Winter 2014 Episode Rankings – Week 9

My head is currently killing me with a combination of dizziness, nausea and general headache… What better time to put together a new blog post? 😛 I figure that if I’m well enough to do this, I should be fine going to work tomorrow. I just hope it hasn’t impacted on my ability to accurately rate anime!

With caffeine and paracetamol on my side, nothing can stop me!

With caffeine and paracetamol on my side, nothing can stop me!

1 – Love Song of a Certain Pilot ep 9 

2 – Hunter x Hunter ep 119 

3 – Kill la Kill ep 21

4 – Gin no Saji S2 ep 8 (↑ 4)

5 – Noragami ep 9 (↑ 5)

6 – Magi: The Kingdom of Magic ep 21 (↓ 1)

7 – Yowamushi Pedal ep 21 (↑ 2)

8 – Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai! Ren ep 9 ( 4)

9 – Hozuki no Reitetsu ep 9 ( 3)

10 – Space Brothers ep 96 ( 3)

11 – Golden Time ep 21 (↑ 3)

12 – Nagi no Asukara ep 22 (↑ 3)

13 – Samurai Flamenco ep 19 (↑ 4)

14 – Wizard Barristers: Benmashi Cecil ep 9 ( 3)

15 – Witch Craft Works ep 9 ( 3)

16 – Nobunaga the Fool ep 8 ( 3)

17 – Hamatora ep 9 ( 1)

18 – Phi Brain S3 ep 22

Moving up:

That line made me laugh.

That line made me laugh~

Last week’s episode of Samurai Flamenco felt like a finale – Masayoshi met with the will of the universe (not a surprising development at this point in the series), and wished all the supervillains out of existance. What more is there to cover in the remaining episodes? Ah, of course, the mystery of Goto’s girlfriend. I got the feeling there was more to that than a simple long-distance relationship, based on clues in the OP and the fact we’d not even heard her voice over the phone before, but the revelation that she disappeared back when they were both in high school and has been missing ever since was still sad. I rated this episode higher than normal for the character development, and (relative) lack of breakneck lolwut plot twists, though it HAD to throw in a mysterious kid and an exploding building at the end…

Noragami makes its Top 5 debut! Over the past 4-5 eps, the relationship between Yato and Yukine has become increasingly strained, the Regalia’s behaviour getting worse, causing his master’s blight to spread rapidly. All that build-up paid off this week, with Yato in serious danger of death, and nearly everyone else involved considering killing Yukine to be the easy solution. The only other option is an ablution ritual, which requires three other Regalia willing to put their lives at risk… Daikoku and Yato’s former partner Mayu volunteer, but it’s Hiyori’s quick thinking and determination that brings them the third, Kazuma. And when the ritual looks set to fail, she calls out to Yukine, convincing him that the afterlife is worth living. 😛 Looks likely that the three will be a lot closer from now onwards. 🙂

Could be worse. Could be fish pimples.

Could be worse. Could be fish pimples.

Moving down:

My other mid-season pick, Witch Craft Works, isn’t fairing quite so well at the moment. It’s still mildly amusing, but there haven’t been many laugh out loud moments or decent battles for a while, and the plot isn’t the strongest of the season. Multiple new characters being introduced every episode is making it a little tricky to keep track of who’s on whose side, too… but it still makes for fun, easy viewing, so I’ve got no major complaints.

Also dropping slightly is Nobunaga the Fool, but considering the show spent the first half of the season competing with Phi Brain to avoid placing last, it still feels like an improvement, and I’m glad I chose to stick with it! Episode 7’s battle between Nobunaga and Shingen was fantastic, but once again Caesar showed up and ruined the scene by snatching one of Shingen’s Regalia. This week he finally got what was coming to him though, and Nobunaga’s mech got a couple of nice power-ups in the process. 😀

A strong image indeed. :P

A strong image indeed. 😛

General comments:

This week’s Kill la Kill felt like the complete opposite of the first half of the series, with former antagonist Satsuki wearing Senketsu, and fighting alongside her Elite Four against a possessed Ryuko, now wearing Junketsu! As usual it’s Mako and Senketsu who manage to bring Ryuko back to her senses, though since Nui stiched Junketsu into Ryuko’s own body and fibres, this particular change of clothing resulted in an impressive amount of bloodshed! The show continues to impress me each week, but Hunter x Hunter and Love Song of a Certain Pilot are proving a little too tough for it to beat at the moment.

I've said it before, but this anime has some of the best lines ever! :D

I’ve said it before, but this anime has some of the best lines ever! 😀

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