Happy New Year! 2014

Hello, and a Happy New Year to all readers! So far, 2014 feels no different from yesterday – the weather is still horrible, I still can’t shake my persistent tickly cough, and I’ve yet to develop any super powers. At least the Winter anime season is one day closer now! 😛

Image by mooooooou

Image by mooooooou

Every year I set myself some sort of anime-related resolution – something to start doing that year, and hopefully continue doing in the years that follow. In 2010, I decided to stop avoiding long series just because they’re long, and plunged in at the deep end by picking up One Piece. This proved fairly successful, as I’ve watched a number of 50+ episode series since then. In 2011, I decided to read more manga… which anyone who’s read my manga posts will know has also been successful. Possibly too successful, but more on that later. My resolution for 2012 was to watch more ‘old’ anime, from the 80s or earlier – now, it feels weird when I’m NOT watching such a series!

Then, last year, I started stalling anime series that I wasn’t overly fussed about. This one probably proved the hardest of the lot, because I have a high tolerance for terrible/generic series, but there were victims nonetheless – Toriko, Xam’dCandy Candy and Zettai Karen Children (the unfinishable series that prompted me to make the resolution in the first place) are just a few examples, and I usually kick out one of my ongoing series each season too. Some I’ve ended up going back to during the quiet periods between anime seasons, others might as well be dropped entirely. As with all the other resolutions, I intend to keep this up, but hopefully there won’t be too many series this year that are bad enough to warrant it. 🙂

Galactic Cyclone Bryger - an old, relatively long series that I ended up dropping... but that I enthusiastically resumed the moment this sparkly villain showed up!

Galactic Cyclone Bryger – an old, relatively long series that I ended up dropping – A full house, anime-wise! Had to resume it when this sparkly villain showed up, though!

This year, my focus switches back to manga. When I set myself the task of reading more in 2011, I had approximately 100 volumes, which I’d collected over six years. Since then I’ve become absolutely addicted to my collection – if my Goodreads account is as accurate as I think it is, I now have over 600 volumes, several of which are big omnibuses – and now, I’m running out of shelf space. I need to stop my obsessive weekly purchases and monthly payday splurges on books, or else I’d be drowning in them by 2015!

…but, it’s not that simple. I can’t just give up reading, paydays will lose all their appeal if all I do is save, and it goes directly against my earlier resolution to read more! Hence why I bought a Kindle. I’m hoping it’ll allow me to continue my obsessive collecting without taking up all the remaining physical space in my bedroom. I’ve read a few one-shots on it already in the month or so since I bought it, and find it easy and enjoyable to use, which puts an end to my main worry. 😀

Give My Regards to Black Jack will be my first full-length e-book series.

Give My Regards to Black Jack will be my first full-length e-manga series… mostly because it was virtually free, but its premise also sounds fantastic.

The only real worry I’m left with is the relative lack of titles available to buy legally here in the UK. My first experience buying from Amazon wasn’t exactly positive (plus they have a lot of things tagged as manga that blatantly aren’t), and while I’m impressed with emanga.com‘s prices and quality, the series they have on offer lack diversity. I can always read scanlations on the device, and have done for a couple of series that aren’t licensed here yet, but ideally I’d like to carry on supporting the industry, so I’m hoping to strike a good balance between the two.

So in summary, my plan for 2014 is to not start any new manga series unless I’m reading them digitally. New volumes of series I’ve already started are exempt, but as I’m up to date with everything right now, I’m not expecting to buy more than one physical book a month on average this year. Should prove difficult, especially when it comes to things like expos, and knowing what to ask for next Christmas, but I’ll give it my best shot! 🙂

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2 Responses to Happy New Year! 2014

  1. Galactic Cyclone Bryger is a new one on me. From that picture, it looks like it goes down best with a little scotch. 🙂 Might I recommend to you the two Geobreeders OVA’s? These two films feature some of the goofiest action I’ve ever seen, and I am almost certain that you will enjoy them.

    Having an anime resolution for the new year is an interesting idea. I’d probably make it to re-watch some of my old favorites. There is a certain charm to watching familiar shows, especially when I watch Neon Genesis Evangelion with people who have not seen it. (Their reaction to the ending is always priceless.)

    Happy New Year to you!

    • Happy New Year! I’ve not come across Geobreeders before, but a quick read of the synopsis certainly has me interested! I’ll check them out. 🙂

      Rewatching anime is something I don’t do enough of… might be an idea for next year’s resolution. 😛 I have been revisiting series I liked by reading their original manga versions though, Cross Game and Chrono Crusade being recent examples.

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