Mirai Nikki Episode 25

There, up to date again! Got to look busy for the Aniblog Tourney voters tomorrow evening! But also, the final episode just aired (for real this time), and I don’t want to be late to that party. 😛

Last episode saw Yuki and Minene team up against Yuno and Murmur. Yuno’s motives are obvious – she wants to take her third world self’s place and replay the survival game all over again. But what does Yuki want to do, and how will he achieve this goal?

Yuki and Minene may have escaped, but they can’t hide – Yuno’s diary tells her everything about Yuki, after all. Additionally, it records Yuno’s feelings about Yuki’s situation… or used to, at least. Right now, the diary claims that Yuno is happy to see Yuki chase after her, but in reality she seems anything but happy. She finished with this Yuki the moment he said he couldn’t kill her; now, he’s just getting in the way.

Yuno’s thoughts are interrupted when the doorbell rings: it’s the ambulance Yuki called for, as well as Yuno’s father, who came home after receiving a call from the hospital. He runs towards the original Yuno, but notices she’s a bit bigger than he remembers. His shocked reaction snaps Yuno out of her happy memories of her parents (she had some of those!?)… and she kills him. Murmur stops her killing the paramedics though – too many deaths caused by a person who shouldn’t even be there can’t be good for the Continuum.

Flying from building to building with Yuki in tow and the younger Yuno over her shoulder, Minene criticizes Yuki’s ‘I want to save everyone’ attitude. She believes that killing god-Yuno is the easiest, maybe even the only way they can put an end to it all. But Yuki is determined. Minene claims she has heard enough, and leaves her two passengers on the roof of the school before flying off somewhere else.

Inside the building, Yuki leaves Yuno in the classroom where they made the promise that started everything in his world. His diary predicts the original Yuno will show up soon, so he heads into the corridor to face her. Sure enough, she is waiting for him there with her knife… but he dodges her attacks thanks to his diary predicting her attacks. She responds by shouting out her diary’s predictions to Murmur, who joins the battle.

A short distance from the school, Minene uses a phone box to talk to Kurusu Keigo! She warns him of his son’s heart condition, much earlier than he was supposed to learn about it, possibly early enough for it to be treated – this is her way of fulfilling her promise to the second world’s Kurusu. Now who’s meddling? 😛

Murmur’s explosions destroy most of the school building, but Yuki continues to evade them… just about. He takes a few hits, and while they don’t seem to slow him down, they’re still noted in Yuno’s diary. It claims she is worried about him, and says she must help him, despite the fact that she’s the one ordering these attacks in the first place!

Yuki reveals his plans to the viewer via an internal monologue – he aims to convince Yuno to return to the second world, after which he will kill himself so that she may become god of that world. Sounds simple… but can Yuno actually be convinced? He now sees her standing on a tower of debris above him, and asks her to give up on the third Yuki. She refuses. Yuki decides that the only solution is to capture her diary and take away her power to change the future.

Yuki charges towards Yuno, avoiding further attacks from Murmur. She can’t kill him; his diary predicts it’ll be Yuno’s knife that triggers his dead end flag. He wasn’t expecting Yuno to throw the knife before he reached her… but even this attack misses, as Yuki told her he loved her just as she was preparing to throw! Minene returns to the battlefield to distract Murmur, and Yuki finally reaches Yuno, who now realizes the feelings recorded in her diary are her true feelings – she still cares for the second Yuki!

After the break, we see more of the other future Future Diary owners’ pasts – all of them this time! Kurusu is seen speaking to Yuno’s mother, who has reported the disappearance of her husband and daughter. He then receives the phone call from Minene. Immediately after that, he learns of the explosions at the school, and heads there (dragging Nishijima behind him). Most of the others simply observe the explosion, or the police cars.

When the scene switches back to Yuki, he’s no longer at the school – he’s back at his home, with his parents! Realizing something is wrong, he runs to his room, where he finds a load of things he always wanted but never got (a nice jacket, a mynah bird, stuff like that). Suddenly, Yuno speaks to him through what looks like a hole in the ceiling. She explains that he’s now in an illusionary space which grants him whatever he wants, his dream world.

There is a catch though: Yuno isn’t a part of this world. Yuki realizes he can’t even say her name anymore. Yuno tells him that, though she know accepts she can’t just kill and forget about him, she won’t go back to the second world either, as they could never be together there. So, apparently keeping him as a pet while living with the new Yuki is the best possible solution.

As usual, Yuki isn’t happy with her way of doing things. He doesn’t want her to run around killing everyone all over again. Yuno responds by stating the reality behind their relationship bluntly: she fell for him only because he was the first person to give her a reason to keep living, while he’d have fallen for anyone who protected him.

Yuki then finds himself in a darkened classroom with his former crush, the class rep Wakaba. She forces herself on him despite his protests, and is clearly meant to act as a substitute lover. Yuno leaves them to it, returning her focus to the real, third, world.

She is greeted by Minene, who has defeated Murmur in combat – it seems that half a god’s power still beats that of a chibi demon. Or does it? As Minene prepares to attack, Yuno releases some sort of seal on Murmur’s powers (which took the physical form of her bracelets). The Murmur that gets back up to fight Minene this time is a completely different character, more monstrous in both power and appearance.

Back in Yuki’s bubble, the boy now seems to truly believe this dreamland is his real life. Still, a part of him remembers Yuno… he recalls his time with her, seeing it as a particularly vivid dream, and his memories of the times she protected him bring him to tears.

The episode ends with god Yuno dangling an unmoving Minene over the edge of the school building by her hair. The terrorist’s arm has come off again, and she’s bleeding from her mouth. Is she dead? Who knows with Minene. But with her out of action and Yuki trapped in his own fantasies, there’s seemingly no one left to protect the third world’s Yuno… and the original one has recovered her knife. This finale is going to be FUN, and as usual I have no idea how things will end.


5 Responses to Mirai Nikki Episode 25

  1. monsterenvy says:

    If you did not notice in the last image you can see that Murmur is chewing on Minenes arm.

    Also note word of god is that is not Murmurs true form. Also note that the seal was what was keeping Murmur bound to God’s will. (Dues explained it before Murmur changed outfits.) She does not have to do anything that Yuno asks anymore.

  2. GoodbyeNavi says:

    What confused me is that Yuno’s father seemed to genuinely care for her in this world. He asked if her mother had been treating her poorly again. I thought her father was in on the abuse but it doesn’t seem that way…

    • I suppose his fault is the fact he was never there to protect Yuno, spending all his time away from home instead. He clearly knew the abuse was happening, judging from his words to her when he arrived with the ambulance.

      • GoodbyeNavi says:

        From his words, he knew and had tried to protect her but he didn’t protect her enough. He still left her in the hands of her psychotic mother. But I could have sworn in other episodes he was part of the abuse. I think I may have to start all over.

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