Summer 2014 Episode Rankings – Week 7

Back home and on the internet again, so it’s business as usual. 😀 Except WordPress has changed a few things around, and now my images are either way too big or way too small. Hopefully this post won’t look TOO bad…

I’ve got a small backlog ahead of me, but nothing I shouldn’t be able to clear in time for a Week 8 post this Sunday. 🙂 So far I’ve been able to avoid spoilers on forums and social media, but I think I’ll prioritise watching the more popular series first, just to be on the safe side!

Things really escalated in this week's Zankyou no Terror! ...wait a minute...

Things really escalated in this week’s Zankyou no Terror! …wait a minute…

1 – Aldnoah Zero ep 7 (↑ 2)

2 – Zankyou no Terror ep 7 (↓ 1)

3 – Hunter x Hunter ep 143 (↓ 1)

4 – Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus ep 7

5 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders ep 20 (↑ 3)

6 – Tokyo Ghoul ep 7 ( 1)

7 – Barakamon ep 7 (↓ 2)

8 – Haikyuu!! ep 20 ( 4)

9 – Akame ga Kill! ep 7 (↑ 1)

10 – Tokyo ESP ep 7 (↑ 1)

11 – Nobunaga Concerto ep 6 (↓ 2)

12 – Re:␣Hamatora ep 7 (↓ 6)

13 – Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun ep 7 (↑ 2)

14 – Free! Eternal Summer ep 7 (↓ 1)

15 – DRAMAtical Murder ep 7 (↑ 2)

16 – Love Stage!! ep 7 

17 – Sabagebu! ep 7 (↓ 3)

18 – Bakumatsu Rock ep 7 

To be honest, this dream world isn't so different from their bizarre reality. :razz:

So really, this dream world isn’t so different from their bizarre reality. 😛

Moving up:

I’ve said before that JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders is fascinating to watch, because it goes to places and does weird and controversial things that most other anime wouldn’t imagine, often resulting in amusing censorship not related to the usual ecchi or violence. So when it came to dealing with the naughty boy whose stand caused Kakyouin and the others so much trouble, I didn’t know what to expect. It’s probably a good thing that the series draws the line at having one of our heroes murder a baby… though feeding him his own poop is still pretty horrible!

Aldnoah Zero finally ended Zankyou no Terror’s half-season winning streak, with an episode that made fantastic use of the show’s awesome animation and soundtrack. It had everything I want in an action-oriented anime! 😀 Including plot and character development – Slaine and Inaho joined forces and fought brilliantly together… but it was a brief alliance, as it seems both of them have very different ideas about what to do with Princess Asseylum. Despite his cold words and actions, I started to warm to Inaho this week, and I look forward to seeing what this rivalry will develop into! Oh, and the Earthlings now have Kataphrakt, which I welcome since watching Inaho take down powerful Martian mecha with only low tech weaponry and great strategies was starting to get repetitive.

I'd say the short segments featuring Freemum’s various members seeking medical advice were probably the funniest parts of the episode. :D

The short segments featuring Freemum’s members seeking medical advice were probably the funniest parts of the episode for me. 😀

Moving down:

‘Comedy has vanished from Re:␣Hamatora‘, I said last week. A fair statement to make, I thought, following the emergence of Art as a villain and the deaths of two likable characters. But it turns out Murasaki didn’t die in episode six, and also managed to survive episode seven, despite the best efforts of his friends to break every bone in his body and electrocute him. 😛 Unexpected timing for a comic relief episode, but then again the first series was exactly the same. And it was funny… just a bit of an anticlimax after all that build up. Though I am glad they didn’t kill of Murasaki. Honest!

A sharp drop for Sabagebu! only a week after I picked it up. This was mostly due to the first half, which was basically a recruitment advert for hunters associations! It touched on all the different requirements (minimum sight and hearing levels, components of the theory and practical tests etc). It was vaguely interesting, but not at all relevant to me, and it wasn’t intended to be comedy either – apart from the predictable punchline at the end which revealed that, despite all the girls’ training and success in the exams, they couldn’t get licenses until they were 20. At least it was different. 🙂

Other parts of the episode were just as informative, and more relevant to my interests. :razz:

Other parts of the episode were just as informative, and more relevant to my interests. 😛

General comments:

Aside from its action-packed and Ga-Rei Zero fan-pandering introductory episode, Tokyo ESP has been stuck in the middle of my rankings every week. A half-decent action series in a season full of very decent action series… I don’t have much else to say about it. The pacing is still a bit too fast for my liking, too, though at least it strikes a far better balance between the comedy and serious moments than the similarly-themed Hamatora. And the introduction of a panda that talks like Yoda can only be a good thing!

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus also seems fairly stable, having ranked 4th for four weeks in a row against some very tough competition! It seems we’re finally getting to the bottom of the mystery of the disappearing children – the circus troupe’s adoptive father, Baron Kelvin, was more than happy to parade them before Ciel and Sebastian in a brief but murderous performance! Aside from light entertainment, though, the main purpose of the kidnapping seems to be in order to recreate the creepy sacrificial ritual that Ciel went through three years previously…  and they’ve walked right into the trap! I hear this series is only going to be 10 episodes long, but for once I’m not worried that they’ll struggle to finish it in time, the pacing seems spot on. 🙂



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