Aniblog Tourney II – Onwards to Victory!

I’ve entered my blog into this year’s Aniblog Tourney – basically, a huge tournament to decide which is the ‘best’ (or most popular at least) anime/manga related blog out there. Ironically, I find myself pitted against the person who suggested I go for it, the person who recommended my blog to the people running it in the first place; long time co-leader of TSR’s Anime Society, Caraniel, and her Ramblings.

She’s watched more anime and read more manga than me, has been blogging far longer than me, has covered a much wider range of subjects and series than me, and has been more active in the wider blogosphere than me. What do I have to compete with that? Well… I have traps… and superior MS Paint skills… My hair is pretty awesome too, but that’s not going to help me here. Basically, I’m relying on sympathy votes and the luck of the Welsh. 😛

I don’t know much about how this is going to work, but here’s the voting bracket – I’m in the green bracket, just below the middle – look for the only pairing in the group without a ‘vs’ sign between them. 😛 It is hoped that voting will begin on the 15th, but I don’t know when my round will come up – I’ll post an update nearer the time, of course.

One last thing – the rules do specify that this tournament is all about the quality of the blog, not the awesomeness of the blogger. So if you’re not already familiar with Cara’s blog, do check it out before voting for me anyway. 😛

15 Responses to Aniblog Tourney II – Onwards to Victory!

  1. Caraniel says:

    Mwaahaha – our battle shall be fierce and bloody!

    I am deeply amused we’re facing each other given how big the bracket is this year!

    • I think you have the advantage so far – anyone looking at your blog now would see a ton of new season posts; anyone looking at mine would see that I haven’t had internet access for a week. 😛

  2. Emperor J says:

    This tournament has nothing to do with quality. All you have to do is give everything 82.5/100 to win it all. Also, it’s nice to discover a Welsh aniblogger.

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  4. GoodbyeNavi says:

    Congratulations and good luck! I was happy to see your name on there!

    • I was more confused than anything, since I’d only had the one email asking if I was interested in entering, and after I said yes I didn’t hear anything more about it until Cara let me know I was facing her. 😛

  5. Valence says:

    Good luck lol! (The image of Saito riding a dragon instead of a Zero is now stuck in my head for some reason.)

  6. raisuke16 says:

    good luck to you… 🙂 i’m afraid the advantage is on caraniel’s side…but i must say, you’re also good 🙂

    • I’m aware she has the advantage in terms of existing followers and content, but at the same time I feel as though I can do much better against a person I know and can tease openly than I’d be able to do against a stranger with a lesser known blog. I’m not going down without a fight. 😛

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