Winter 2015 Episode Rankings – Week 10

Argh! This was one of those weeks where pretty much every episode of every series seemed somehow better than usual, probably since a lot of them are due to end in the next few weeks and are building up towards their endings. Great from an entertainment point of view, but it does make it much harder than usual to arbitrarily rank them in order. Here’s my best attempt, after several last minute changes~

The most epic gambling episode I've seen since the second series of Kaiji!

The most epic gambling episode I’ve seen since the second series of Kaiji!

1 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders S2 ep 10 (↑ 8)

2 – Durarara!!x2 Shou ep 10 (↓ 1)

3 – Parasyte -the maxim- ep 22 (↓ 1)

4 – Nanatsu no Taizai ep 21 (↓ 1)

5 – Death Parade ep 10 (↓ 1)

6 – Tokyo Ghoul √A ep 10 (↑ 5)

7 – Junketsu no Maria ep 9 (↑ 5)

8 – Akatsuki no Yona ep 22 (↓ 1)

9 – Yowamushi Pedal: Grande Road ep 21 (↑ 1)

10 – Rolling Girls ep 10 (↓ 2)

11 – Shirobako ep 22 (↓ 5)

12 – Aldnoah Zero S2 ep 10 (↓ 7)

13 – Yuri Kuma Arashi ep 9 

14 – Ansatsu Kyoushitsu ep 9 (↓ 1)

15 – The IDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls ep 9 (↑ 1)

16 – Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! ep 10 (↓ 2)

17 – Yoru no Yatterman ep 9 

18 – Tribe Cool Crew ep 21 (↓ 3)

I love how Priapus just sat there, blocking the window and looking like a giant marshmallow the whole time Bernard was raving.

I love how Priapus just sat there, blocking the window and looking like a giant marshmallow the whole time Bernard was raving.

Moving up:

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders‘ large jump was due in part to my not liking the previous stand user or his ability that much, hence why the series ranked lower over the past two weeks, but it’s also boosted by nostalgia – D’Arby was one of the few villains included in the old OVA adaptation, and for me is one of the more interesting ones encountered so far. Rather than attacking JoJo’s party outright, he lets them wager their own souls in different games of ‘chance’ (which are of course rigged in his favour). Though I remembered the coin game between Joseph and D’Arby, I don’t recall how Jotaro’s poker game with him went, so the next episode should be even more exciting!

As was inevitable after all that build up, Junketsu no Maria suddenly got very dark. Maria was drugged and nearly raped by Galfa (raging because I liked his character up until this point), her house was burned down, she was beaten, stoned by her old friend (willingly, as she didn’t want her to be accused of supporting a witch), then imprisoned… and then she got into a philosophical debate with Brother Bernard, and may have broken him even further. This episode was a little uncomfortable to watch at times, but in a good way – the series isn’t afraid to tackle controversial subjects, and does so well.

Scythes are fun!

Scythes are fun!

Also moving up is Tokyo Ghoul √A, because of epic battles and character death, the usual easy ways for a show to improve in my eyes! 😛 But also just seeing Juuzou having fun with his giant scythe is something that may never grow old, and it was made even better by the fact that Shinohara and he are now better able to operate as a team. Glad that Irimi and Koma didn’t die, thanks to their being saved by Kaneki, but there was no way CCG was going to allow manager Yoshimura to live. His death scene was tragic. And CCG only got to enjoy a brief moment of celebration before the real One-Eyed Owl appeared and chaos ensued. More of his and Kaneki’s battles against CCG to come next episode, I presume.

Moving down:

Shirobako is mostly moving down because of all the action and/or huge plot developments in the series that overtook it. The episode itself was about as good as usual, though with a little less drama – Hiraoka has been winding up pretty much every other person he’s worked with, culminating in some big arguments in the previous two episodes, but this time we got to see another side to him, and found out about the bad experiences in previous jobs that led him to lose interest in anime production. Meanwhile, work on ‘The Third Aerial Girls Squad’ was going well… too well. And so the episode did end on a dramatic revelation: once again, the author wants something redone, and this time it’s the anime-original ending script. 😮

We got to see another side to shy animator Ai as well. :razz:

We got to see another side to shy animator Ai as well. 😛

General comments:

I’ve not mentioned Durarara!!x2 Shou since the mid-season, mostly because I’m at a loss on what to say about it, besides the obvious fact that its plot and characters remain awesome. It’s definitely the most consistently good anime in my lineup. The various, complex plot threads are starting to come together and make sense – basically, everything is still Izaya’s fault. His love of stirring trouble, turning powerful groups and individuals on each other, and just generally screwing Shizuo over, is the root cause of all the conflicts, but very few people realize this. And then there’s Aoba, who sees himself as a similar character… I highly doubt he’d be any match at all for the original.

Big developments in episode 22 of Parasyte -the maxim-! Shinichi and Migi split from each other in order to fight Gotou, but though their plan managed to catch him by surprise, they were unable to land a killing blow… and so Shinichi retreated, leaving Migi alone, where the parasyte would shrivel up and die if it wasn’t presumably protected by plot armour. 😛 Shinichi then spent the rest of the episode living with an old lady and being blamed by stranger-hating locals for huge illegal dumping sites (obviously guilty), before rumours of a monster killing people lead him back into the forest to fight Gotou, armed only with a rusty cleaver. And even more plot armour, of course.

The series has focused more on how Shinichi became less human and more Parasyte in behaviour - clearly, this change has worked both ways.

The series focused more on how Shinichi became less human and more Parasyte in behaviour – clearly, this was a two-way process, with Migi seeming very human in this scene.

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