Winter 2013 Episode Rankings – Week 7

It didn’t take me long to catch up after last week, one of the few benefits of unemployment is that you’re never short of free time. 😛 I also think marathoning a whole week worth of episodes over a couple of days makes my rankings more accurate, as every episode is that little bit more fresh in my memory, but I’d rather not do it every week. Anime is a pastime after all, I’d rather watch a few episodes an evening as they’re released. 🙂


1 – Shin Sekai Yori ep 20

2 – Psycho-Pass ep 18

3 –  Robotics;Notes ep 18 (↑ 1)

4 – Chihayafuru 2 ep 7 (↓ 1)

5 – Uchuu Kyoudai ep 45

6 –  Zetsuen no Tempest ep 19

7 – Minami-ke Tadaima ep 7 (↑ 2)

8 – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT ep 7

9 – Tamako Market ep 7 (↓ 2)

10 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ep 19

11 – Ixion Saga DT ep 19 (↑ 4)

12 – Sasami-san@Ganbaranai ep 7 (↑ 5)

13 – Bakuman S3 ep 20 (↑ 1)

14 – Little Busters! ep 19 (↓ 3)

15 – Hunter x Hunter ep 67 (↓ 3)

16 – Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? ep 7

17 – Magi ep 19 (↓ 4)

18 – Cuticle Tantei Inaba ep 7


Moving up:

Ixion Saga DT broke out of the red zone for the first time since these rankings began, and by quite a lot too! The Princess felt she needed a break from her tedious marriage ceremonies, and I was fine with that. And while this karaoke episode may have just been an excuse to insert character songs into the anime, I’ve got no problem with that either! The important thing is that it was funny, the best the show has been since last season in my opinion.

Even more surprising was Sasami-san@Ganbaranai‘s jump in the rankings, a week after I attacked it. Episode six was dire, but I have to admit it did set up episode seven nicely. This time there was a fair bit of action, and watching Sasami’s ‘brother’ flail about with his hands and feet bound (all the while managing to hide his face) was amusing. I like that they didn’t go for a generic ‘kiss and make up’ ending either – Sasami’s mother is still ‘evil’, obsessed with the continuation of their bloodline, and may even return…


Moving down:

Three former red zone series jumping up the rankings inevitably means that three must go down, but this is familiar territory for Hunter x Hunter and Little Busters! The former is still failing to live up to its earlier arcs – this is shounen, I want battles! – while Little Busters! may have only dropped because the focus is no longer on Haruka. 😛 Seriously though, watching Kud revise for exams and talk about things I don’t understand could never as interesting as the drama of the previous arc.

First time that Magi has been in the bottom five, however. An entire episode revolving around a single joke, one where the ‘punchline’ was obvious from the start to everyone but the characters? Don’t get me wrong, a lighthearted episode following all the dark events of the Balbadd arc is a great idea, but I’d have preferred one that was actually funny. 😕


General comments:

At the top of the rankings, things look far more stable, with only Robotics;Notes getting a slight increase. It is also the only series in my current top five not to have taken first place, though. The main thing holding it back is the fact things only start to pick up towards the end of the episode – the last three in particular have ended on fantastic cliffhangers, but against episodes that are strong from start to finish like Shin Sekai Yori and Psycho-Pass, that’s not quite good enough.

[WhyNot] Robotics;Notes - 18 [B0BAB4B3].mkv_snapshot_17.06_[2013.02.23_10.37.55]


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