Summer 2014 Episode Rankings – Week 2

There are normally lots of significant changes between my Week 1 and Week 2 posts each season, which I put down to flashy introductory episodes being followed up by more standard fare. Also, my excitement levels have usually dropped a little by that point, so I’m able to think slightly more critically. Jumps or drops of 11 or 12 places have been seen.

This time, however, there’s not been that much movement at all. Which isn’t a bad thing, I’d prefer it if the good shows stay good and the guilty pleasures remain guilty pleasures. Doesn’t make for very interesting posts, though. 😦

It's always about the explosives with these guys!

It’s always about the explosives with these guys!

1 – Zankyou no Terror ep 2

2 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders ep 15 ( 3)

3 – Hunter x Hunter ep 138

4 – Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus ep 2 ( 3)

5 – Barakamon ep 2 ( 1)

6 – Aldnoah Zero ep 2 ( 4)

7 – Tokyo Ghoul ep 2 ( 1)

8 – Re:␣Hamatora ep 2 ( 1)

9 – Haikyuu!! ep 15 ( 3)

10 – Tokyo ESP ep 2 ( 4)

11 – Akame ga Kill! ep 2 ( 1)

12 – Free! Eternal Summer ep 2 ( 2)

13 – Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun ep 2 ( 2)

14 – Love Stage!! ep 2 ( 3)

15 – Bakumatsu Rock ep 2 ( 4)

16 – DRAMAtical Murder ep 2 ( 3)

17 – Persona 4 The Golden Animation ep 2 ( 1)

18 – Rokujyoma no Shinryakusha!? ep 2 ( 2)

I don't think this needs a caption. :razz:

I don’t think this needs a caption. 😛

Moving up:

I’m not surprised that Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus broke into my Top 5 so early in the season, as I was a big fan of the two previous series. Though it has been a long time since I watched them, the first two episodes of Book of Circus did a fantastic job of reminding me how fun the characters are, and especially how fantastic Sebastian is. I had forgotten his fondness for cats, which made the scene with the tiger even funnier since I didn’t see it coming. Then, the aftermath of his in-depth analysis of the circus doctor’s prosthetics (pictured above), while still being worn by Beast, topped even that! 😛 So far the troupe seems fairly normal, though I do wonder whether the disappearing children have anything to do with the source of these ‘light ceramic’ materials…

I think that this week’s episode of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders was my favourite of the series so far. That first part of the episode, where Polnareff *befriended* Enyaba, making constant references to her family, and asking her to treat him like her son… pure genius! Then once she finally couldn’t take any more of his torture, we got to see just how scary her Stand could be, controlling any number of bodies (living or dead) by passing its fog through even the smallest of wounds. And as has become inevitable by this point, the ‘fight’ leads to another traumatic toilet experience for Polnareff. 😛 I question the party’s decision to take the old woman with them, in hopes of gaining more information on Dio, but if it means we get to see more of her Stand in action then I’m not complaining!

That troll face... are we absolutely certain he knew nothing about her relationship with Centerfold? :razz:

That troll face… are we absolutely certain he knew nothing about her relationship with Centerfold!?

Moving down:

Aldnoah Zero‘s second episode showed us just how over-powered the Vers Empire’s mechs are. While those used by the military on Earth are basically tanks on legs, the Martian machines seem to be able to walk through and disintegrate solid matter! Bullets, robotic fists, people – all just vaporise on contact, thanks to the mysterious ‘light of Aldnoah’. The episode also revealed that Princess Asseylum didn’t die in the missile strike, as the person in the limousine was her double – not too surprising a development, since she featured way too heavily in the OP for a minor character killed off in the first ep. Overall, Aldnoah Zero still looks and sounds great, and the plot shows plenty of promise; this ep dropped in the rankings partly due to Trillram’s pantomime villain personality, but mostly due to tough competition.

Tokyo ESP was always going to struggle to live up to that first episode, with its beautifully animated action scenes and fan-pandering cameos… have to admit I found the ‘real’ introductory episode dull in comparison. We learned that ‘The White Girl’ Urushiba Rinka, along with several others, got her ESP abilities after making contact with a school of glowing, flying fish. Hers is the ability to pass through solid matter. Her father, aside from naturally looking badass, also acquires the power of magnetism, and unwittingly causes a giant car katamari to wreak havoc in Tokyo. We also meet Azuma Kyoutarou, a teleporter initially thought to be a thief, but who actually aspires to be a hero, and Kuroi Kobushi, pro-boxer and invisible woman. All a bit too fast-paced for my liking. 😕

How anybody could mistake this guy for a villain is beyond me...

How anybody could mistake this guy for a villain is beyond me…

General comments:

I felt obliged to mention Tokyo Ghoul here, since it was the only new, non-sequel show that I didn’t cover last week. In a world where some people are only able to consume human flesh for sustenance (and coffee, which is some consolation I suppose), ordinary human protagonist Kaneki is almost eaten by his ghoulfriend, but is saved when she is crushed by a ton of iron girders. Kaneki survives, but only thanks to an organ transplant. Except the organs came from Rize, the ghoul. And now he is showing all the symptoms of being a ghoul himself… These first two episodes have been great – shame it’s one of the few series this season to feature heavy censorship, but I guess it’s the most gory by far. I like that Rize seems to be living on inside of Kaneki too, like a devil on his shoulder, trying to convince him to act on his desires. 😀

Re:␣Hamatora was a bit more serious this week, and finally explained the series’ two big resurrections. Turns out Nice never died to begin with – he took some pretty bad bullet wounds, but was saved by Murasaki before anything worse could happen. And after three months of not resting in hospital, he’s fully recovered. As a side note, I like that they used three months, as that’s the length of time between the first and second series, which can’t be a coincidence. 😀 As for Art, it seems he has a minimum ability after all, the power to resurrect himself and regenerate any wounds… fairly broken if you ask me! He seems to be going around stealing other holder’s powers, but his reasons for doing so remain a mystery. Syringes seem a lot more efficient than brains at transferring the abilities, mind. 😛



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