Spring 2014 Episode Rankings – Week 11

Only one more of these to go, and then we’ll be into the Summer season! I’ll have to get through a ton of final episodes before that, though, as virtually everything on my list is set to finish this season, including two that ended this week. The endings of anime series always make me nervous, but surely nothing here will turn out as underwhelming as Date A Live II… right? 😮

No amusing expressions this week, but it's when the gardes are in action that the animation really stands out anyway.

No amusing expressions this week, but it’s when the gardes are in action that the animation really stands out.

1 – Sidonia no Kishi ep 11 ( 3)

2 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders ep 11 

3 – Hunter x Hunter ep 134 

4 – Yowamushi Pedal ep 36 ( 1)

5 – Break Blade TV ep 11 ( 4)

6 – Hitsugi no Chaika ep 11

7 – Haikyuu!! ep 11 ( 3)

8 – Mekaku City Actors ep 11 ( 1)

9 – Black Bullet ep 11 (↑ 6)

10 – Soredemo Sekai wa Utsukushii ep 11 ( 1)

11 – Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin ep 11

12 – Nobunaga the Fool ep 23 (↑ 5)

13 – Selector Infected WIXOSS ep 11

14 – Isshuukan Friends ep 11 ( 2)

15 – Mushishi Zoku Shou ep 10 ( 3)

16 – Akuma no Riddle ep 11 ( 7)

17 – Gokukoku no Brynhildr ep 11 ( 2)

18 – Blade and Soul ep 11 ( 4)

Nanana's drop to mid-table wasn't ENTIRELY due to Daruku being sidelined in later eps. Honest!

Nanana’s drop to mid-table wasn’t ENTIRELY due to Daruku being sidelined in later eps. Honest!


As with Date A Live II last week, Ryuugajou Nanana no Maizoukin‘s final episode was certainly no ending. The light novels are ongoing, so that’s no real surprise. Unlike Date A Live, however, no continuation has been officially announced yet, though they were cruel enough to drop some hints at what would be coming in the next arc. Ikusaba’s battle with Jugo ended in a draw thanks to Tensai’s negotiations, and the mystery of Nanana’s murder is no closer to being solved than it was at the start of the series either – though I’m glad they touched on it again before the end, with Nanana revealing her desire to find the culprit and kill them back, though she has no plans to move on in any hurry afterwards. 😛 Overall, a good fun anime, but it didn’t turn out to be anything special in the end.

I had forgotten that Mushishi Zoku Shou was only going to be ten episodes long, so this week’s finale took me by surprise (though there is more to come). This episode was even slower-paced than usual, featuring no other human characters besides Ginko, so what little dialogue there was was mostly his monologues. The animation was fantastic, and the reveal at the end – that everything Ginko faced may have been part of the Mountain Lord’s plan to get ahold of his Kouki – was an amusing twist. I did find myself a little bored up to that point though, despite the nice visuals, and judging by the overwhelmingly positive reactions to this episode elsewhere, I can only conclude once again that this isn’t my kind of series. Whether I continue with it in what’s shaping up to be a strong Autumn season remains to be seen.

Trolled by a turtle. :razz:

Trolled by a turtle. 😛

Moving up:

Things are really starting to get serious in Nobunaga the Fool, with an increasing number of major plot developments every week… if only the series had done a better job of developing the characters and making them more likeable, then it might have moved up further a long time ago. Himiko’s death and Mitsuhide’s betrayal were well foreshadowed, and came as no surprise, though Kenshin’s reappearance on the battlefield was unexpected! The mech battles were also particularly good this week. And finally, the episode ended with Jeanne finally giving in to the enemies’ demands, proclaiming King Arthur as the Saviour King – only for her to be sniped by Cesare moments later. I really wish I could like this series more than I do! 😮

Black Bullet is finally starting to show promise again, with this episode reminding me why I gave it a chance in the first place. It is really picking up in terms of action and plot – in addition to the threat of the huge Aldebaran, another gastrea known as Pleiades manages to wipe out most of the JSDF from a distance using a mercury-based ‘Spear of Light’ attack. And now, it is Rentaro who has been ordered to defeat Pleiades. He leaves alone during the night, after Kisara is unable to convince him to run away instead… and it is then that he is saved from a gastrea attack by masked villain Kagetane and his yandere daughter Kohinata, who are still awesome. Yeah, I’m not above watching a whole series solely because I like one or two characters, so it’s good to see them back. 😛

As the Tokyo Area faces impending destruction, it's nice to see at least one family enjoying themselves!

As the Tokyo Area faces impending destruction, it’s nice to see at least one family enjoying themselves!

Moving down:

Blade and Soul is back down to last place, as the series’ relentless attempts to break Alka’s newfound personality are finally brought to an end… I’m not a bad person, honestly! 😮 But Alka’s struggle to find a life outside of assassination, while being haunted by the memories and hated by the relatives of those she’s killed, has definitely been my favourite part of the series so far. Meanwhile, the situation with Jin Varel posed a number of questions that I hope will be answered sufficiently – we saw her get briefly resurrected and kill a number of her own soldiers, only to be killed again by Yu Ran, then resurrected AGAIN and go charging off on a shadowy, flying horse to face Alka in what I assume will be the final showdown. I’m looking forward to it!

General comments:

Another fantastic episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders! After the surprising death of Avdol last week, Polnareff is finally convinced to retreat with Kakyoin away from Hol Horse and Centrefold… unfortunately, the latter’s Stand is able to hide itself in the reflective surfaces of their car, and launches a surprise attack! Even after escaping the car, our heroes aren’t safe, as the Hanged Man is able to inhabit the reflections in people’s eyes, and uses those of innocent bystanders to cover itself! Centrefold even inflicts a wound on another man, matching one the Hanged Man took from Polnareff earlier, in order to try and hide his identity. I love that this show is able to fit so many bizarre moves and strategies into its battles, yet still manages to conclude them within one episode without it feeling rushed. 😀

QUALITY animation from Blade and Soul, as always. :razz:

QUALITY animation from Blade and Soul this week. 😛 Were they drawn onto the background using MS Paint!?

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