Autumn 2013 Episode Rankings – Week 6

Late, because I spent three days visiting friends, and returned to a huge backlog of episodes. And as well as the usual end of week shows, I hadn’t decided what the 19th series that would be joining my rankings from this week on would be either, but somehow I was still able to get up to date with everything this afternoon!

So, in pursuit of another anime to add to my schedule, I checked out the 2nd/3rd eps of BlazBlue, Log Horizon and Ars Nova, and was left just as underwhelmed as I was by their first episodes. Clearly, my early impressions are becoming more reliable… and those same early impressions warned me against even wasting my time watching more of the season’s other sub par offerings. Apart from one show, which (while probably worse than everything else I’m watching) somehow managed to hold my interest second time around. That series was Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! More on that to follow…

Every week I tell myself, there's no way Kill la Kill was good enough to take #1 this time. But here it is again. Should make a great thumbnail, at least. :razz:

Every week,  I tell myself “there’s no way Kill la Kill was good enough to take #1 this time!” But here it is again. Good thumbnail, though…

1 – Kill la Kill ep 6

2 – Samurai Flamenco ep 6 (↑ 2)

3 – Yowamushi Pedal ep 6 (↑ 5)

4 – Kakumeiki Valvrave S2 ep 6 ( 2)

5 – Hunter x Hunter ep 104 ( 2)

6 – Magi: The Kingdom of Magic ep 6 

– Galilei Donna ep 6 

8 – Coppelion ep 6 (↑ 4)

9 – Outbreak Company ep 6 (↑ 5)

10 – Space Brothers ep 81

11 – Nagi no Asukara ep 6 ( 2)

12 – NouCome ep 6 ( 1)

13 – Golden Time ep 6 

14 – Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! ep 6

15 – Phi Brain S3 ep 6 (↑ 2)

16 – Little Busters! Refrain ep 6 ( 1)

17 – Non Non Biyori ep 6 (↑ 1)

18 – Meganebu! ep 6 ( 2)

19 – Kyousougiga TV ep 5 ( 14)

SekaTsuyo's rise to my weekly rankings was a far easier contest than Sakura's revenge battle, that's for sure!

SekaTsuyo’s rise to my weekly rankings was a far easier contest than Sakura’s revenge battle with Rio, that’s for sure!

And so it’s idol-turned-pro wrestler series Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! that takes my watching list up to an unprecedented 19 anime! I honestly don’t know what convinced me to keep watching past the first 3-4 episodes, during which our protagonist Sakura racks up an impressive 65 match losing streak. Can’t say they offered much besides an abundance of crotch shots, and enough Boston crabs to make my joints ache just watching… but keep watching I did. And when we eventually reached the 6th episode (coincidentally the first ep to be ranked against its peers by me this week), those early episodes of constant training and surrendering paid off, as her first full episode length wrestling match against her rival Rio was actually quite entertaining. It debuts just outside of the red zone… but how long will it stay up there?

Moving up:

This week on Outbreak Company, Shinichi tries to settle the age old rivalry between elves and dwarves with a football match. What could possibly go wrong? Well, since the rules prohibit the use of magic, the physically stronger dwarves simply use it as an excuse to show their superiority. And when the ban on magic is lifted at half time in order to address the balance, the match descends into full blown warfare. It was entertaining warfare though, and there were no casualties… though Elbia seems to be pushing her luck more and more every week!

Now, if all football matches ended with Titans, I'd be a fan for life!

Now, if all football matches ended with Titans, I’d be a fan for life!

Moving down:

Never have I seen a series bounce back and forth between my Top and Bottom 5 as Kyousougiga TV, my opinion of the series changes with every episode, depending on what Koto gets up to, and which other characters it focuses on. This particular episode did nothing for me. After an uneventful first half, Koto (along with A and Un) and Yakushimaru wander about for about 10 minutes, until Yakushimaru finally reveals to Koto that he thinks the rabbit she’s searching for is his mother. And that he’ll help her search, on the condition that she kills him afterwards. As intrigued as I am to know why he’d ask such a thing, I’m not sure this cliffhanger alone was enough to justify the entire episode of meh beforehand. 😕

Kyousougiga continues to look nice, and have a great soundtrack... but that's still not enough.

Kyousougiga continues to look nice, and has a great soundtrack… but that’s still not enough on its own.

General comments:

As well as Kill la Kill’s obvious, largely unchallenged hold over the Number 1 spot, there’s a couple of other series that have barely budged in six weeks. The first of these, as mentioned a couple of weeks ago, is Space Brothers – though I’m hoping that the start of a new astronaut training programme will change that for the better! Mutta is now staying underwater at NASA’s NEEMO facility for two weeks, under the closest conditions to actually being on the Moon that are possible here on Earth, and will (unknowingly) be competing against his ‘team mate’ and old friend Kenji! And as usual, the diver and other astronauts that are instructing them seem to be an interesting set of characters. 😀 Really looking forward to seeing how Mutta clears this hurdle… and how his brother will overcome his own issues back on dry land.

The other non-mover is Golden Time, which has spent four weeks at #13, and only ranked up to two places higher before that. The series excels at comedy – the episode 3 revelation that the ‘club’ they had joined was in fact a religious cult was fantastic… but I found the dialogue between Banri and Koko after their escape to be pretty boring. Koko’s outburst against poor Chinami in Week 4 was certainly gripping, but didn’t leave me with a very positive impression of her character, which surely isn’t a good thing for the lead female in a romance series! I’m also not quite sure what to make of the whole amnesia/’ghost of Banri’s former personality’ plot line that’s developed since, though hopefully that’ll change once he properly gets to talk with Linda about his past. An odd show, with plenty of good points, but even more flaws.

The return of the Tea Club brought a smile to my face, though. :D

The return of the Tea Club brought a smile to my face, though. 😀

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