Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan Episode 8

Le Coeur bakery finally has its oven back, and demand for bread is soaring! So much so that the delivery orders were too much for Neris to handle alone, so I, Rick, decided to help out by delivering half of them myself. Time seemed to fly by with the two of us working together, until only two deliveries remained. Neris headed off towards the tool shop, while I handled Flora’s Bar.

When Flora opened the door to greet me, she was half asleep and half naked! She invited me in, telling me to get myself a coffee while she got changed into something… less distracting. While preparing the coffee, I looked at the bar’s menu (which consisted almost entirely of bread products, of course), and one dish stood out – onion garlic toast. I thought it sounded like the perfect ice cream flavour, so made a mental note to take some to Melty’s house later to see what she made of it.

Flora returned, and we talked about things such as the newly repaired furnace. I brought up the subject of onion garlic toast, thinking to get a second opinion on my ice cream idea, but suddenly Flora went off on a tangent about how she got the recipe from Madera, who helped her out when she first washed up on the island. This revelation about Flora’s past came as no shock to me at this point, though I swear I heard the far off sound of a head connecting with a desk as she brought it up.

Despite the fact I’d only recently decided to stop worrying about my forgotten past and focus on making people happy with bread, discussing the subject with Flora brought back all my troubled thoughts again. She seemed content with her life on the island, however, and told me she had things to do here so wouldn’t go back to her past life even if she could. Keen to talk to her about this in greater depth, I invited her to our bakery’s new cafe… but instead, she insisted I visited her bar again, only at night next time.

Later that evening, back at Le Coeur, my harem were talking about something or other, but I blanked them out entirely as I thought about my discussion with Flora. I decided I’d better head back to her bar that very evening, in case my bread became the bread of unhappiness again. 😦 And so I left them to clean up the shop, and sneaked back there.

The bar was very busy that evening, full of people drinking liquid bread. Apparently Flora was all sold out of onion garlic toast though – strange, as I’d only just delivered her a load of bread earlier that afternoon. As I puzzled over this, some pirate-looking-guy approached and stole my seat! He introduced himself as Dylan, and it turns out he wasn’t cosplaying, and is actually a pirate! There seemed to be some kind of past between him and Flora, but I was too busy quivering in fear to pay much attention.

The next day, we received news that Kaguya had finally recovered! In a couple of days, she’d be able to leave the hospital entirely, after which Madera will probably find her some job or other. At the moment though, it’s hard to imagine her being good at anything besides eating bread…

In the evening, I visited Flora’s bar again, to find the scary pirate guy eating onion garlic toast! I thought that Flora was sold out of the stuff… but I guess if a pirate orders something, you fulfill that order as quickly as possible! Flora started acting all sentimental, and revealed that the bar hasn’t served the toast in ages, but it had been on the menu so long that she couldn’t bring herself to remove it. Which just sounds like bad customer service to me. :/

I brought up the subject of our shared amnesia again, because there’s not really that much else to talk about on this island. For all that my current life as a baker was idyllic, I still couldn’t shake the fear that my past would catch up with me before the end of this series. Dylan told me not to worry about a future that can’t be predicted. For example, he recently escaped from a giant floating fortress that could flatten this island with a single shot. But why worry about it when it may not even head this way?

So he said, but I still didn’t sleep for a month after hearing that story.

On my way back home, I ran into Kaguya! Apparently she got lost while looking for bread the moon. A moon that’s still bright red from way back in episode 1… Anyway, we ended up sitting down on the seashore, and I decided to ask her about her past. Unsurprisingly, she remembered nothing about it, and didn’t seem interested in finding out about it as long as we kept feeding her bread. I decided she had a point, and gorged on onion garlic toast before going to bed and not sleeping. Stupid pirate!

In the morning, I took some bread to Flora (who was fully clothed this time :(). She hadn’t ordered any, but I felt I should thank her for talking with me about my past. She told me Dylan had left to pillage some other island, which put my mind at ease even more! Out of curiosity, I asked Flora what her reason for staying here was… but I was interrupted when a young boy (a frequent customer of ours) ran up to her and called her mother. I’m assuming he’s the reason. That, or perhaps the bread he was carrying.

I didn’t show up again in this episode… not even in the next episode preview! 😦 But Xiaomei did, so have some more nyanservice!


6 Responses to Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan Episode 8

  1. This sounded like a rather difficult episode to sit through! I love your use of the first person here, which seemed to fit the mood of the episode perfectly. Will any of your posts on this show employ rhyming couplets? 🙂

    • I thought they were done with all the existential stuff after episode 7 – Rick decisively said he wanted to be a baker, and that should have been that! Or at least for a few episodes, until something major to do with his past crops up as part of the plot (yeah, I’ve not given up hope that this show might have a plot).

      I’ve been struggling to come up with new formats, but rhyming couplets is different enough from haiku that it might just work. 😛

  2. I agree, the first person point of view was a good choice. You accurately summed up precisely what is wrong with this show. It is just not going anywhere, even though it seems to think it is for some reason. The funny thing about the fact that it keeps trying to be existential, is that under all Rick’s babble about wanting to know what is out there, all anyone really wants to do is nibble on bread, discuss the virtues of bread, and say how much they love Madera repeatedly.

    I think Madera is probably brainwashing all these people who suspiciously “washed up on shore” because she just wants to have bread-baking slaves to do her bidding.

    • I was expecting it to be similar to Shukufuku no Campanella, the first series I blogged weekly – not the strongest plot in the history of anime, but a decent amount of action/activity each week, with the occasional light hearted comedy episode. Instead, all Shining Hearts seems to do is switch between Happy Happy Bread mode and Sad Sad Forgotten Past mode. 😕

      I like your theory about Madera, everything would make so much more sense if she was brainwashing them with bread. Wouldn’t surprise me if that ‘sugar grass’ she had them gather in the forest was the active ingredient. 😛

      • I haven’t seen Shukufuku no Campanella. Is it worth seeing? I will readily say that not all series must be completely plot driven and tight in their story to be good. Although it would help if more were. I’m in the same boat as you as far as what I thought was going to happen, this direction is much slower and more hair-brained than I wanted it to be.
        I will protest Shining Hearts if Madera doesn’t end up being the Dark Lord of Dough, a wicked sorcerer who is using her influence to gather minions, under the pretense of happy-making bread. My explanation and your additional theory regarding the sugar grass makes more sense to me than theirs probably will.

        • I attacked Shukufuku no Campanella quite harshly in my ‘2010 Anime – Worst Series’ list, so either I was in a bad mood when I wrote that, or the series was worse than I remember it being. 😛 I wouldn’t recommend it to you highly, not with so many better series out there, but I look back on the time I spent blogging it fondly. Though I can’t help but feel two years shouldn’t be long enough for me to feel nostalgic! 😛

          I started looking into anagrams of Madera’s name, as rearranging the letters would be the perfect way to hide her secret, evil identity. Though the best I could come up with was ‘Damare’ (Japanese for ‘shut up’), or ‘Are Mad’ (at which point I thought “yes, I am, aren’t I?”).

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