Melting Hearts: Shiawase no Ice Cream Episode 5

My first day of volunteering didn’t go quite as planned – for some reason their computers wouldn’t let me log onto them, so I was sent home after just an hour. Still, at least that gave me time to write this post. 🙂

Previously, palace guards showed up and confiscated the plot. That’s it, the missing part of the doll is locked up in some vault, never to be seen again. Problem solved! The rest of the series will all be about bread. Except for this episode, which is about ice cream.

It all starts when the above pictured… bat… shows up in Madera’s Bakery (still being run by Rick & Co., who still lack an oven of their own). The bat’s request (yeah, it can talk) is quite vague – he wants their sweetest bread. Amil apologizes, as most of their sweet breads have already sold out, but presents him with their one remaining chocolate danish. The customer is satisfied, and flies away, struggling under the weight of the bread.

The bat becomes a regular customer, always buying sweet breads, and so the bakers make sure to produce as many different kinds as possible for him. But as time goes by, he seems to get a bit more choosy about his purchases. Old Madera suggests they deliver it to his house, and Rick decides to come up with a new recipe just for the occasion. The only problem is, they don’t know where he lives… so when he next comes to buy bread, the girls follow him back home!

They follow the bat out of town, at night time, through a misty graveyard, and finally arrive at a spooky looking mansion. To the viewer, it’s pretty obvious where this is heading, but the girls seem unperturbed. Standing outside the entrance, they a female voice angrily shouting at the bat, before throwing him out of the door… and right in front of his stalkers. They’re able to appease him with their offering of bread, though. 😛

The bat introduces himself as Sorbet, and invites the girls inside to meet his master. The interior of the mansion is pretty much what I expected – skull decorations, candelabras, solid wooden doors… but clearly this island has no vampire myths or legends, so to the girls the place looks lovely. However, they soon begin to feel chills up their spines… and every other part of their body, as the place is FREEZING.

We then meet Sorbet’s mistress – Melty, a pale, white-haired, pointy-eared girl who doesn’t seem to be an elf… hmmm. Just as I was beginning to imagine several dark reasons why a vampire’s house might be cold, the real reason was revealed: Melty is trying to come up with the ultimate ice cream. But trying to sell ice cream to an island of die-hard bread fanatics is a tricky business… which is why Sorbet bought so much of their bread, in an attempt to find out just what made it so awesome.

Melty, however, isn’t convinced that bread (no matter how good) can serve as a reference for ice cream making. But she hasn’t tried RICK’S bread yet. Once the girls convince her to do so, she falls under the same spell as the rest of them… but this Kugimiya Rie-voiced tsundere is hardly going to tell them that to their faces! Instead, she orders the bakers to leave at once.

Outside, Sorbet apologizes to the girls. Neris, always keen to maximize sales, suggests that maybe Melty should come and pick some bread for herself next time, but Sorbet explains that she doesn’t like leaving her mansion. Especially during the daytime, I presume. Angry at her familiar for continuing to talk with them after she’d ordered them to leave, Melty calls Sorbet back inside.

Once they’ve left, Melty reveals her true feelings about the bread, and how frustratingly better it is than her ice cream. Hearing this, Sorbet offers to show his mistress the secret to the bakery’s success… and so it is now their turn to be stalkers! Despite her hikikomori tendencies, Melty is willing to leave her mansion to observe Rick and the girls as they go about their daily routine.

Unaware that they’re being watched, it’s business as usual for Rick and friends. They make bread, and sell it. But in addition to this, they converse with their customers, and pay attention to their feedback. One example out of many is that one old man’s teeth have become too weak for their hard bread, so they decide to increase their selection of soft steamed breads. Later that evening, Rick even proposes making bread that’s so delicious Melty would be convinced to venture out and buy it!

Which is exactly what they do. Armed with yet another selection of new breads, the three girls visit the creepy mansion once again. This time, Melty invites them in. Three different baked goods are presented before the mistress, and Sorbet remarks that they are all very suited to Melty’s tastes. She tries all three, and admits they are all fantastic. Then, she stands up and walks out of the room.

Melty later returns with some new recipes of her own, allowing others to try her ice cream for the first time. The girls all love it. Melty then confesses that the reason this new batch is so awesome is because she made it the same way they make their bread – by thinking of her customers when creating it, instead of creating it solely for herself, Melty is now one step closer to creating the ultimate ice cream! To make the ending even more sickly sweet, she presents one final serving of ice cream… to Sorbet.

And so episode 5 ends with Rick gaining yet another loyal customer! Not sure I’d want to buy ice cream from a place called ‘Melty’s’, though. 😛 Also, I wonder how long it’ll take until Neris spots the potential new business opportunity – you can’t have ice cream without wafer cones, after all!


3 Responses to Melting Hearts: Shiawase no Ice Cream Episode 5

  1. I kind of enjoyed this episode, weirdly enough.

    • So did I, if I’m being perfectly honest. 😛 The characters are all so happy all of the time, which for me makes it difficult to dislike any of them. Still, I would like to see a return to the plot sooner rather than later!

      • True enough, the plot does matter. As long as it doesn’t have like three or more episodes worth of people trying to make different desserts (although that would be funny) and slide into random slice of life activities for good, it should be ok.

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