Winter 2013 Episode Rankings – Week 11

AngryJellyfish is unemployed no more! Which isn’t the reason this post is a few days late, that’s because I was waiting for Bakuman again, but it does mean I’ll be putting my plans to do more things with this blog on hold again, at least until I’ve settled in and am used to my new sleeping pattern. 😛

Anime-rankings-wise, my list is now just 17 series long due to the ending of Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? last week, and will be even shorter in the twelfth (and likely final) post of this season next week.


1 – Shin Sekai Yori ep 24 (↑ 1)

2 – Psycho-Pass ep 22 ( 1)

3 –  Robotics;Notes ep 22

4 –  Zetsuen no Tempest ep 23 (↑ 2)

5 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure ep 22 ( 1)

6 – Chihayafuru 2 ep 11 ( 1)

7 – Uchuu Kyoudai ep 49

8 – Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT ep 11 (↑ 5)

9 – Minami-ke Tadaima ep 11 (↑ 7)

10 – Magi ep 23 ( 2)

11 – Hunter x Hunter ep 71 ( 1)

12 – Cuticle Tantei Inaba ep 11 ( 1)

13 – Tamako Market ep 11 (↑ 2)

14 – Bakuman S3 ep 24 ( 2)

15 – Ixion Saga DT ep 23 ( 6)

16 – Little Busters! ep 23 (↑ 1)

17 – Sasami-san@Ganbaranai ep 11 (↑ 1)

[Commie] Psycho-Pass - 22 [0A6AC268].mkv_snapshot_12.03_[2013.03.25_20.06.04]


The finale of Psycho-Pass was satisfactory, and I thought the whole deja vu/role reversal thing at the end with Ginoza as an enforcer and Akane briefing the new recruit was clever. Pretty much the only reason it didn’t hold onto its first place position was that the final showdown between Kogami and Makishima didn’t live up to my expectations, and was over all too soon. 😦

Robotics;Notes had the opposite problem – the final showdown between the Robotic Research Club’s Gan-tsuku 1 and the creepy exosuit was by far the main focus of the final episode. And while it was good, it didn’t leave much time at the end for closure – justice prevailed, and that was it. Character depth and development were never Robotics;Notes’ strong point though, which is probably why such an entertaining anime only topped my rankings once.

[WhyNot] Robotics;Notes - 22v2 [82435AE0].mkv_snapshot_13.45_[2013.03.25_20.23.51]

Moving up:

Since few series ever seem to live up to my high expectations, it isn’t too surprising that Shin Sekai Yori, a show which still has one episode to go (yes, I know I’m behind), managed to steal first place. The whole series has been slowly but surely building up to this moment, and with the Psychobuster now lost and Kiroumaru possibly betraying our protagonists, the potential for an epic finale is still there. My only concern for episode 25 is, will they be able to wrap it all up in just 20 minutes!?

Haganai NEXT is slowly convincing me it can do romance and drama as well as it does comedy. Throughout this sequel the feelings that virtually every female character have for Kodaka have become more and more obvious each week, yet like so many other generic (read: stupid) male protagonists, he never seemed to notice… it was painful to watch. So to learn that he was actually aware all along, but chose to ignore their feelings to maintain the status quo, was an unexpected but greatly appreciated twist.


Moving down:

I said last week that all Ashirogi Muto had left to do was surpass Niizuma Eiji, and for Mashiro to get married. In this episode of Bakuman S3, the former happened, with Reversi’s supposedly epic ending resulting in huge tankobon sales, and with the anime plans going ahead despite the conclusion. But as much as I’m happy that things are finally going well for them, part of me thinks it’s going TOO well – the lack of bad things and drama is making these closing episodes less exciting. Having said that, if the final episode DOESN’T end all predictable and happy with a wedding, I’ll be equally as angry. Clearly, I’m just hard to please. 😛



2 Responses to Winter 2013 Episode Rankings – Week 11

  1. Glad to hear that your employed again! I’ve been too busy lately to do much blogging, but I’m happy to see that your weekly reviews are still going strong.

    I’m almost afraid to ask, but what is this “yaoi hole” concept that gets mentioned in Haganai NEXT so often? Or does it lack a logical explanation? 🙂

    • Cheers! I’ve been in the new job for nearly a month now, still mostly training at the moment, but it’s fun. 🙂

      The weekly rankings don’t take long to throw together. I’d like to put a bit more effort into blogging, post something a bit more substantial, but I always end up prioritising watching anime over writing about it.

      The “yaoi hole” is never discussed in detail, but I’d assume it’s exactly what it sounds like, a fictional hole which exists for the sole purpose of yaoi. 😛 Rika has no knowledge of male anatomy outside of BL doujinshi, which are heavily censored and often not very realistic (…or so I’m told, anyway…), so it’s understandable that she’d think such a thing existed.

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