Mirai Nikki Episode 24

In my last Mirai Nikki post (about half a month ago…), I mistakenly said that episode 23 was the penultimate episode. That was my assumption – a reasonable one since everything else was finishing that week, 24 is a fairly common episode count to end on, and plot-wise the story *seemed* to be drawing close to a close. But no, the series has spilled over into the early weeks of the Spring season, and there will be a couple of posts to follow this one.

So with most of the series’ mysteries answered in the previous ep, 24 was going to have to deliver a fair few twists in order to keep things interesting. Which, of course, it did. Spectacularly.

We start with a flashback in the second world, the year before its end, showing scenes from Yuno’s past that we now already know about. Only this time, we also see Murmur show up and make the necessarily changes for the original Yuno to replace her second self – some of her memories are suppressed and she’s presented with her second Future Diary.

Back where the previous episode left off, the world is deteriorating at an increasingly fast pace, so Murmur makes the decision to leave the second world behind…

Having learned everything about the two worlds, Yuki is angry with Yuno, but Murmur defends her actions – she did lose everything after all, and not long ago Yuki himself was killing people left right and centre in hopes of bringing his parents back. Murmur explains that Yuki’s decision to open the sealed door way back in episode 3 was the turning point, as if he hadn’t done that then nobody would have discovered the skeletons or suspected this Yuno of being a fake.

Still, Yuki is upset by Yuno’s attempts to kill him. When he asks why she did so, she asks him why he suggested the double suicide when he’d already promised to kill her and become god. Yuki replies that he can’t kill her… and she argues that since someone has to become god, if Yuki won’t do it, why shouldn’t she? Of course, she plans to use her powers the same way she did before – create a third world and repeat the survival game with Yuki all over again. Yuki doesn’t like the sound of that either.

All of a sudden, the ground beneath Yuki disappears – Murmur’s doing. He falls, seemingly to his death, seeing flashbacks of his dead friends and family on the way down. He realizes that he’s acted just like Yuno, but there’s not much he can do about that now… or is there?

As the 27th of July comes to an end, Yuno is about to be declared the winner of the game by Murmur, when the future changes! Yuno’s phone, which until then had recorded her fruitless attempts to search for and rescue Yuki, now states that he’ll return to her! Sure enough, she sees him climbing his way back up towards her, declaring his love for her and promising to save her… then, he falls again.

This time, Yuki is saved by a flying Minene. I don’t even, but I’m not complaining since she’s an awesome character! She dodges multiple attacks from an equally confused Murmur, and carries Yuki back onto the platform. Minene refuses to answer when Murmur asks her how she survived, but the chibi finally realizes that this must have been Deus’ doing.

Rather than stand and fight, Murmur time-leaps with Yuno… creating a third world!  Yuki decides he wants to stop her, and Minene (impressed by his newfound decisiveness) helps him do so.

So, why IS Minene alive? It seems that when Deus split her in half a few episodes back, he gave her half of his knowledge and power, then altered her memories so that she would have no recollection of this until she died. He did so because he realized Murmur was unfairly supporting Yuno. Why would she do that? Because Murmur is also a copy from the first world, who became Yuno’s servant when she became god! So Deus died early, and Minene came back to life with god powers – more questions answered!

Now in the past (or third world), two years before the world they just left, Yuki decides to break the cycle and save this world’s Yuno. His diary predicts that, if he doesn’t intervene, she will die in two hours – Yuki and Minene went further back in time than Murmur and Yuno, so have the advantage!

In the next scene, we see Yuno’s mother (very much alive) talking on the phone to her husband… or so it seems at first, but before long we hear the familiar tone of a phone that has been hung up… and she continues to talk into it. Yuno’s sanity really was doomed from the start! Speaking of Yuno, she’s in the cage – and when her mother finally puts down the phone, she becomes the focus of the woman’s insane barrage of complaints and self pity. Finally, despite Yuno’s pleas for her to stay, her mother leaves the house, leaving her all alone.

Since this is the past, before the start of the survival game, all the other ‘players’ are alive. We get a glimpse into the pasts of a couple – starting with Tsubaki, the clairvoyant who at this point has no real future seeing powers, we learn that one of the high ranking members of the cult, Funatsu, wasn’t the loyal servant he seemed to be; I’m guessing he had a part in the death of her parents. We then see Mayor Bacchus creating the first few future diaries, and presenting his work to Deus, who has yet to decide who will receive them.

Minene and Yuki arrive at Yuno’s house, and stop outside the (less creepy looking at this point in time) sliding door to the room containing the caged third Yuno. Yuki tries to open it, but Minene tells him he shouldn’t mess with this timeline – he should simply stop the first Yuno when she arrives. Yuki enters anyway though, just to make sure she’s all right.

Which she isn’t, at all – starved to the extent that she tried to eat the tatami mats that make up the floor of the room. Yuki calls for an ambulance despite Minene’s protests, and the future changes. Which Yuki says is fine.

Seconds later, Murmur and the original Yuno arrive at the house – and they’ve brought hostages. Yuki’s mother and father! Yuki’s determination instantly begins to waver, as he’s forced to choose between escaping with the third Yuno or saving the third world version of his parents. Fortunately, Minene is there to make his decision easier, grabbing him by the arm and flying away towards Sakurami tower.

Inside the tower, Minene throws Yuki around a bit in an attempt to make him see sense. He must now decide exactly who he wants to save… a decision that will presumably be made in episode 25, which I’ve not watched yet as I didn’t want to write this with a mindset already biased by the knowledge of future events. HOPEFULLY, the wait between this post and the next won’t be quite so long, though. 😛

3 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode 24

  1. monsterenvy says:

    Fun little thing about Murmur’s new disign this is what the actual demon Murmur is supposed to appear like.

    “He goes forth wearing a ducal crown. Two of his ministers go before him making the sound of trumpets. ‘Murmur’ in Latin means noise, whisper, murmur, and the sound of the trumpet.”

    She just added a Trumpet and a crown to her outfit.

  2. monsterenvy says:

    Also here is Takeo’s inspired theme. It is disturbing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF_KsPzHqr8&feature=relmfu

    Reisuke’s theme as well just for fun

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