it’s hard to tell whether it’ll develop a plot later on or not, though.

Status: SAFE

Reason: The signature hunt and S & M guy episodes won me over – this show’s side cast are amazing!

8 – Bakuman.

Bakuman remains consistently entertaining thanks to Mashiro, Takagi and Co., though I can’t say I’m as enthusiastic about their kid orientated gag manga as I was about Trap (and I don’t even like detective series that much)! Still, it’s nice to get a look at the differences in the way both types of manga are approached. The fact it’s an anime adaptation of a manga series in which two guys are writing a manga in hopes of getting an anime adaptation still amuses me. 😛


Reason: It’s starting to get repetitive… I think I’d rather marathon the remaining eps at a later date, maybe before the third season starts.

7 – Persona 4 The Animation

Despite a shaky start and a protagonist with no personality, Persona 4 has really grown on me. The summer holiday and field trip episodes in particular took the characters out of their episodic battles inside the TV and gave them a chance to shine in less serious situations. This worked well, to the extent that even Yu is now likable! Aside from that, it remains very stylish with its bright colours and Engrish music. 😛

Status: SAFE

Reason: Persona 4 has improved noticeably, it seems to have finally found its groove or something. Right now, it makes for very enjoyable viewing.

6 – Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou (NEW)

This series started with one of the strongest first eps of the new season… but was followed by a less funny second ep and a dire third. The three since then have all been fantastic though, so I’m hopeful for the second half. KyoAni’s Nichijou (not in any way related) had its less funny episodes after all, and that ended up being one of my favorite shows of the year regardless!

Status: SAFE

Reason: There are surprisingly few sketch series out there, shows which have little continuity, plot or romance, that exist purely to make you laugh. I like this kind of anime.

5 – Another (NEW)

Topping the list as far as new series go, Another also got off to a rickety start but has come back strong since. The whole mystery aspect felt forced at first – classmates acted suspiciously RIGHT IN FRONT of the protagonist as if he wasn’t there, for example. Now the situation has been explained, I see that these classmates have little idea of what’s going on themselves; they’ve been forced into a ridiculous situation, and are virtually making up their plans to deal with it as they go along, hence why it felt so unnatural.

Status: SAFE

Reason: If I dropped the best of the new series, it wouldn’t say much for the others, would it? 😛 Got to love the dramatic death scenes too!

4 – Hunter x Hunter (2011)

A shonen series without the usual pacing issues or repetitiveness (yet)! THANK YOU! This is only possible because this remake has so many years worth of manga material to speed through, but it makes a nice change. The animation from MADHOUSE is still of high quality, the awesome ED hasn’t changed, and I’ve really grown to like the characters. I’ll have to check out the first anime adaptation one day though, as I hear it’s more violent, and I’m always up for that. 😛

Status: SAFE

Reason: It has everything I liked about Toriko, but without any of the flaws.

3 – Last Exile: Fam, the Silver Wing

If you’ve seen my ACAA Top 12 post for 2011, you’ll be able to predict the order of this season’s Top 3. 😛 Placing a tentative tenth in that list, the new Last Exile has continued to improve since then, so I feel a lot more confident in my ranking this time. While it was never going to live up to the original, The Silver Wing still has a strong plot, nice characters (personality and design), and some of the most well animated airship battles you’re likely to find in anime.

Status: SAFE

Reason: I love the world of Last Exile; great characters (both new and old), and awesome looking technology!

2 – Chihayafuru

Maintaining its spot directly above Last Exile, Chihayafuru has also improved greatly following the introduction of additional members of the club, and their development as they enter various tournaments, playing both as a group and individually. Their different playing styles in particular interest me – Chihaya relies on speed, ‘Desktomu’ uses stats, Kanade understands the poems themselves etc. Additionally, Chihaya remains one of my favorite characters of all time.

Status: SAFE

Reason: Technically, all things considered, it is probably the ‘best’ anime I’m currently watching… it’s just not as psychotically entertaining as my #1.

1 – Mirai Nikki

The cracks are beginning to show in Mirai Nikki as the already insane characters get less and less believable… but somehow that doesn’t matter. I am already gripped by this show in a way that Guilty Crown and Shana III failed to achieve, and can overlook such ‘minor’ details as long as the plot remains as fun and chaotic as it currently is. I can’t even begin to imagine how it will all end, but I can’t wait to find out!

Status: SAFE

Reason: For the blog hits Because it is my favorite ongoing series, duh.


2 Responses to Winter 2012 Mid Season Impressions Pt. 2

  1. Annalyn says:

    Another is probably my favorite new series, too. That might be in part because it’s so different from everything else I’ve watched lately. Or because of the dramatic death scenes… but mostly because of the overall story and atmosphere.

    I enjoyed reading your thoughts in these two posts. I think I found a new blog to follow today. 🙂

    • Another is certainly different, and variation is important to me! The only recent similar show that springs to mind is Blood-C (unsurprisingly by the same director), which has a very similar atmosphere – seemingly happy most of the time, but with a unnerving sense that something is wrong… then people start dying in horrible ways. 😛

      Glad to know you liked hearing my thoughts, and I’ll be sure to check out your blog as well. 🙂

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