Summer 2014 Episode Rankings – Week 4

This season’s anime series are certainly consistent… can’t bring myself to bump shows up or down just for the sake of making things more interesting, either – these are my true thoughts on all the 4th episodes. 😛 Once again, this will mostly be general comments on the series I’ve not mentioned in a while.

I don't know, why don't you tell me?

I don’t know, why don’t you tell me?

1 – Zankyou no Terror ep 4

2 – Aldnoah Zero ep 4 

3 – Barakamon ep 4 

4 – Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus ep 4 ( 1)

5 – Hunter x Hunter ep 140 ( 1)

6 – Tokyo Ghoul ep 4 ( 1)

7 – Haikyuu!! ep 17 ( 1)

8 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders ep 17 (↓ 2)

9 – Re:␣Hamatora ep 4

10 – Love Stage!! ep 4 ( 5)

11 – Tokyo ESP ep 4 

12 – Akame ga Kill! ep 4 ( 1)

13 – Free! Eternal Summer ep 4 (↓ 3)

14 – Bakumatsu Rock ep 4 

15 – Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun ep 4 (↓ 3)

16 – DRAMAtical Murder ep 4 

17 – Persona 4 The Golden Animation ep 4

18 – Rokujyoma no Shinryakusha!? ep 4 

An unexpected plot twist in Love Stage!! - it's actually a psychological thriller! *lies*

An unexpected plot twist in Love Stage!! – it’s actually a survival horror anime! *lies*

Moving up:

Love Stage!! was slow to get started, but things escalated quickly in the third episode after Ryouma forced himself on Izumi! (I think, it’s hard to tell when everything other than his hair has been censored). This week’s fourth episode has been the best by far though. The first half largely focused on comedy, with Izumi seeking advice on his situation from Rei (who has ‘as much experience as the next person’ of being held down by a man). He later ends up being chased around town by Ryouma, only to find his escape route blocked by the show’s two mascot characters in the midst of a sumo match. After finally being caught, Ryouma tearfully apologises in front of a crowd who seemingly appear from nowhere. Then, following an impromptu date of sorts, the episode ended with an adorable love confession! Though for now, they’re starting off as friends. 😛

Moving down:

I’ve not got a lot to say about Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – it’s got a very different style of comedy to Barakamon, which justifies keeping both on even with my preference for plot, but it doesn’t make me laugh as often, and doesn’t have the same level of depth or character development. I did enjoy Mikorin and Nozaki-kun’s playthrough of a generic dating sim, only to arrive at the conclusion that the player character’s loyal (and male) best friend is the obvious best choice of partner, and seeing Nozaki put on bunny ears to get into the role of Umeko(-pyon) in the second half’s mixer practice was also amusing… but the series will have to do better than that to score highly in my personal rankings.


[HorribleSubs] Hunter X Hunter - 140 [720p].mkv_snapshot_11.56_[2014.08.03_09.37.18]

It’s been a long time since we last saw Leorio, but his return had plenty of impact!

General comments:

The Chimera Ant arc of Hunter x Hunter was always going to be a tough act to follow, and the current Hunter Chairman Election arc has brought quite a change of pace. No physical battles, but the struggle for leadership between the Zodiac Twelve (and simply the struggle to get enough voters) has been interesting enough to keep the show in my Top 5. But with the elections at a stalemate for now, it’s been Killua’s efforts to bring his mysterious sister to Gon’s side that have been the main focus of the last couple of eps. Alluka Zoldyck’s power is unpredictable and terrifying, but seemingly limitless, and may be the only thing that can heal Gon at this point… but there’s so much potential for things to go horribly wrong en route!

Celebrating four weeks in my Top 5 despite being a comedy series is Barakamon… I just love it. Starting the episode off with a clowder of cats is always a good way to score early points – Sensei being allergic to them despite loving them was a little predictable, but didn’t detract from the comedy. Then, we had the archaic rotary dial telephone (I say that, but we were using one here earlier this year) – it was more the children’s reactions to Sensei’s inability to use it that made the scene funny, rather than the actions themselves. Finally, there was the boat calligraphy. Sensei’s pride in his work and fear of getting things wrong when faced with a medium he’s unfamiliar with is instantly smashed the moment Naru and her friends cover the boat with hand prints, forcing him to use big strokes to cover them up. The characters and their interactions are just superb.

"But I'll definitely find the light".

“But I’ll definitely find the light”.

Bringing up the rear for a third week in a row is Rokujyoma no Shinryakusha!? – the decent direction, writing and humour I described in the first post of the season seems to have been abandoned, and the show now feels just like every other harem anime. With the Corona Treaty preventing the claimants of room 106 from waging all out war, eps 2 and 3 saw them bet ‘territory’ on the results of card games and a school marathon, neither of which were as interesting as they might sound. But this week, they put their rivalries aside in favour of a joint hot springs and beach episode~ Yawn. 😕 There are two guys in suits and sunglasses who seem to be targeting Sanae, presumably ghost hunters or the like, but the series failed to even make that development interesting or humorous.

And now, time for some hypocrisy. Because when I found out that Bakumatsu Rock was getting a bath house episode, my reaction wasn’t ‘yawn’, it was ‘YEAH!’. Though that’s more to do with the way it was handled than the fanservice (honestly!). The concept of a nude rock concert in a public bath alone provided more humour than anything in this week’s Rokujyouma. Added to that was Sensei’s complex – while never really explained, it seemed to be to do with his ‘soul’ not connecting with his music; however, Cindy and Ryouma jump to the conclusion that it’s about the size of his penis. Hilarity really did ensue. 😛 This series is too ridiculous to rate much higher, but it always brings a smile to my face. 😀

Nice to see these two getting along better now. :D

Nice to see these two getting along better now. 😀

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