Autumn 2013 Episode Rankings – Week 4

Week 4! There weren’t many huge jumps or drops in my rankings this week, and several series didn’t move at all, so as with last week I’ll focus on shows that I’ve not bothered to comment on so far. Including the anime that’s topped my rankings for three out of four weeks…

An accurate portrayal of your average school bus journey.

An accurate portrayal of your average school bus journey.

1 – Kill la Kill ep 4 ( 2)

2 – Coppelion ep 4 

3 – Samurai Flamenco ep 4 (↑ 4)

4 – NouCome ep 4 ( 3)

5 – Outbreak Company ep 4 (↑ 1)

6 – Hunter x Hunter ep 102 (↑ 3)

7 – Yowamushi Pedal ep 4 ( 3)

8 – Magi: The Kingdom of Magic ep 4 (↑ 4)

– Galilei Donna ep 4 ( 1)

10 – Space Brothers ep 79 

11 – Nagi no Asukara ep 4 

12 – Kakumeiki Valvrave S2 ep 4 ( 7)

13 – Golden Time ep 4 

14 – Kyousougiga TV ep 3 (↑ 2)

15 – Meganebu! ep 4 (↑ 3)

16 – Non Non Biyori ep 4 (↑ 1)

17 – Little Busters! Refrain ep 4 ( 3)

18 – Phi Brain S3 ep 4 ( 3)

Seeing the rest of the cast trolling Alibaba never gets old.

Seeing the rest of the cast troll Alibaba never gets old.

Moving up:

So, Kill la Kill. Action, fanservice and a talking school uniform. The setting is ridiculously fun, but the plot is hardly complex. The characters are ridiculously fun, but have the depth of a teaspoon. The animation budget doesn’t seem to be that high, but the animation style, pacing and over-the-top effects manage to compensate for that. In summary,  it is definitely the most entertaining series of the season for me… but the fact that I can pick out so many flaws in it suggests that’s more to do with a lack of 5 star competition than anything. Still, I strongly look forward to watching the 5th episode after writing this. 😀

Magi: The Kingdom of Magic has worked its way up gradually into the top half, after starting at a meagre 17th in Week 1. Its increase this week was largely due to the start of a promising new story arc, featuring underwater pirate children and their creepy leader Umm Madaura, but the fact that Alibaba, Morgiana and Hakuryu are putting off their plans to split up and do their own things until they’ve rescued Aladdin is good too. I seriously can’t imagine the series being as fun without those four being together. 😦

Ep 4 of Phi Brain needed more Ana.

Ep 4 of Phi Brain needed more Ana~

Moving down:

Episode 4 of Phi Brain S3 followed the exact same formula as the episodes that came before it, but it wasn’t as good, largely because this week’s ‘Master Brain’ wasn’t as amusing as the fake ‘Masaka’ Jin or the flamboyant Whodunit (although his Golden Ratio puzzle did set off a nice combo with Meganebu! :razz). The series is already starting to feel repetitive… which was always going to happen eventually, but only four episodes into the season? I’m disappointed. 😦

Begin with the basics... I like Minori more every episode!

Begin with the basics… I like Minori more every episode!

General comments:

Outbreak Company is turning out to be one of the biggest surprises of the season for me. When I first read the synopsis, I quickly wrote it off as ecchi/harem rubbish, but there’s a lot more to it than that. The ridiculous premise of teaching inhabitants of a completely different, fantasy world about anime, manga and otaku culture has proven hilarious at times, and I enjoy all the references and parodies of other series. However, the show can also be very dark, featuring discrimination between different races and social classes, terrorists claiming that protagonist Shinichi was an ‘invader’, and now even espionage attempts from neighbouring countries! Loved Elbia’s poor attempts at convincing everyone she wasn’t a spy. 😛

Space Brothers has barely moved up or down at all over the past 4 weeks, as the current arc has been quite slow-paced, although one major plot development has taken place – Hibito’s rehabilitation programme has been called off before it has even truly begun, and he has instead been offered a ‘promotion’ to the position of Safety Supervisor, which would end his chances of returning to the Moon… and standing there with his brother Mutta. I’m seriously hoping that something will happen, that he’ll get another chance to overcome his disorder and regain his position as an astronaut… but you never know with Space Bros, the series can be depressingly realistic. 😦

At least the show always ends on a lighter note, thanks to the 'Mr. Hibbit' shorts. :razz:

At least the show always ends on a lighter note, thanks to the ‘Mr. Hibbit’ shorts. 😛

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6 Responses to Autumn 2013 Episode Rankings – Week 4

  1. kyocrisis says:

    Kill la Kill is too hyped. It’s really not as great as people are making it out to be, I’m glad you are able to recognize this.

    • The series certainly has its faults. It’s fun, but I’ve seen much better. Though, the same could be said for most of what I’m watching this season…

      • kyocrisis says:

        This season looked good but it’s ended up being just meh. Nothing is really bad (that I’ve watched) but nothing outstanding either. At least it gives me time to catch up on stuff from past seasons.

  2. Outbreak Company sounds pretty cool. It’s too bad that I’ll have to push that one and Galilei Donna off until later. My plate is already too full!

    I was surprised to see that I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job is not on your list. A little ecchi, but one of the best comedies this season! Of course, someone trained to be a hero working in a department store and than having to train the Maou’s daughter to work there is bound to produce excellent comedy.

    I agree that Kill la Kill is somewhat hyped up. I appreciate that its high story, pointing out the flaws of Japan’s shame culture and references to Go Nagai, has great intellectual merit and that the fights are entertaining; but, there seems to be a missing ingredient somewhere. Something that Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan had that I don’t see yet in Kill la Kill.

    • The first episode of ‘I Couldn’t Become a Hero…’ didn’t impress me much, personally. I think I’ve had enough of the whole ‘atypical demon lord’ thing after Maoyuu last Winter, Hataraku Maou-sama! in the Spring and the awful Blood Lad last season. 😦 About the only thing that stuck in my mind about this one was the excessive ecchi scenes, especially the pantyshots, which had been absent from anime for a year or two until now. 😛 I didn’t see much point picking it up when NouCome managed to fill a similar niche (ecchi, comedy, ridiculously long title) while having a more original and amusing premise.

      Aside from Gurren Lagann’s higher production values, it put a fair bit of time into character development before they started throwing planets and solar systems at each other. 😛 Kill la Kill is skipping all that and going straight for fast paced action and slapstick comedy, which is fantastic, but won’t earn it a place in my Top 50 alongside Gurren Lagann.

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