Poll: Vote to Decide my Next Anime Series!

Believe it or not, I’m actually better at hoarding anime than I am at watching it. If I suddenly lost internet access, I’d still have enough on hard drive or DVD to last the rest of the year, even without revisiting old series. Which is all well and good, except it makes the task of choosing what to watch next very difficult.

For the past half a year or so, I’ve picked out a shortlist of 12 from this backlog that best fit whatever genre/series length I feel like watching at the time, then (in a proudly nerdy fashion) roll a d12 to choose for me.

This time, however, I’ll let the internet decide from a shortlist of six. It’s not the first time I’ve made such a poll – I asked readers over two years ago to choose between Studio DEEN shonen-ai and Studio DEEN shojo-ai, with Maria-sama ga Miteru just about winning.

This time around, the selection is a bit more varied, aside from the fact all six are ~12 episodes long, and have fairly average Anime-Planet rankings as including a show which is far higher rated than the others could lead to bias.

As I’ve not seen the shows myself, I won’t give any opinion of my own, but will of course link to their Anime-Planet synopses. That way, even if you’ve not seen or even heard of them before, you can still pick the one that sounds best to you (or worst, if you’re feeling sadistic).

Here are the series:

1 – .hack//Legend Of The Twilight

2 – Koi Kaze

3 – Sisters of Wellber

4 – Eatman ’98

5 – Kanon (2002 Toei version)

6 – Pretear

And here is the poll:

I haven’t included an option for ‘other’ in the poll, the reason being that these six are just a sample from an already huge number of series I already have to hand. Still, that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in taking recommendations for other series in the comments, it just might take me a while to get around to those series.

The poll will close when I’ve finished watching Slap Up Party: Arad Senki, opening up a space for a new series in my busy viewing schedule. 😛 It could take me anywhere from four days to four weeks, so vote early to avoid… not getting a chance to vote!

Depending on the results, I may watch the series that comes second after watching the winner, and the series that comes in third after that etc. Either way, they will all get watched eventually – but some shows have been lying unwatched on my hard drive for approaching two years, so it is worth your time voting for your fave!


3 Responses to Poll: Vote to Decide my Next Anime Series!

  1. As Pretear was the only one of these shows I’ve seen in entirety, it received my vote. It’s capable of being exciting, quite funny, and incredibly easy to poke fun at, which likely makes it perfect for a blog!

    • Pretear seems to have a convincing lead at the moment, so it must have something going for it despite its low A-P rating.

      • Well, 3.4 stars is about right. As I said, much of the enjoyment in watching it comes from poking fun at the show. Try to have some friends over when watching it! But, the plot line is solid enough, and it’s a decent comedy.

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