Poll Closed – Thanks for Voting!

The poll to decide which series I’d end up watching next has now closed… with no clear winner. At the end of the first day of voting, all six were tied for first with one vote, which was a little worrying! That didn’t last long though, as two series started to pull away from the rest of the group. They were neck-in-neck for virtually the whole fortnight, and were still tied at the end. They are Pretear and Koi Kaze.

And so, I’ve decided to watch both. Not at exactly the same time, that’d be ridiculous, but I can certainly make time for one extra series. As for the runners up, there’s a good chance I may watch Kanon afterwards since it was a close third, but I do like to vary my viewing, and that includes series length. Chances are I’ll feel like moving onto something longer after that.


One Response to Poll Closed – Thanks for Voting!

  1. […] Maria-sama ga Miteiru over Junjou Romantica in a battle of Studio Deen BL vs GL, while 2012 saw Pretear and Koi Kaze tie for 1st place out of six short series. But those were a long time ago, so it’s only fair that I give newer […]

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