Shining Haiku: Shiawase no Poetry Episode 3

My Shining Hearts posts have low view,

so I thought to myself “What to do?”

Then I figured, why not

while the show still lacks plot

blog ep three in the form of Haiku!

“Wake up!”, said Amil,

“Random girl on the seashore!

I’ll go get more help”.

“Her pendant!”, said Rick,

“It shines just like a rainbow.

How mysterious”.

Doctor Ron arrives;

spends more time looking at the

pendant than the girl.

Rick and Co. take her

to clinic, before heading

to their bakery.

Next, flashback to Rick,

also washed up on the shore,

and wearing armour.

Half a tree stuck in

the chimney? That stupid storm.

BANG goes the oven!

Le Coeur is closed

(with a lack of sparkles). But

blacksmith is busy.

Madera suggests

they visit Hank, a dwarf, who

lives in the mountains.

Inside Hank’s workshop

hangs some sort of robot or

mechanical doll…

Hank hands Rick the bill

for repairs. Expensive! They

choose not to bother.

Back at Madera’s,

the lady warns Rick and Co.

of pirates nearby!

To save the village

blackouts and night time curfews

are enforced by guards.

Apparently, bread

is popular in blackouts.


Rick and Amil take

bread to the clinic, and find

the girl is awake!

She remembers her

name is Kaguya, but soon drifts

off to sleep again.

All of a sudden,

her pendant begins to glow

despite the blackout.

Inside Hank’s workshop,

the puppet starts glowing too,

and fires lasers!

The laser beams spread

as if searching for something…

I think they found it.

Seeing the glow, some

guards visit the clinic to

enforce the blackout.

A guard reaches out

to grab the pendant, but is

thrown by unseen force.

At the seaside, the

guards spy pirate ships close by,

so send a signal.

The ship fires a

weapon, misses the castle,

but proves destructive.

Blaming the pendant,

one guard tries to kill Kaguya!

But Rick protects her.

Hank’s doll emits light,

her eyes now open. The dwarf

is also thrown back.

Rick realizes

he has met Kaguya before –

The guard sees his chance!

The doll shoots again,

this time the laser is red…

it destroys the ships!

With the pirates gone,

the pendant stops its glowing,

and Kaguya is saved.

The episode ends

with one more hint at Rick’s past:

a nice looking sword.

And so ends my shortest post ever,

Its content, more stupid than clever.

But though it was fun,

I’m glad that it’s done,

And I won’t be keeping to the same format in any future Shining Hearts posts. 😛


5 Responses to Shining Haiku: Shiawase no Poetry Episode 3

  1. That was rather a creative way to narrate through an episode. How much are you enjoying this show? I think you mentioned below that your prospects for it weren’t high, but is it so bad that it’s fun or does it have real merit?

    • I realized very quickly that I’d need to be creative, to make up for the lack of creativity from the series itself. 😛

      Shining Hearts is definitely ‘so bad it’s good’ material – most of the humour comes from how seriously the islanders take their bread! The characters are quite shallow, animation and music are average (but great character designs by Tony Taka). Too early to comment on the plot, as it only really began in this episode, but I’m not expecting much.

      Overall, it’s watchable, and doesn’t require a lot of focus or brainpower – perfect viewing for early mornings or late nights! But compared with everything else I’m watching this season (apart from Queen’s Blade) it probably has the least merit.

  2. animefigures says:

    Tried to watch it but it was so painful. WIll prolly stick to your posts instead just to see what’s going on in the show.

  3. […] it’d be good fun, and when it wasn’t, I tried my hardest to make it more fun with poetry, epic photoshop skills and garish hawaiian shirts. Ah well, at least it was better than the […]

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