Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Penultimate Episode 11

Yeah… I’m running out of clever titles and post formats by this point.

So, where were we? Ah yes, serpent men pirates. Kaguya and the robot (who is apparently named Queen) arrive on their ship, hoping that they’ll stop attacking the island if they get what they want. The only problem is, what they want is Kaguya’s power, which she can’t use without her necklace, which Queen handed over to Xiaomei when they met in the prison. So basically, their journey was a complete waste of time. The angry lizards capture Kaguya, and Queen is forced to retreat.

Meanwhile, Rick and the rest of Le Coeur sit around a table with Madera, who explains that they (and all the others who washed ashore) are from other worlds, just like these lizards. Which strengthens my theory that Amil was actually Nina from Shukufuku no Campanella in her past life! Anyway, just as this conversation ends they hear a knock on the door – Prince Lagunas is summoning Rick to the palace!

At the palace, Le Coeur learn that Kaguya is currently on board the armoured ship from Hank and Xiaomei (no longer prisoners, due to their cooperation). Lagunas then orders for Rick’s sword to be returned to him – finally, the moment I’d been waiting for since the series began: we have a hero, an enemy and a damsel in distress slime. The only problem is, Rick’s spent the past few episodes trying to decide what to do with his life… and has finally reached a decision.

The prince is not to be underestimated, however: He’s been informed by Rouna that Rick’s recent batches have been the Bread of Unhappiness – he can’t bake well because of his uncertainty. He leaves in a huff, returns to the bakery and tries to make Bread of Happiness again… and fails. Leaving the bakery, he finds his harem waiting for him. They apologize for not noticing his worries, and tell him he shouldn’t force himself. And so, he decides to be a hero after all!

Rick is joined by Rufina, who has magic that will help him reach the ship safely. She also gives him Kaguya’s stone so that he can return it to her, as well as his sword. Finally, she speaks some mumbo jumbo, and white wings sprout from out of our protagonist’s back. At the palace, Lagunas plays his harp and speaks equally meaningless words, but with none of the awesome power behind them.

And so, in the final moments of this episode, everyone gets into their positions, ready for the final battle. In the sky, Rick is joined by Queen. On the sea, Dylan and his pirates fire at the armoured fleet from their ship. Rufina remains on land to provide magical backup… and at his workshop, Hank shows his catgirl friend yet another of his high-tech inventions: an enormous cannon!

Come back next time for the disappointing ending – I doubt it’ll be a long post, as the battle is over in minutes. 😦


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