2013 Anime – Top 12 OP Themes

Another winter, another end of year Top 12 list~ Starting as ever with the anime opening themes that have entertained me the most, both at the start of the episodes themselves, and often as songs in their own right in my music library. 😀 Links to the OP videos will be in the titles, at least until Youtube takes them down or mutes them. 😛

Ga-Rei Zero isn't a 2013 anime, but I liked the pic. And I do still play the OP a lot.

Ga-Rei Zero isn’t a 2013 anime, but I liked the pic. And I do still play the OP a lot.

12: Phi Brain S3 (“Destiny” by neko)

[WhyNot] Phi Brain - Kami no Puzzle S3 - 03 [D568B7A7].mkv_snapshot_02.09_[2013.12.08_19.54.17]

This may well have only made the list because the series is still airing, so I’m still hearing it weekly (watched episode 10 just yesterday, actually). That, or I really have been brainwashed by the franchise… Meh, it’s fairly catchy, and the Engrish isn’t bad. 😛


11: Mushibugyou (“Tomo yo” by GaGaGa SP)

[HorribleSubs] Mushibugyo - 02 [720p].mkv_snapshot_01.08_[2013.12.08_19.53.23]

A loud, fun OP that really gets you into the mood for some fantastic bug bashing battles… shame the episodes themselves didn’t have the same energy to them. My disappointment when they changed the theme mid-series was even greater than when it happened in Shingeki no Kyojin. 😦


10: Date A Live (“Date A Live” by sweet ARMS)

[FFF] DATE A LIVE - 04 [BF482D17].mkv_snapshot_01.56_[2013.12.08_19.50.45]

If nothing else, it makes sure you don’t forget what the series is called! 😛 Wouldn’t mind if they brought this song back for the (eagerly awaited) second season, though that’s unlikely.


9: Kakumeiki Valvrave (“Preserved Roses” by T.M.Revolution x Nana Mizuki)


It was a close call between this OP and the one from the currently airing sequel, but went with Preserved Roses because these lists usually end up biased towards currently airing shows, while I’ve been listening to this for longer and still love it!


8: Galilei Donna (“Synchromanica” by Negoto)

[FFF] Galilei Donna - 03 [6FA31041].mkv_snapshot_03.12_[2013.12.08_19.48.26]

Ranking in pretty much the same place as the series itself does most of the time in my weekly rankings, Galilei Donna’s OP is the most recent addition to my mp3 player, though it’s gotten a lot of plays in that short time!


7: Rozen Maiden: Zurückspulen (“Watashi no Bara wo Haminasai” by ALI PROJECT)

[EveTaku] Rozen Maiden Zurückspulen - 02 (10-bit 720p AAC)[573BC87C].mkv_snapshot_02.26_[2013.12.08_19.45.58]

Considering how much I like ALI PROJECT, it’s a surprise this is the first time they’ve featured in my Best Themes lists – the OP for Another last year didn’t really stand out, while their oneshot ED for Katanagatari lost out to Yousei Teikoku’s in 2010.


6: Shingeki no Kyojin (“Guren no Yumiya” by Linked Horizon)


I’ve probably heard the shortened TV version of this theme more than any of the others, what with all the ‘Attack on Titan OP goes with anything’ parody videos… can’t say I’m as big a fan of the full version, though. 😦

5: Danganronpa: The Animation (“Never Say Never” by TKDz2b)


I probably liked Danganronpa’s style more than its crazy, unpredictable story. As well as the great soundtrack, the odd animation style, character designs and bright colours (pink blood!) are what made the show stand out for me.


4: Gatchaman Crowds (“Crowds” by WHITE ASH)

[Commie] Gatchaman Crowds - 07 [BFE8C10B].mkv_snapshot_03.34_[2013.12.08_19.40.42]

As with Date A Live, I’d love to see this get re-used for the second series… though I’d settle for another song from the same band. 🙂 Played this a lot during the long car journey to Reading in August.


3: Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo? (“Black † White” by Iori Nomizu)

[Commie] Mondaiji-tachi ga Isekai kara Kuru Sou Desu yo - 05 [E9D33C7A].mkv_snapshot_02.26_[2013.12.08_19.38.32]

Probably the song getting the most plays on my mp3 player at the moment (from a series that aired this year, at least)… is what I said about last year’s 3rd place OP theme, and it’s probably true for this year’s as well.


2: Samurai Flamenco (“Just One Life” by SPYAIR)

[Commie] Samurai Flamenco - 03 [BCB91CAC].mkv_snapshot_01.01_[2013.12.08_19.37.35]

Pretty sure this one isn’t up here just because the series is still airing, I predict I’ll be listening to it for a long time to come! Or at least for the duration of this and next season… because they wouldn’t possibly change it for another at the 11 episode point, would they? 😮


1: Haiyore Nyaruko-san W (“Koi wa Chaos no Shimobenari” by Ushiro kara Haiyori-tai G)

[Commie] Haiyore! Nyarlko W - 01v2 [EDD833E5].mkv_snapshot_04.35_[2013.12.08_19.36.35]

No list of mine would be complete without a guilty pleasure or two… this one just happens to be brilliant enough to rank 1st. No contest really. Shame the series itself had a largely negative impact on my sanity. 😛

That’s the opening themes done for another year. Here’s hoping that next year’s four anime seasons will bring some good new ones!


6 Responses to 2013 Anime – Top 12 OP Themes

  1. kyocrisis says:

    I agree with Crowds and SnK.

    There are a few other good ones from 2013 that I think are better than some of these though.

    • Which themes, out of interest? 🙂 I’m curious to know whether I’ve left them out because our taste in music is different, or whether I’ve simply not watched the series they’re from.

      • kyocrisis says:

        well, Coppelion has a great OP even though the show is meh. Same singer that did K.

        Also did Arpeggio- who also did Btooom.

        Watamote’s is pretty great and I like Kyoukai’s as well.

        • Looks like it’s mostly the latter reason then – I didn’t watch Arpeggio, Watamote or Kyoukai no Kanata…

          Coppelion, I am watching, but I can’t say the OP stands out for me (not compared to angela’s other songs this year at least, I much prefer the Coppelion and Valvrave EDs)

  2. […] Placing in exactly the same position as the first series’ OP, also by WHITE ASH, did in 2013). […]

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