Autumn 2013 Episode Rankings – Week 9

Week 9! My first blog post of December 2013. Usually I’d have started my end of year ‘Best of’ lists by now, and I do intend to do them… hopefully before 2014 sneaks up on me!

Shot through the Haruto... I'm sorry.

Shot through the Haruto… I’m sorry.

1 – Kakumeiki Valvrave S2 ep 9 ( 4)

2 – Samurai Flamenco ep 9 ( 5)

3 – Hunter x Hunter ep 107 ( 2)

4 – Yowamushi Pedal ep 9 ( 1)

5 – Kill la Kill ep 9 ( 1)

6 – Kyousougiga TV ep 7 ( 2)

7 – Space Brothers ep 84 (↑ 2)

8 – Nagi no Asukara ep 9 (↑ 2)

9 – Little Busters! Refrain ep 9 (↑ 6)

10 – Magi: The Kingdom of Magic ep 9 ( 8)

11 – NouCome ep 9 ( 5)

12 – Coppelion ep 9 ( 10)

13 – Galilei Donna ep 9 ( 5)

14 – Golden Time ep 9 ( 1)

15 – Non Non Biyori ep 9 ( 4)

16 – Outbreak Company ep 9 (↓ 4)

17 – Sekai de Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai! ep 9 

18 – Phi Brain S3 ep 9 (↑ 1)

19 – Meganebu! ep 9 (↓ 5)

Wouldn't be the strangest plot revelation in this series.

Wouldn’t be the strangest plot revelation in this series.

Moving up:

Leaving the double figures for the first time since week 2, Little Busters! Refrain‘s decision to finally give us some hints about what’s going on was all it took to make me enjoy this week’s episode. I understand that it’s supposed to be a mystery – Riki and Rin don’t know what Kyousuke and the others are hiding from him, so presumably the viewer won’t learn until he does – but I didn’t feel it was done particularly well. The transition two episodes ago, from the previous world(?) where Rin transferred schools to this one where Riki is trying to reform the Little Busters from scratch, was non-existent, and I found those two episodes more boring than mysterious. I’m curious to see where it’ll go from now though – will Riki remember the other, newer members of the Little Busters, and if so, will they also be unwilling to (re)join?

Nagi no Asukara is starting to feel similar to Little Busters! in a few ways (though better), probably due to the drama and the supernatural element. Saltflake snow fell on the surface, and though it didn’t cause any real problems this time, it may well be a sign of worse things to come. Did it happen because the Boatdrift Ceremony was cancelled? Because relationships between people on the land and under the sea are falling apart? Could it just be global warming? 😛 And does it have anything to do with the reason Manaka and the others are being prevented from going to the surface by their parents? Even with all this going on in the background, the main focus remains on romance and character development that doesn’t feel forced or overly cliché. Nagi no Asukara is nothing special, but I’m still enjoying it. 🙂

Best character.

Best character.

Moving down:

Ah, the beach episode. Perfect weather for it. 😛 It’s no surprise that Outbreak Company chose to have one though, as there’s so many stereotypical events that could be parodied and made fun of… and it tried, it really did, but for some reason I just didn’t find it funny. Shinichi and Miuzel’s awkward attempt to have fun by splashing water at each other was amusing enough, and Elbia is always good for a laugh, but the elder’s serious efforts to design a suitable swimsuit for Petralka dragged on far too long in my opinion, and the rest of the events (Shinichi applying suncream to Minori, the JSDF’s peeping attempts, and the inevitable wardrobe malfunction) seemed so generic and predictable that I couldn’t even tell if they were supposed to be parodies! 😕

I was watching with almost as much excitement as the characters themselves!

I was watching with almost as much excitement as the characters themselves!

General comments:

The climax of the Welcome Race in Yowamushi Pedal was virtually perfect; shame it was up against such tough competition, as I wouldn’t have minded seeing it rank 1st this week! Onoda’s ridiculous stamina and quick learning led him to miraculously beat Imaizumi to the top of the hill – even Makishima was cheering for him in the end – but he couldn’t go any further than that, and the real race for first place turns into an equally close contest between Imaizumi and Naruko, with the former eventually winning. Onoda’s retirement from the race was hardly on a negative note though, as the rest of the club have now seen his potential, and he’s picked up a real love and interest in the sport along the way! Can’t have our protagonist peaking too early in the series, either. 😛

Phi Brain S3 seems to be stuck in the Red Zone, no surprise since it’s not really offered anything new or exciting so far. I wish I could be more interested in the mystery of Makata Jin’s past, and whether he loved or hated puzzles or not, but as plotlines go it’s pretty boring. Though I’m sure I’d be complaining just as much if they’d introduced yet another type of bracelet for this series… at least Raetzel has her own reasons for opposing Kaito and the others. As much as I was looking forward to more Phi Brain ever since the third series was announced, it definitely feels as though it’s been dragged on for too long now. Perhaps my reasons for liking and continuing to return to this franchise are the biggest puzzle of all? 😛

That'd make things a lot easier...

That’d make things a lot easier…

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