Winter 2014 Episode Rankings – Week 3

So I noticed upon re-reading last week’s post that a lot of the episode numbers were incorrect – not the new shows, they’re easy to spot since they were all on two eps, but a few of the older ones (Yowamushi Pedal and Golden Time for example) were the same as in Week 1. Apologies for that, shouldn’t happen again now that I’ve virtually caught up and can focus on one week’s worth of episodes at a time. 😀

Late-onset Chuunibyou, perhaps?

Late-onset Chuunibyou, perhaps?

1 – Hunter x Hunter ep 113

2 – Kill la Kill ep 15 (↑ 3)

3 – Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren ep 3 (↑ 1)

4 – Hozuki no Reitetsu ep 3 ( 2)

5 – Yowamushi Pedal ep 15 (↑ 1)

6 – Love Song of a Certain Pilot ep 3 ( 3)

7 – Magi: The Kingdom of Magic ep 15 (↑ 1)

8 – Space Brothers ep 90 ( 1)

9 – Gin no Saji S2 ep 3

10 – Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil ep 3 (↑ 3)

11 – Nagi no Asukara ep 16 ( 1)

12 – Samurai Flamenco ep 14 ( 1)

13 – Golden Time ep 15 ( 2)

14 – Hamatora ep 3

15 – Nobunagun ep 3 ( 3)

16 – Phi Brain S3 ep 16 ( 2)

17 – Space Dandy ep 3 ( 1)

18 – Nobunaga the Fool ep 3 ( 1)

The lines in this show are hilarious.

The lines in this show are hilarious, as are the visuals~

Moving up:

Kill la Kill hasn’t quite got off to the chart-topping start it had last season; can’t say I found the raids on Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe’s schools as interesting as the conflicts within Honnouji Academy itself. However, this episode managed to fit in a lot – as well as Osaka finally falling, proving that the power of clothes exceeds that of money (or something), we got to see the Elite Four’s new uniforms, Ryuko fight (and defeat!) Satsuki, and the destruction of Nudist Beach’s base. Very entertaining stuff!

Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil is slowly working its way up my list… okay, this week’s plot was a bit easy to predict, but it gave us a good introduction to Hachiya, as well as reinforcing the fact that the Wud (or magic users) are both feared and discriminated against. It also showed the amount of impact that a good lawyer can have on judgement and sentencing, something that’s unfortunately just as true in real life. 😮

The barristers at Butterfly seem to be able to get away with anything, however. One week of house arrest for releasing a dangerous criminal!?

The barristers at Butterfly seem to be able to get away with anything, however. One week of house arrest for releasing a dangerous criminal!?

Moving down:

Hozuki no Reitetsu didn’t have quite as many laugh out loud jokes this week, though I’m still really liking the setting, characters and style of humour. The introduction of Hozuki’s similar-looking but hated rival Lord Bai Ze was mildly amusing, as were Hozuki’s angry reactions to the simple mention of his name, but it was the petty wager that led to their hatred of one another that secured this episode a place in my Top 5. 😛

Evil twin/clone? Surely the writers can't have many more cliches or tropes left to go after this... right?

Evil twin/clone? Surely the writers can’t have many more cliches or tropes left to go after this… right?

General comments:

I was always quick to defend Samurai Flamenco last season, even after it abandoned what was assumed to be its core ‘super hero wannabe in a world without super powers’ theme – as well as the shock/hilarity factor, those ‘King Torture’ episodes had plenty of great action and drama. The last three week’s eps have been lacking in my opinion, though, with the only really interesting part being the impending mass invasion of From Beyond, and Masayoshi’s decision to go against the prime minister and warn the public, knowing that it could cause mass panic. The show could still pick up, but who really knows where it’s heading at this point? 😕

Yowamushi Pedal is as strong as ever this season, at least! This week we were introduced to the second years (or one of them at least), who until now have stayed very much in the background. All the characters in this series have their own strengths/styles of racing, and theirs seems to lie in their teamwork – after sticking close together for the majority of the training, the curly-haired Teshima suddenly chooses to stay behind and hold off the first years while the quiet Aoyagi speeds ahead. I’m looking forward to finding out more about how the two became so close. 🙂

Presumably one of the 'dangerous acts' that the disclaimer at the end warns us not to imitate! :o

Presumably one of the ‘dangerous acts’ that the disclaimer at the end warns us not to imitate! 😮

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4 Responses to Winter 2014 Episode Rankings – Week 3

  1. Seems like a pretty good week of episodes. I need to watch Kill la Kill and Wizard Barristers now. For that screenshot in the latter, if I were the subber, I would not be able to resist writing “Ista Curia delenda est!”–alluding to Cato the Elder’s “Carthago delenda est.” There is something sinister about that court. I mean, they almost executed Cecil’s last client on a fantastic hypothesis! Must be a guilty until proven innocent system.

    • Seems like it to me. I’m guessing that’s another part of the discrimination against magic users, I somehow doubt the non-magical courts are as quick to dish out death sentences.

      • At this point, I’ve watched three episodes, and the show seems fairly decent to me. The characters are generally likable, but the plots can use some improvement.

        Yeah, I was surprised by how fast they dish out the death penalty. No appeals? It’s almost like the magic user equivalent of the gas chamber; but that should form a large part of the plot later on.

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