Summer 2015 Episode Rankings – Week 3

We’re back up to a full 18 series this week, the first time at this early point in the season that everything has aired when it’s supposed to. I have to say I prefer the way the episodes are spread out over several days, as opposed to in the Spring where two-thirds of my watching list was out within a day of posting the previous week’s rankings. 😛

Even the characters in Durarara!! who seem less weird have their moments!

Even the characters in Durarara!! who seem less weird have their moments!

1 – Durarara!!x2 Ten ep 3 

2 – Rokka no Yuusha ep 3 (↑ 1)

3 – Arslan Senki ep 15 (↓ 1)

4 – Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX ep 3 (↑ 1)

5 – Gatchaman Crowds Insight ep 3 (↑ 4)

6 – Gangsta ep 3 (↓ 2)

7 – Gakkou Gurashi! ep 3 (↑ 5)

8 – Overlord ep 3 

9 – Chaos Dragon: Sekiryu Seneki ep 3 (↑ 1)

10 – Aoharu x Kikanjuu ep 3 (↓ 3)

11 – Non Non Biyori Repeat ep 3 (↑ 2)

12 – Ore Monogatari!! ep 16 (↑ 3)

13 – Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace ep 3 (↓ 2)

14 – Shokugeki no Souma ep 15 

15 – Classroom Crisis ep 3 (↓ 1)

16 – Tide-Line Blue ep 3 (↓ 10)

17 – Tribe Cool Crew ep 39 

18 – Ushio to Tora ep 3 (↓ 2)

I know there's a zombie apocalypse going on, but that's no excuse for wasting good tomatoes!

I know there’s a zombie apocalypse going on, but that’s no excuse for wasting good tomatoes!

Moving up:

It seems that my gamble of Gakkou Gurashi! may be paying off! The first episode was ridiculously boring up until the ‘big reveal’ about the whole zombie apocalypse thing, which I already knew from some of the more spoilerific pre-season synopses, but I felt the contrasting combination of moe school life and zombie horror had potential. Episode two’s ‘test of courage’ trip to the school shop and library was an improvement, but it was only this week that we were finally given a flashback to how it all began, and that was terrifying. There are still gaps to be filled – Mii-kun was absent in this flashback, and we don’t know how Megu-nee Sakura-sensei died, or even whether she is dead – no doubt these things will be explained in later episodes.

The lack of drama in Ore Monogatari!! really affected its performance in the opening weeks of the season, with episode 14 being the only thing more boring to me than Gakkou Gurashi!’s first ep. I love the strength of Takeo and Yamato’s bond, and their loyalty to each other, as it really sets this series apart from other romance anime… but it does keep the drama very minimal, which is probably why most other series opt for more fragile relationships to begin with. In this episode, Saijou confesses to Takeo, and is instantly rejected. Takeo and Yamato grow even closer, if that’s possible, and Takeo even manages to preserve his friendship with Saijou. A happy(ish) ending to another arc is nice, but predictable, and will rarely make my top 10.

Post-apocalyptic Earth looks so beautiful from the outside!

Post-apocalyptic Earth looks so beautiful from the outside!

Moving down:

The ten place drop for Tide-Line Blue looks a lot worse than it actually is. My 2005 guest series made a strong early impression by keeping the exposition to a minimum, instead focusing on the main characters, the submarine attack, and how they escaped the disaster. Now that they’re on board the rebel submarine, and said submarine has used an underwater current to rapidly escape to the other side of the world, of course things are going to slow down until one side makes another move. We got some more light-hearted character interactions, and some flashbacks to a time when Aoi and Gould were on the same side, though no hints yet as to what made the latter change his mind about taking the peaceful approach. I remain hopeful this series will bounce back up eventually. 🙂

Aoharu x Kikanjuu‘s drop is for similar reasons. No actual airsoft battles this week, though the antics of its brilliant cast made sure it was still very entertaining. I didn’t expect that Tachibana’s debts would be cleared this early on in the series, but I agree with Yukimura and Matsuoka that it’s better if the protagonist actually wants to be participating in these tournaments. Yukimura himself got a lot more screen time – showing up outside the school with porn, subsequently being apprehended by a passing police officer, his reactions to Tachibana sneaking into his room, his breakdown over the release of a new H-game… I like him even more now! Tachibana choosing the gun that will presumably be her partner for the rest of the series, an invitation to a major airsoft tournament, and the introduction of some future rivals were a few of the other highlights.

Possible new material for his manga series?

Possible new material for his manga series?

General comments:

Overlord took an interesting direction this week, with Momonga and Albedo venturing out from Ainz Ooal Gown and into the mysterious land they’ve found themselves in. Perhaps the biggest twist is that our protagonist seems to have lost some of his human emotions and become a true, cold undead being, with the violent deaths of humans no longer having any emotional impact on him. Despite this, he still decides to save a village from attack due to a debt he owes to a former guildmate, and also to learn more about the world from the villagers. Seems that three bordering nations are struggling to get along – I’m guessing Momonga will co-operate with one of these nations for a while, but also take steps to further his own goals of world conquest at the same time.

Classroom Crisis is one of only two series to place in the red all three weeks so far. As with Gakkou Gurashi!, this is one that I picked up because it offered something different, and in that respect it hasn’t disappointed. The arrival of Angelina from accounting, Sera’s complete lack of understanding of the financial side of A-Tec, coupled with his pure desire to develop new and exciting technology… and then of course there was the moment the class was relocated from their top of the range facilities to the old garage used by the company’s original founders, causing most of the classmates to drop out. This ongoing battle of business and economics is refreshingly different from what I usually watch, but that doesn’t change the fact I’m more of a fan of action and fantasy. Still, with more development of the few remaining characters, I could definitely see Classroom Crisis climbing higher.

The mask and gloves don't really make Momonga any less scary... his chosen name is only slightly less ridiculous too. :razz:

The mask and gloves don’t really make Momonga any less scary… his chosen name is only slightly less ridiculous too. 😛

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