Shining Arts: Shiawase no Paint Episode 6

Once more, I make myself available to work for nothing for a set time period, and it doesn’t go according to plan – I’m no longer volunteering at Deudraeth Cyf, after the company found themselves too busy working on various projects all over the county to focus on giving me something to do. Ah well, at least I didn’t get fired this time…

So now that I have all the free time in the world again, I present my slightly overdue post for episode 6 of Shining Hearts… in the form of edited screen caps… because I can. I may start using these visible captions instead of invisible ones in all future posts. 🙂

The episode begins with Xiaomei and bread, the two best things in this series so far!

Neris, always looking to promote a new product, suggests the cat bread (contains at least 4% real cat!)

The two girls remember that time, long ago, when palace guards confiscated all their stuff. They never did pay the ship’s repair bill…

Later, Rick meets Airy at the church, where she has just finished giving bread to the orphans. They note that the leaky roof is now repaired… unlike mine…

They return to find a fox girl in their bakery, demanding specific kinds of bread for the Princess Lufina! Kinds of bread they haven’t baked today…

In the buildup to the Diamond Jubilee, Neris makes her opinions on the monarchy clear. Madera suggests that she deliver the bread herself, to find out for herself whether the royals are as bad as she believes.

Rouna helps prepare the bread, showing off her considerable culinary prowess… but soon afterwards is revealed to be a Dojikko type.

The party arrive at the palace, where they meet the prince and princess. It isn’t long before the beauty of the royals, their rose garden and their harp music win even Neris over.

They talk over tea and… bread… apparently the palace confiscates anything found in the sea in case it’s dangerous. The royals know nothing about the church’s donations, however…

Rick points out that the guard patrols seem very strict in the castle, and the prince replies that the palace has been burgled recently. Not only that, he wants Rick to catch the thief!

Hearing that there’s a reward available, Neris decides to help Rick catch the ‘Phantom Thief Black Tail’. We learn that she’s a skilled archer, but clearly there’s more money to be made in baking.

As shown in the previous image, the palace have kindly returned Rick’s armour for the task ahead… but aren’t prepared to hand over his original sword just yet.

Sure enough, the thief appears later that night! But who could this mysterious ‘Phantom Thief Black Tail’ be?

Rick enters a room full of suits of armour… and is suddenly attacked by one of them, worn by Black Tail!

Rouna, who accompanied Rick and Neris on their mission, proves she’s here to do more than just act as their guide… and provide fanservice.

They chase the thief into the palace library… supposedly a dead end, but with several places to hide. Black Tail also uses the bookshelves as a weapon, pushing them over onto Neris and Rouna!

During a second fight scene with Rick, the thief’s mask is sliced apart by his sword! Time to find out who’s behind all of this!

What the… Xiaomei!? I never would have suspected her of being the ‘Phantom Thief Black Tail’!?!

Xiaomei escapes, but the prince rewards them anyway! Still, while the girls see this as a happy ending, Rick (who has kept quiet about the thief’s identity) is less pleased.

Well, that was silly. But so is this series. 😛 I hope my sporadic changes to the usual posting format aren’t offending anyone who takes this series seriously!


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