Autumn 2014 Episode Rankings – Week 6

Due to the fact that I’m currently participating in two different anime Secret Santas on two different forums, and am also trying to make time to revisit a lot of old series that I haven’t watched in a long time, I decided to cut down my weekly viewing. It wasn’t hard, since it’s been the same five series in the red zone for most of the season. And so, the shows I am dropping in Week 6 are Cross AngeOre, Twintails ni NarimasuGrisaia no Kajitsu, Nanatsu no Taizai and Kaitou Joker!

As usual though, I did go back and look at some of the other Autumn series that weren’t on my list, and eventually settled on Tribe Cool Crew as my token late addition. More on that after the list itself!

Akane was awesome this week, as usual.

Akane was awesome this week, as usual.

1 – Psycho-Pass 2 ep 6 

2 – Parasyte -the maxim- ep 6

3 – Hitsugi no Chaika – Avenging Battle ep 6 

4 – Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road ep 6

5 – Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis ep 6

6 – Akame ga Kill! ep 19

7 – Amagi Brilliant Park ep 6 (↑ 1)

8 – Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works ep 5 (↑ 3)

9 – Shirobako ep 6 (↑ 1)

10 – Gugure! Kokkuri-san ep 6 ( 3)

11 – Akatsuki no Yona ep 6 (↓ 2)

12 – Selector Spread WIXOSS ep 6 (↑ 1)

13 – Donten ni Warau ep 6 (↓ 1)

14 – Tribe Cool Crew ep 6

Tribe Cool Crew's main duo, Haneru and Kanon.

Tribe Cool Crew’s main dancing duo, Haneru and Kanon.

Newly added:

Tribe Cool Crew makes its debut at the bottom of my newly-adjusted list, but I assure you it would have easily outranked the shows I dropped this week. Fun characters with unique character designs, good music as you’d hope for in a series about dancing, and effective use of 3D animation which doesn’t look bad at all. And since it’s family friendly, there’s been no fanservice! It has also managed to avoid feeling repetitive for six episodes, which is more than Kaitou Joker could manage over four. Following a dance competition this week, main characters Haneru and Kanon (possibly my favourite anime couple of the season) joined forces with former rivals Tribal Soul to form the titular Tribe Cool Crew, so seeing the five of them dance together should keep things fresh for even longer!

Say it with a smile! :D

Say it with a smile! 😀

Moving up:

Barely moving, but I’ve talked about Shirobako and Fate enough for now, so Selector Spread WIXOSS it is. The last few eps revealed some big things, most importantly that Iona might be the ‘Girl of Black’, a supposedly evil counterpart to the ‘Girl of White’ who seems to be running this whole game. Needless to say, that shook her usual calm demeanour a bit! Aside from that, we learned that WIXOSS’ wish granting is even more twisted than it seemed – a Selector named Fumio wished to be a successful author, and sure enough, her LRIG Futase was given the knowledge necessary to write a few highly successful books… but now suffering from writer’s block, she has returned to the game to fulfil her former owner’s wish via another LRIG! Oh, and Akira is still being manipulated by Ulith… she needs a happy ending more than anyone else.

Moving down:

Episode six of Donten ni Warau was slow paced, lacking in action, and only featured one significant plot development. The fact that said development was the execution of eldest Kumou sibling and major character Tenka, coupled with this week’s low ranking, should say a lot about how successful this series has been at developing its characters to make them likeable and memorable. 😮 That, or it says I’m a heartless bastard, I’ll leave my readers to decide which. 😛 Still, I was surprised they actually went through with it – I assumed the whole Orochi thing was going to be a major part of the story, and that they’d go down the route of finding a way to destroy it once and for all, preferably without killing Tenka. Now that he’s dead and Orochi is out of the way, what else is there? Guess I’ll find out, since for better or worse I’ve chosen to keep this on.

So many feelings in this episode, and all of them seemingly wasted on me, too.

So many feelings in this episode, and all of them seemingly wasted on me, too.

General comments:

Now that it has gotten going, Psycho-Pass 2 seems to be pulling away from the rest of my Top Five Four and into a league of its own, which is saying something considering how good Parasyte and Chaika are at the moment! I’m sufficiently impressed with Kamui as a villain now – giving control of armed and dangerous drones to unsuspecting members of the public (who think they’re playing a mobile game, thanks to some holo trickery), and having them fire at the Inspectors and Enforcers was great. But just when Akane and Co. manage to destroy the vast majority of them, the game resumes using the Police’s own drones, which was a stroke of genius! 😀 All the while, Kamui and his now loyal sidekick Shisui go around collecting Dominators from fallen Enforcers. Whatever they have planned can’t be good for the Sibyl system, but should make for fantastic viewing~

More character deaths in Akame ga Kill! land it its usual 6th place spot, again hinting that Donten ni Warau and I just aren’t working out. Although, Seryu Ubiquitous did go out all guns blazing, which was always going to impress me more than a long walk to a planned execution. Easily my favourite of the Jaegars, villains, and probably characters in this series in general, I’ll definitely miss Seryu, but if she had to go anyway then an all-out battle against fellow marksman and hated enemy Mine was about the best way it could have happened. It’s looking likely that the remainder of the Jaegars will be wiped out before the end of this series, so no doubt there will be plenty more battles to come – Esdeath will obviously be difficult, but I’m also intrigued by Run, and finding out what role the badly injured Kurome will play should also prove interesting. 🙂

If that’s justice then I’m... wait, I already used that last season. :(

If that’s justice then I’m a… wait, I already used that last season. 😦

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