Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan Episode 7.wmv

In a bid to further shorten the word count of my Shining Hearts posts, I shall present my thoughts on episode seven in person, on video (please forgive the involuntary, nervous ‘tic’ sounds). As with all my other weird and wonderful posting formats so far, don’t expect it to become a regular thing – awesome as my hair is, I have no intention of giving up this blog and moving to Youtube. 😛

…I don’t even know what I’m doing anymore.


16 Responses to Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan Episode 7.wmv

  1. Justin says:

    *says this is his first video log* *Does it for Shining Hearts* *Confirmed for being a roundabout way of trolling isn’t it* *not a bad idea…maybe experiment with it a few times :D*

    • Meh, since my Shining Hearts posts haven’t attracted many comments from week to week (possibly because nobody else is watching it :razz:), and since the ‘plot’ doesn’t give me much to work with, I realized early on it was wasting my time, and I’d either have to scrap the idea… or get creative.

  2. Justin says:

    *got to the end of the video* AAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH—

    • I should have turned the video music down, or sat nearer the camera, or both. My voice is barely audible for the most part, but aside from the times I forgot my words I was belting it out. :p: Still, I said I’d upload the first attempt, so I did.

      My voice seemed to go a bit Norio Wakamoto part way through… that wasn’t actually intentional, it sort of just happened naturally. I don’t know who I sounded like nearer the end, though – maybe a tortured puppy?

  3. Hey Justin, still hating the bread show are we? It seems like most bloggers are guys, arrrgh. Making me one of the few ladies around..unless you can point me to some other girly blogs around.

    • Justin says:

      Well, I did plan on stopping, but Jelly did his first video log…and it’s on Shining Hearts? NOOOOOO lol required by Bread law I had no choice 😀

      Oh there are definitely some blogs headed by girls…our site has too many btw lol A few single girly blogs is Caraniel at Caraniel’s Ramblings, Katherine at Yuri No Boke, and Muse at Subdued Fangirling. Keep searching far and wide if you want to find more 🙂

    • Was this the first time you realized I was male? 😛

  4. Caraniel says:

    AJ – that shirt still hurts my eyes XD

    Also singing? Where you drunk!? Hahaha~!

    • I’d hoped to wear my fluorescent orange t-shirt underneath, but alas, it’s currently in the washing up pile, so I went with the maroon… a t-shirt I wear far less often. 😛

      And no, I wasn’t drunk. Singing isn’t something I do often, but a video of me erm-ing and *tic*-ing while talking about a boring episode of a lackluster series was hardly going to go down well if I wasn’t prepared to do that much!

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  6. GoodbyeNavi says:

    Your hair! Its so beyoootiful! I know that is not why you did this video for someone to squeal over your hair. But I’m not watching the show and I clicked so I could hear your accent.

    • As I say, I don’t really know why I made the video either, so that’s as good a reason for watching as any. 😛

      Most people I meet online prove to be very disappointed by my lack of Welsh accent after I’ve posted videos or met them in real life. 😦

  7. […] AJ thought I was done with him…for doing a video for the 7th episode of Shining Hearts, he’s got another thing […]

  8. […] it wasn’t, I tried my hardest to make it more fun with poetry, epic photoshop skills and garish hawaiian shirts. Ah well, at least it was better than the franchise’s other anime adaptation, Shining Tears x […]

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