Hearts that Shine: Episode 9

Rhyming couplets were suggested by medievalotaku,

so that is exactly what AngryJellyfish’ll do~

Kaguya’s better, and has now left the clinic,

It’s time to celebrate! Time for a picnic!

That night, Hank and Xiaomei sneak into the castle

to take back their stuff, though it’s rather a hassle.

The two move unseen, until Thief Black Tail

sets off an alarm – the most epic fail.

Unperturbed, the thieves crawl through a vent

which leads to the vault – how convenient!

The two help themselves to the things that they like,

Then attempt to escape on Hank’s motorized trike!

But all is not well when they reach a dead end!

Hank smashes the wall – looks expensive to mend. 

Then out of the hole pops a humongous golem!

The thieves escape, but the guards? It’ll chase ’em!

Now back in his workshop, with the doll’s missing part,

Hank wonders what its initiation will start…

But enough of this action, enough of this plot,

Time for picnics and bread, your brain they will rot!

They gather ingredients, then Rick goes away.

Let fanservice commence! Needs more Xiaomei…

At Le Coeur, in the night, Rick chats with Amil.

Says (again) that he’d rather bake cakes than kill.

Meanwhile, the awesomely cute, sleeping Xiaomei

is awoken by guards, there to take her away!

The guards also visit Hank and his workshop…

As the doll starts to move… and the episode stop.

Apologies for the continued delays,

Will catch up next week, if I have my way.


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