Showering Hearts: Shiawase no Rain Episode 2

Yesterday wasn’t much fun for me, thanks to the weather. I didn’t go out anywhere, but that didn’t stop the rain coming to visit me in my bedroom. Had to relocate the piles of manga volumes I showed you earlier as the shelf began to resemble a waterfall… While I doubt it’ll ever leak that badly again, I’m not taking any chances.

The world of Shining Hearts is also preparing itself for a great storm, so I watched this episode thinking that perhaps I’d learn a thing or two about flood detection and prevention in the process. Getting an MSc in Managing the Environment certainly hasn’t helped. 😛

Airy wakes Rick up even earlier than usual to prepare for the storm (JellyFail #1 – I didn’t wake up until the water was splashing onto my face). They head to their bakery, where they and the other two haremettes are joined by old Madera. The elves have warned that this will be no ordinary storm…

The islanders will be confined to their houses once the storm arrives, so demand for bread will be high beforehand. The bakers supply this demand, while passing news of the approaching storm on to their customers at the same time (JellyFail #2 – I didn’t buy bread or watch the weather forecast, so had no idea a storm was coming). Airy leaves the bakery with her basket to do deliveries, wearing no extra clothing despite the already strong winds and overcast skies, and she too spreads the word.

Before long official warnings are also sent out from the castle, spread by guards holding signs, and eventually everyone’s telling each other about it. Safest way to make sure everyone on the island knows, I guess  (JellyFail #3 – our nearest neighbour lives miles away, and the nearby castles are abandoned ruins).

Back at the bakery, Rick and Neris get worried as Airy has been gone a long time, and it’s starting to get dark. Rick volunteers to go and look for her, and Neris (quick to spot a business opportunity) makes sure he takes another basket of bread with him.

It turns out that Airy has stopped to wait with a young girl, whose mother is late getting back from work. The girl’s stomach rumbles, so Airy gives her some free bread. A nice thing to do. Rick soon finds them, and waits with them while the girl talks about her mother’s job at the orchard, which today involves protecting the trees and fruit from the winds (JellyFail #4 – lack of flimsy looking cloth sheet wind barriers).

Their discussion is cut short when it begins to rain. Rick suggests they get back home before the bread gets soggy, but Airy is reluctant to leave the girl alone. Luckily, her mother shows up seconds later. As a parting gift, Rick gives the girl… more bread.

Later on, Airy and Rick see the girl’s mother run past the window of their bakery and towards the orchard… meaning the girl is all alone once again. Apparently taking her EVEN MORE BREAD is the only solution (JellyFail #5 – I had a stomach ache last night. Not weather related, but if someone had come to deliver ME bread, I wouldn’t have had much of an appetite).

Having delivered the girl human-shaped bread so that she won’t be lonely (I don’t even), Airy returns to the bakery, soaking wet. Rick waited there for her, but now that she’s back he decides to leave… a decision he soon reverses when he sees how bad the weather has become. Instead, he sleeps on the girls’ sofa.

After Rick has fallen asleep, the girls talk about how the weather was just as bad on the night they found Rick washed ashore – there’s the backstory that was only hinted at in the previous episode, but where did he come from, and what was his life before the island like? That’ll have to wait for a future episode (JellyFail #6 – my backstory is nowhere near as intriguing). They talk about how Rick has become part of their lives, and we learn a little about their feelings for him.

In the morning, the islanders awaken to find that the storm has passed, and are instead greeted with glorious sunshine (not unlike the weather change here this morning). Le Coeur is visited by bread-girl and her mother, who thank the bakers for the free food and for warning everyone about the storm to begin with. The mother presents them with a big basket of apples and various other goods. Rick decides to combine these apples with his bread making skills, and prepares a batch of apple danish pastries!

The girls open the shop, recycling animation and sparkles from the first ep (it’s like a transformation sequence or something). They get a lot more thank-yous from their customers. But when they tell Madera about this later in the day, she reminds them that it was the elves who first let them know a storm was coming. Rick borrows her wagon, and they head off to the forest once again  (JellyFail #7 – our forests don’t even have elves).

In the forest, Rick and Co. are met by both Alvin and Rana, and pass them a bag of bread. Rana is overjoyed, but her brother maintains his perma-frown. However, when Amil explains that the bread is to show their gratitude, he quietly takes some from Rana and, after staring at it for a while, eats it… and smiles!

And so the episode ends on a happy note, the effects of the bad weather successfully minimized. Except that the episode isn’t *quite* over yet – later that night, when Rick is asleep on his ship, we see a girl lying on the beach as if she’d just been washed up onto it. Could a plot have washed up with her? This seems an awful lot like Rick’s story… I wonder whether they’re linked to each other in more ways than just their method of arriving on the island, but we’ll have to wait and see!


3 Responses to Showering Hearts: Shiawase no Rain Episode 2

  1. GoodbyeNavi says:

    Oh, man, that sucks about the rain in your room. Luckily you were able to save your volumes!

    • Not quite all of them, my most recent volume of Negima got a soaking before I realized how bad the leaks were getting and moved them all. Luckily it protected all the volumes underneath it, and the water didn’t spread to any of the other series to the side.

      • GoodbyeNavi says:

        Yes, I watched the video and saw that you mentioned you didn’t move fast enough to get them all but faster than you did before. I would have sound a lot more sadder than you did, though!

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