Dragon’s Loyalty Award – 7 Facts about AngryJellyfish

I can’t remember the last time I made a post on here that wasn’t a weekly rankings post or end of year Top 12 list… Hopefully this won’t be the last, but as ever I make no promises, since I’ll only end up breaking them!

So I was given the Dragon’s Loyalty Award by Medieval Otaku over a month ago, and while I won’t be nominating anyone else for it since I’m not a big fan of chain letters and the like, I still greatly appreciate the gesture, so will be fulfilling the ‘share 7 things other bloggers may not know about you’ part of the award. 🙂

This Summer season may end up being a good one for dragons in anime, what with all the fantasy shows!

This Summer season may end up being a good one for dragons in anime, what with all the fantasy shows!

1) I was initially against the idea of starting a blog. A whole load of people from The Student Room’s anime society (which I still lead) started making them at the same time in 2009, and I was left wondering why they couldn’t all post their thoughts in one place in our thread instead of making their own sites, as with all the will in the world I wouldn’t have time to read everyone’s! Eventually I started this blog in 2010, as part of a new year’s resolution to try different things. Even then, most of my earliest posts weren’t about anime, though I couldn’t keep my obsession from taking it over for long. 😛 5-6 years later, and as far as I know, the only blogs still around following the TSR fad are mine and Caraniel’s.

2) I have dyspraxia, which slightly affects my co-ordination. Not so much these days, as I’ve adapted enough that I can at least walk straight, and carry out activities with only a slightly greater level of clumsiness than most people. Two things that I can’t do are ride a bicycle, and tie knots (shoelaces, neckties etc). I did try driving last year, as I mentioned in a few posts, but that wasn’t going well at all. Too many things to focus on at once, not being able to look and see what my hands and feet were doing… I think I’d be far too dangerous to risk giving it another go. In theory, touch typing should give me trouble, and it did when I was younger, but that’s the one thing I managed to persevere with.

Presumably one of the 'dangerous acts' that the disclaimer at the end warns us not to imitate! :o

‘It’s as easy as falling off a log’ is about the only one I can manage.

3) I don’t drink alcohol. I was never overly fussed with the taste of the few drinks I did have (legally or otherwise) while I was younger, but the main factor for me is that I like to be in control of my own thoughts and actions at all times. While I accept that you can still do so by drinking in moderation, I just don’t have to worry about my limits if I stick to soft drinks. And since I live half-way up a mountain, the social aspect of visiting the local pub has never been part of my life either. Aside from fortnightly pub quizzes, they’re worth the journey. 😀 Instead, money that I might otherwise spend on alcohol is instead put towards manga, games and copious amounts of tea.

4) The amount of time I spend on anime these days is dropping. Obviously this is relative – I still manage to follow 18 ongoing series a week and some other episodes on the side, but I’m averaging about two hours a day on anime now, as opposed to ‘pretty much all my free time’ last year. This is despite now being unemployed, which if anything might be the root cause – before, I’d look forward to watching anime in the evenings and weekends, and do little else. Once I had more free time (and no matter how hard you search for work, you’ll always have more free time), the sense of ‘urgency’ was lost, and I started doing other things to vary my time. Mostly gaming, which can be a huge time sink…

Currently playing Geneforge 4... can't say I have much loyalty to give to these dragons.

Currently playing Geneforge 4… can’t say I have much loyalty to give to these dragons.

5) Youtube is one of the few time sinks that was able to compete with anime viewing even when I still had a job, and still takes up an hour or more of my time each day. And for whatever reason, barely any of the channels I’m subscribed to on there are anime related, only Yurumates who infrequently uploads short, usually hilarious clips from newly airing anime. Most of the other channels are gaming related – several members of the Yogscast, CaptainSparklezPBGGameplay… I don’t know what it is about watching other people play games that provides so much entertainment, but it does! One channel I’d highly recommend for interesting facts about all sorts of cool things and places is tomscott, particularly his language files series. 🙂

6) I am a huge fan of Robot Wars, and robotic combat in general. Slightly related to #5, since the only place I watch it these days is on Youtube, but I’d say it warrants a number of its own since this obsession pre-dates my being an anime fan by a good 7 years. I remember the title alone catching the interest of my 9 year old self, but I missed the first episode of the first series since my parents told me it was a show for grown-ups. Thankfully, I was able to catch re-runs of episode 2 onwards, and watched every other episode as it aired until the TV series’ demise in 2004. It still exists as live shows however, which as mentioned previously are recorded and uploaded on Youtube!

Stinger, one of my favourite robots from the TV series that's still operating today!

Stinger, one of my favourite robots from the TV series that’s still operating today!

7) I’m currently involved in Anime-Planet’s LGBT tagging project, which was announced in late May. Until this was rolled out, trans characters were tagged as cross-dressers, and series that featured them were often tagged ‘gender bender’. Not great, which is why I was so enthusiastic when these new tags were announced. Since requesting appropriate tags for all the characters and series I could remember from what I’ve already read/watched, I’ve been sent lists of other manga series and characters to look into by the site’s creator. And while this does mean I’ve had to put a few titles I’d planned to read on hold, it’s nice to be able to enjoy series I might not otherwise have read, while also feeling as though I’m helping out too! 😀

So that’s me, in a nutshell. 🙂


2 Responses to Dragon’s Loyalty Award – 7 Facts about AngryJellyfish

  1. Very interesting post. You bringing up the LGBT tagging project reminds me of something: Anime-Planet seems to have neglected creating a yakuza or gangster tag. Many anime fit in that category, so I was surprised in not finding it. How does one go about creating a new tag?

    Tea is an awesome drink–probably the one drink I could not do without. What’s your favorite type? Robot Wars was so much fun! I haven’t seen that show in ages.

    • Anime-Planet has a thread for suggesting new tags, though it’s quite quiet:

      Regarding a tag for gangsters and yakuza, I’ve seen that requested a few times in other parts of the site, and the response was that they’re ‘considering it’. Seems like an obvious one to me!

      I quite like lapsang souchong, the pine-smoked tea, though recently I’ve acquired a taste for the Japanese roasted green tea hojicha as well. Usually when I place an order, I’ll go for one or two types of tea I know and love, and another three or four I’ve not tried before, and so far I’ve not come across many I didn’t like!

      I rewatched the UK series of Robot Wars (1-7, both series of ‘Extreme’ and all other specials) a couple of years ago, it’s all on Youtube. 😀 I also checked out the two Dutch series, and the USA’s Robotica (only the second and third series, sadly couldn’t find the first). I keep meaning to watch Battlebots, but having watched a couple of random battles, I find their way of judging battles very confusing.

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