AngryJellyfish’s ABC Award Post

I’ve been nominated by Moonlitasteria for an award project/meta game type thingy known as the ABC Award! Actually, I was nominated over two months ago… and I’ve got Liebster Award questions from much longer ago that I really should get around to writing up too… I’m sorry.

Not sure I can make this post as awesome as some other people's, but I'll try my best!

Not sure I can make this post as awesome as some other people’s, but I’ll try my best!

The rules are as follows:

1. Download the award logo and add it to your acceptance post.


2. Nominate a few fellow bloggers and share the award. 

I’ll leave this until the end.

3. Since the award is ABC, take each letter of the alphabet and use it to tell something about yourself.

Let the wall of text begin…

AngryJellyfish – My username, which I’ve been using for a good 7-8 years now on various sites. Before that, I went under the highly anonymous name of ‘AndrewsJoseph’ online… yes, that’s my real surname and first name. It was the username I was given to log into my secondary school’s computers, and was nice and easy to remember… but not very ‘cool’. So when the forum I frequent (The Student Room) briefly allowed its members to change their usernames, I asked for some suggestions in a chat thread, my only proviso being that I wanted something that could still be shortened to ‘AJ’. AngryJellyfish was simply the one I liked the most out of several others, though AxeJuggler was a close second. 😛

Backlog – Okay, I’m shamelessly stealing this from Moonlitasteria’s list, but it’s certainly something that we (and a lot of other anime fans I’m sure) have in common. I have unwatched series on my hard drives that have been there since 2009, and a DVD box set of Sherlock Hound that’s been sitting right next to my computer for two years. All things I want to watch, but finding the time has become increasingly difficult since leaving university. 😦 I always seem to find time to add new shows to the backlog, though…

Chobits Or, maybe just CLAMP in general – The reason I got into manga. Most of this backstory can be found on my ‘Jelly-Who‘ page, but in short, I fell in love with CLAMP’s artwork at first sight, and the rest is history my entire life from 2005 onwards.

Driving – By far my biggest challenge of 2014 has been overcoming my fears and starting driving lessons. I had my fifth one just this morning actually. I’m making progress… slow, slow progress. One day I might even be trusted to drive on the road! But despite my really great instructor’s hopes and plans, that day was not today.

Elfen Lied – One of the few anime I watched way back in my early days as a fan that has held its position in my Top 50 to this day. It’s probably the most dubious title on the list, may be propped up largely by nostalgia, and is long due a re-watch and re-ranking. But if nothing else, it taught me that there was more to anime than just the harem/romantic comedies that I’d largely been watching up until then. I went on quite a horror binge afterwards. 😀

Fansubs – I download them. I don’t know, I couldn’t think of anything better (and non-explicit) for ‘F’. 😛 As much as I’d like to support the industry more than I already do, so much of what I want to watch (new or old) simply stands no chance of making it to the UK, so I’m glad there are people out there who’re willing to put the time and energy into translating it just for the sake of other fans.

Gardening? – Who’d have thought I’d still be struggling with my ABCs at my age!? I’m not in the least bit green-fingered, but when the word popped into my head while I was racking my brain, it instantly brought back memories of my short-lived time as a volunteer gardener, which I wrote about quite a lot in this blog’s early days, when it consisted of more than just repetitive lists.

Harem – As previously mentioned, after discovering manga through Chobits, I mostly stuck to harem anime for at least a year before broadening my horizons. I guess the whole concept of a generic guy ending up surrounded and teased by weird and wacky girls was completely new to me at the time, as it’s not something I’d come across in any western movies or TV shows. Suffice to say I’m now completely tired of harems, and it’d take a very interesting premise or twist on the usual formula for me to give one a second glance, though the likes of Love Hina and Ai Yori Aoshi still hold some nostalgic value.

Inspiration – Something I obviously lack at the time of writing~

Jellyfish – Despite the fact that jellyfish only replaced Joseph in my username because I thought it sounded cool at the time, I did take more of an interest in the strange creatures as a result, to the point that I only really took the optional Invertebrate Zoology module at university to learn more about them. And any time a news article about jellyfish pops up, I’ll almost certainly read it. 😀

Kill La Kill – Certainly the most consistently impressive series on my watching list at the moment. So long as the ending doesn’t disappoint, expect to see this rank highly in my Anime of the Year list in December!

Legend of Zelda (The) – Probably the game franchise I like most, and have liked for the longest. Link’s Awakening was my first ever Gameboy game, and I recently finished replaying it via Virtual Console on my limited edition A Link Between Worlds 3DS. 😛 So far I’ve yet to mix this with my main hobby by reading any of the multiple Legend of Zelda manga adaptations, but I may get around to them one day!

Mushishi – A series I’ve put off far too long despite hearing plenty of good reviews. I was finally convinced to start it when next season’s sequel was announced, and am now half-way through. Can’t say I’m overly fussed about it so far though, to be honest – it has a nice atmosphere, but it a bit too slow-paced and episodic for my liking.

Nichijou – Another anime title, this time one that made my Top 50 through comedy alone. This series has stuck in my mind since it aired in 2011, and is the main reason why there are so few other comedy series on the list – thanks to some hilarious sketches and fantastic animation from KyoAni, it’s a tough one to beat.

Obsessed – I’m obsessed with anime and manga, whether it’s watching/reading, collecting, learning new things, finding new series, or simply writing about what I’ve recently watched/read on here. What else would I do with my spare time if I gave it up? The thought alone terrifies me!

Phi Brain: Kami no Puzzle – My ultimate, filler-ridden guilty pleasure, forever propping up the rest of the shows on my weekly rankings, while managing to avoid any overly negative criticism. I’ve given up trying to drop it, or figure out why I like it. It’s one puzzle that will likely never be solved.

Quarterly – My anime viewing, as well as the contents of the weekly rankings that make up the vast majority of posts on this blog, change every season, four times a year. The start of each new one is like a mini Christmas. 😀

Robot Wars – Quite possibly the first TV series I made an effort to watch every week as it aired, what’s not to like about remote controlled cars with weapons smashing each other to pieces? 😛 I recently re-watched every episode of the seven main UK series, plus the two ‘Extreme’ series, and when that wasn’t enough I also checked out both Dutch series! My favourite battle has to be the 13 Black vs Dantomkia vs Wild Thing losers melee in series 6 – even if you’ve been ignoring the many links in this post, this is one that’s well worth clicking IMO, whether you’ve seen the series before or not! 🙂

Shining Hearts: Shiawase no Pan – The last series that I blogged episodically (at the time of writing at least, who knows what the future holds?). I thought it’d be good fun, and when it wasn’t, I tried my hardest to make it more fun with poetryepic photoshop skills and garish hawaiian shirts. Ah well, at least it was better than the franchise’s other anime adaptation, Shining Tears x Wind

Traps – Can’t say it’s my favourite term for them, and I’d have used ‘Crossdressers’ or ‘Otokonoko’ if their letters weren’t already being put to good use, but most anime fans will know what I mean. An ever-present but rapidly growing theme in my blog headers, avatars, signatures, anime viewing and manga reading material… they make everything that much more fun. 🙂 I had a go at cosplaying Shidou Mariya from Maria+Holic a few years ago, which was an interesting experience, though I had to navigate the expo fairly blindly without my glasses. 😯

Unathletic – I’ve had no skill or interest in sports since I was very young. It’s almost cliché, but I really was the last person to be chosen for a team when playing football in primary school, every time. And I don’t blame them for a second. Aside from being physically weak, I wouldn’t even try, much preferring to spend the matches daydreaming, occasionally dodging out of the way of the ball to avoid injury, or failing to dodge and getting injured. And on the one occasion I did gain possession of the ball, how was I supposed to know I was scoring an own goal? Did I miss the lesson when they explained the rules of the game, or do they assume all young boys know how to play instinctively? 😕

VICTORY! – Not something I get to taste very often, apart from at our local pub quizzes, and my recent re-playthrough of Link’s Awakening. But one day I’ll find a way to win at anime. And when I do, it will be AWESOME. :mrgreen:

Wales – The country I’ve lived in for most of my life, though I was born across the border in England. Despite emerging from compulsory education with a fluent grasp of the Welsh language, I’m ashamed to admit I’m a little rusty nowadays, since I didn’t really use it throughout university aside from in a few basic emails. I managed to take a call from a client in Welsh earlier this week though, and people still come to me for translations, so it’s obviously still in there somewhere!

X-Rated – I can honestly say I’ve never watched a single, ‘proper’ hentai anime. I’ve seen plenty of borderline TV shows, movies and OVAs, some of which had to bring the censorship pixels out on occasion, but that’s it. Admittedly, that’s mainly because Anime-Planet doesn’t list hentai titles, so they wouldn’t contribute to my time spent on anime…

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou – The ultimate slice of life manga/anime, and one of the series covered in my short-lived, long-abandoned ‘Overlooked and Underrated‘ series of posts. I should probably start doing those again at some point, it’s not as though I’m short on obscure anime…

Zzzz – The noise I’ll be making shortly after publishing this post. (I’m sorry, I tried to think of something more creative, but it IS late~)

So there we go, the official A-Z of AngryJellyfish. On to the nominations! Of course, if you’ve already posted one of these, or simply don’t want to, feel free to ignore me. 😛

Anime B&B

Black Strawberry

Caranie  No, this is not turning into another A-Z!

Toxic Muffin

Anime Viking


2 Responses to AngryJellyfish’s ABC Award Post

  1. Backlog: I make fun of my backlog on a regular basis by including it in my twitter profile. (Backlogs are still evil)

    Kill la Kill: Aside from Ep 1, this may be turn out to be my favorite anime of all time. Which A)shows you how impressed I am at the show and B) That I still have a lot of anime to watch lol

    Mushi-shi: I’m finally gonna get started on this too. Might even write about S1 since I have the DVD of it. I know, there are some people who aren’t impressed by the pacing of the show, so I guess I’l see myself.

    Shining Hearts: I still can’t believe you watched every second of that show without at least mentioning you stopped by the hospital because of boredom 😀

    • My backlog is slowly shrinking… only 58 titles left on it now. 😛 I’ve not added to it in a long time, besides a few BD/DVD purchases at expos, which obviously helps!

      I don’t think Kill la Kill will make my Top 50, personally, but we’ll see how it ends. 🙂

      I’ve now finished Mushishi, and the second half did nothing to change my opinion of the series – at least it’s consistent! Chances are I’ll pick up the sequel for a change of pace, since most of my other picks next season will likely be full of action or comedies.

      As for Shining Hearts, at least it didn’t actively irritate or anger me. Forcing myself through a boring show under the pretence of ‘entertainment’ is one thing, but since Saturday I’ve managed to watch six episodes of Hidan no Aria, and I’m surprised that both my mind and my computer are still in one piece. And I’ll probably watch more later…

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