Summer 2015 Episode Rankings – Week 6

Time for my usual Week 6 shakeup! Though this time, all I’ve done is add to my list. Nothing gets dropped, but Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri and Jitsu wa Watashi wa get picked up, bringing my list up to 20 anime in total. Expect a lot of downwards movement near the bottom of the rankings, as these shiny new additions squeeze their way in. 😛

[HorribleSubs] Durarara!! X2 Ten - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_06.59_[2015.08.14_08.37.41]

The new series failed to affect my Top 5… just about!

1 – Durarara!!x2 Ten ep 6 (↑ 5)

2 – Gangsta ep 6 

3 – Rokka no Yuusha ep 6 (↓ 2)

4 – Arslan Senki ep 18 

5 – Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX ep 6 

6 – Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri ep 6 

7 – Gatchaman Crowds Insight ep 6 (↓ 4)

8 – Gakkou Gurashi! ep 6 (↓ 1)

9 – Non Non Biyori Repeat ep 6 (↑ 5)

10 – Tide-Line Blue ep 6 (↓ 1)

11 – Jitsu wa Watashi wa ep 6 

12 – Ore Monogatari!! ep 19 (↑ 1)

13 – Overlord ep 6 (↓ 3)

14 – Aoharu x Kikanjuu ep 6 (↓ 3)

15 – Classroom Crisis ep 6 

16 – Chaos Dragon: Sekiryu Seneki ep 6 (↓ 8)

17 – Shokugeki no Souma ep 18 (↓ 5)

18 – Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace ep 6 

19 – Ushio to Tora ep 6 (↓ 2)

20 – Tribe Cool Crew ep 42 (↓ 4)

Modern warfare is terrifyingly efficient.

Modern warfare is terrifyingly efficient.

Newly added:

First up is Gate – Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri, a series I initially skipped because, although the focus of the first episode was on defending Japan from medieval knights and fantasy monsters, all the signs hinted that it would soon go down the harem route. But while the JSDF have gained an elf, a priestess and a magical girl, warfare and politics remain at the forefront of a series which is turning out to be surprisingly different. The ‘battles’ are one-sided massacres, as you’d expect from pitting heavy machine guns against swordsmen in light armour. Outside of the fighting, however, all the JSDF members seem really nice – they’re just doing their job, and protecting innocent civilians in the process. As a result the series doesn’t portray them as overly ‘good’ or ‘bad’, which I’m hoping it’ll keep up for the duration of the series.

Jitsu wa Watashi wa is a harem series, there was never any doubt over that, so I gave it a miss in favour of anime with more original concepts. But with minimal ecchi and lovably stupid characters, it soon won me over second time around. Youko, the vampire who instantly tans in the sunlight, has an adorable Kansai-ben, and forgets to hide her wings when excited was the main reason I went back to the show, but it got even better after Nagisa was introduced in episode 2. The character interactions are amazing, the comedy beats anything else I’ve watched in a long time, and the fourth episode could well have broken into my Top 5… this week’s episode was probably my least favourite so far, but even that had its moments. We’ve not even met the full cast yet, so hopefully there will be plenty of crazy antics still to come in the second half! 🙂

So many misunderstandings... I love Nagisa's over-active imagination. :razz:

So many misunderstandings… I love Nagisa’s over-active imagination. 😛

Moving up:

Didn’t take Non Non Biyori Repeat long to escape the Red Zone, one of the few series to really move up this week. While it may have benefited from Overlord and Aoharu having slower build-up episodes, the comedy was better than last week too. Natsuki and Hotaru’s ‘conversation’ about anime series Twinkle Sisters was brilliant, the former knowing nothing about the series and trying to change the subject with no success, only to finally be caught out the moment she gives up and tries to bluff. 😀 Renge’s reactions to ‘onion fishing’ and the cicada nymph were great, and the firefly scene was lovely.

Moving down:

This week’s Chaos Dragon: Sekiryu Seneki was quite boring. It’s hard to put my finger on what made it worse than earlier episodes, though killing off Gakusho didn’t help – I liked her enough that I hoped she’d stick around, but not enough that her death made me feel emotional, just a waste of a potentially good character IMO. Ibuki cared enough to want to use his power to avenge her, using her zombie to get around the human sacrifice thing, but didn’t get the chance as Hien made a sudden reappearance and killed her a second time. I’m slowly warming to Ibuki, but Hien is annoying me already. Plot-wise, something about more zombies and a red dragon claw they have to retrieve from the big boss – very RPG.

Nice save...

Nice save…

General comments:

The only series in my lineup that I had considered dropping was Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace, but my rule is that I’ll only drop a show if it’s in my bottom 5 based on weekly averages, and Ranpo Kitan’s early episodes scored highly enough to save it. Which is fair enough, my negativity surrounding the series is a fairly recent thing, all it needs is a slightly longer or decently paced mystery and the style should get it quickly back up the rankings. This week: a bomb, a baby, a burglary and a birthday. Felt like a filler episode, which while failing to get my hopes up regarding the plot, was actually amusing in a weird, weird way.

Finally, a mid-season update on my guest series, Tide-Line Blue. The pacing has certainly slowed, putting it out of the running for a place in my Top 5, but story-wise it remains interesting. We’re slowly learning more about the state of the world and the main characters’ pasts, and like Gate there’s plenty of political discussion and warfare going on between the various countries, Gould’s rebel submarine (armed with nukes that he’s not afraid to use) and Aoi’s United Nations (which preaches peace, but through methods not all that different from Gould’s). Away from these leaders, we’ve gotten to see the impact of it all on the poor civilians who’ve lost their homes and loved ones, as well as on Keel and Isla who’re caught up in it all. I can’t understand why this series hasn’t gotten more attention or higher ratings over the last decade – hopefully the second half remains as strong!

Poor K2... sliced up in Symphogear, and now reduced to a small island in Tide-Line Blue...

Poor K2… sliced up in Symphogear, and now reduced to a small island in Tide-Line Blue…

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