2012 Anime Harem!

As it’s something of a tradition at this point, I present my anime harem of 2012! A chance for me to show some appreciation for a small sample of my favorite anime characters of the year. In a lot of cases, characters can be more important in deciding my favorite series than the plot itself, while in others they have proven to be a show’s sole redeeming factor. So, making the list this year are:


From top left to bottom right: Mariandale (Ixion Saga DT), Miyako (Hidamari Sketch x Honeycomb), Saber (Fate/Zero S2), Sanka Rea (Sankarea), Dekomori Sanae (Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!), Fin E Ld Si Laffinty (Rinne no Lagrange), Xiaomei (Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan), Saigusa Haruka (Little Busters!).

All things considered, I think I have less reason to fear for my life/the lives of the other haremettes than I did last year, due to the absence of Gasai Yuno. So long as we keep an eye on the zombie, everything should be fine… right?

I’m also getting less inspiration for epic crossovers this time around, though. I mean, Shining Hearts would undoubtedly have been better if the ‘plot’ had simply been the delusional fantasy of bread-loving islanders, bored stiff of their otherwise peaceful and uneventful lives… but that’s all I’ve got. Aside from the fact that all the other shows could have been improved by the inclusion of cat girls and/or newhalfs, but that of course goes without saying. If you can do a better job at making these characters or their respective worlds collide, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. 😛

GARem to follow before the end of the year~

2 Responses to 2012 Anime Harem!

  1. Marina says:

    Don’t worry, Saber should be able to keep that zombie in line 🙂 Along with our shared Miyako, my fav gals of the season also include AnoNatsu’s Lemon, InuxBoku’s Karuta, Natsuiro’s Rin, Fate/Zero’s Irisviel, and Hyouka’s Eru. ❤

    • It’s not the first time Miyako made the list, she was there in 2010 too! Definitely one of my all time favorite characters.

      Irisviel I like, but not as much as Saber, and I tried to have no more than one character representing a single series. Karuta may well have made my list too if my memory was better, the Winter season feels so long ago now… As for your other faves, they’re from series I didn’t get around to watching.

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