Spring 2015 Episode Rankings – Week 2

Posting this one day early, because I can! It seems my blogging schedule for the season will be determined entirely by how quickly Sidonia no Kishi gets subbed, so hopefully there will be more Saturday posts to come. 😛

It seems Sidonia no Kishi won't go unchallenged after all!

It seems Sidonia no Kishi won’t go unchallenged after all!

1 – Arslan Senki ep 2 (↑ 3)

2 – Sidonia no Kishi – Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki ep 2 (↓ 1)

3 – Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works S2 ep 2 (↑ 2)

4 – Plastic Memories ep 2 (↓ 1)

5 – Kekkai Sensen ep 2 (↓ 3)

6 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure – Stardust Crusaders S2 ep 15

7 – Shokugeki no Souma ep 2 (↑ 1)

8 – Ore Monogatari!! ep 2 (↑ 1)

9 – Show By Rock!! ep 2 (↑ 1)

10 – Ansatsu Kyoushitsu ep 13 (↑ 5)

11 – Owari no Seraph ep 2 (↓ 4)

12 – Hibike! Euphonium ep 2 (↑ 4)

13 – Gunslinger Stratos ep 2 (↓ 1)

14 – Tribe Cool Crew ep 26 (↓ 1)

15 – Re-Kan! ep 2 (↑ 3)

16 – Oregairu Zoku ep 2 (↓ 2)

17 – Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku ep 2 (↓ 6)

18 – DanMachi ep 2 (↓ 1)

When did Nagisa become so dangerous!?

When did Nagisa become so dangerous!?

Moving up:

The similarities between Arslan Senki and Akatsuki no Yona continued to grow this week, as our sheltered heir was betrayed and almost killed by a person he trusted, but was then thankfully rescued by a loyal retainer. At least Arslan has some existing skill when it comes to fighting, and his father isn’t dead yet, but I feel that’s only a matter of time now… All worries about the animation quality in major battle scenes were put to rest with this episode, as both the 2D and 3D parts of the ill-fated cavalry charge and the rain of arrows from mobile siege towers looked brilliant (and horrific, but for the right reasons!)

On the one hand, this week’s Ansatsu Kyoushitsu continued with the same formula I’ve been complaining about. A new instructor appears with new plans to defeat Koro-sensei, but his methods fail, and the class only ends up feeling closer to their teacher than they did before… albeit it was Karasuma-sensei and not Koro-sensei who benefited this week. 😛 But though Takaoka came across as a fairly stereotypical villain, his violence against his own pupils was different – reminded me of the finale of Parasyte, who’s the real monster out of him and Koro-sensei? For the most part though, it’s Nagisa’s sudden jump from quiet observer to potentially the most dangerous assassin in the class that led to the increase in ranking. 😮

See, even our main character doesn't want this to be a high school anime!

See, even our main character doesn’t want this to be a high school anime!

Moving down:

My fears came true in Owari no Seraph – after escaping the vampires, Yuuichirou learns that the world hasn’t completely ended, and that the 10% of the population that survived the virus are continuing life as normal. And despite his wish to get revenge on the vampires as soon as possible, he soon ends up suspended for disobeying orders, and is instead sent to high school. Thankfully, the captain of the vampire-hunting Moon Demon Company promises him he can join them if he can make at least one friend there, which he manages within the space of this one episode… so why does the next episode preview still show him in school!? After the dark and serious tone of the first episode, this one felt jarringly generic.

What happened to all the humour and energy from the first episode of Mikagura Gakuen Kumikyoku!? This second episode was very dull by comparison. It introduced the format of the club battles, followed by the clubs themselves and their representatives, but none of that was particularly funny or original. Still, Eruna’s ‘fight’ against her cousin in the second half was better, and the awakening of her powers right at the end confirm that there might be more of a plot to this show than first meets the eye, so I remain hopeful that it’ll bounce back now that all the necessary introductions and world building are out of the way.

I don't *think* any alcohol was consumed by minors in this week's Tribe Cool Crew...

I don’t *think* any alcohol was consumed by minors in this week’s Tribe Cool Crew…

General comments:

When I heard that this week’s Tribe Cool Crew was going to be about cherry blossom viewing, I was prepared for yet more post-Dance Road filler… and that’s basically what this episode was. But, it was one of the most hilarious episodes so far IMO!  Though I’m not sure what sort of message it was supposed to be sending out to kids by having Haneru and Co. enjoying themselves and dancing while totally, not at all so drunk they couldn’t stand up straight or anything. 😮 Fun to see the likes of Kanon and Yuzuru acting so out of character, at any rate. 😛 It also featured their usual dance routines and music, which never get old for me.

Any fears that Ore Monogatari!! was just going to be a generic romance with a male lead who happened to look different are now out of the window as well, as it became clear in episode two that Gouda really doesn’t think like your typical male shoujo character either. That scene where he took Sunakawa outside, beautiful sunset in the background… but no, it’s the butt tree he wanted to show him. And then there was the ground-breaking realization that it was a guy’s butt! This, and his awkward attempts to gauge Sunakawa’s tastes in women, might have just made him my favourite new character of the season so far. I’m equally excited and terrified to see what he’ll come out with next as his relationship with Yamato grows. 😀

Gouda reacts to: Emoticons!

Gouda reacts to: Emoticons!

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3 Responses to Spring 2015 Episode Rankings – Week 2

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  2. I can’t wait for our hero to get out of school in Owari no Seraph. But, at least the characters are pretty cool, and the certain situations are more intense than one sees in the average high school anime.

    I was thinking that either Arslan Senki or Owari no Seraph would be my favorite this season, but I completely forgot about Knights of Sidonia. I have no idea why. I’ll need to get caught up.

    • Maybe I set my hopes too high for Owari no Seraph. Vampires alone are quite over-used villains, but the setting presented in the first episode was quite original. I was hoping they’d end up staying in this ‘blood farm’, and somehow defeating the vampire nobles from within. Taking the main character out of that scenario and putting him in a school setting just seems so cliche to me. I’ve not really taken a liking to any of the characters yet either. Still, credit where credit is due, the animation quality and music are fantastic. Once the training is over and the proper fighting begins, it should look glorious.

      Knights of Sidonia’s continuation has been flawless so far in my opinion, these early episodes contain some of my favourite scenes from the manga, and there should be plenty more good episodes to come! I only hope a third series gets greenlit eventually, as I’d love to see all of the manga get adapted (though it’s still ongoing, so who knows how long it’ll go on for?)

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