Summer 2015 Episode Rankings – Week 9

Catching up was a lot easier than I expected; I guess it helps that I really wanted to watch all the episodes. Have I mentioned that I’m really enjoying this season? 😛 I even found the time to watch the 9th episode of Ranpo Kitan, which despite the fact it skipped a week, still aired before I posted this, so I’ll throw it in anyway.


1 – Rokka no Yuusha ep 9 

2 – Durarara!!x2 Ten ep 9 (↑ 2)

3 – Gangsta ep 9 (↓ 1)

4 – Overlord ep 9 (↑ 4)

5 – Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX ep 9 

6 – Gatchaman Crowds Insight ep 8 

7 – Arslan Senki ep 21 (↓ 4)

8 – Gate: Jieitai Kanochi nite, Kaku Tatakaeri ep 9 (↑ 1)

9 – Shokugeki no Souma ep 21 (↑ 7)

10 – Tide-Line Blue ep 9 (↑ 1)

11 – Chaos Dragon: Sekiryu Seneki ep 9 (↑ 3)

12 – Gakkou Gurashi! ep 9 (↓ 2)

13 – Non Non Biyori Repeat ep 9 (↓ 1)

14 – Classroom Crisis ep 9 (↓ 1)

15 – Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace ep 9 (↑ 2)

16 – Ore Monogatari!! ep 22 (↓ 1)

17 – Aoharu x Kikanjuu ep 9 (↓ 11)

18 – Jitsu wa Watashi wa ep 9 (↓ 11)

19 – Tribe Cool Crew ep 45 

20 – Ushio to Tora ep 9 (↓ 2)

Someday, I hope to eat food delicious enough to provoke such a reaction.

Someday, I hope to eat food delicious enough to provoke such a reaction.

Moving up:

First time into the single digits for Shokugeki no Souma, this season at least. Souma’s inevitable defeat against his father, and inevitable victory against karaage chain Mozuya made for a lacklustre middle part of an otherwise quite good series, so I’m glad to see everyone back at Totsuki competing against each other in a tournament-style election, that will see at least some of the characters we know and love fail to progress to the next stage. And new character Sadatsuka Nao provided the comedy, with her stinky but delicious food and her stalker-like obsession with Erina (which may have switched over to Hisako now!?) Loved the ‘white version’ of the ED animation this week. 😀

In another first, Overlord makes my weekly Top 5! My main complaint about the series (that Ainz is too overpowered) still stands, but in this episode both he and Naberal held back long enough to give the viewer something resembling a battle, and I have to admit it was entertaining. The skeletal dragons that Khajiit (cat ears WHERE!?) summoned to deal with Nabe were very nicely animated, but the breakdown and gruesome death of the sadistic and overconfident Clementine was what stood out. Despite the power imbalance, I really do like the idea of an unfeeling, undead protagonist! Sounds like the largely sidelined NPC servants will be getting some screentime next week, which can only be a good thing.

Aoharu has had plenty of BL vibes from the offset, but a hint of yuri is fine too!

Aoharu has had plenty of BL vibes from the offset, but a hint of yuri is fine too!

Moving down:

An unfairly low rating for Aoharu x Kikanjuu, perhaps, but it’s the kind of ‘between arc’ episode I’ve seen a lot of before. Toy Gun Gun lost the TGC, Hotaru is depressed about it, so it falls to her sidelined, pink-haired school friend Kanae to talk her out of ever playing survival games again… at first, anyway. Then Kanae remembers a time when Hotaru told her that quitting without even trying is uncool, so she repeatedly races against her, losing each time but never giving up, to remind her friend of this. Hotaru returns to her usual self, and seems determined to reveal to Matsuoka and Yukimura that she’s a girl… I’m guessing that won’t go well! An uneventful episode following the excitement of the TGC, but a necessary one.

Last week’s episode of Gakkou Gurashi! revealed a major plot twist – the zombies are likely the result of a biological weapon created by humans. Aren’t we a lovely species? Also their school, which seemed all too conveniently well equipped for post-apocalyptic survival, seems to have been intended for that purpose all along. Aside from the revelation that the school has a secret, second basement though, this development was largely put on hold this week for some moe pool-cleaning antics. Entertaining enough, but frustrating since I want to know what’s down there! Definitely felt like the calm before the storm though, especially with all the teasing that the club will soon be reunited with the real Megu-nee…

Gakkou Gurashi! covered for the lack of survival games in Aoharu this week. :D

Gakkou Gurashi! covered for the lack of survival games in Aoharu this week. 😀

General comments:

Big revelations in Tribe Cool Crew this week: the Jey-El they have been interacting with until now, and that Haneru saved from assassination, is a robot. The real Jey-El isn’t dead as rumoured by some people, but is in a coma. The true prize for the winner of Dance Road is that their dance moves will be programmed into the robot (which can emulate dances perfectly, but can’t come up with its own), ensuring that ‘Jey’ can continue to inspire people worldwide for years to come. But before the final event can get under way, the Crowd High promoters from all over the world invade the venue, lead by Gallagher. Nothing that original plot-wise, not that I expected it to be, but the coming dance-offs should see the series rise in my rankings! 😀

Senki Zesshou Symphogear GX has become quite formulaic since the middle of the season, with a different gear user or group of gear users activating their EX Forms and defeating an Autoscorer each week. It hasn’t fallen in my rankings over the past few weeks, largely thanks to the entertaining battles, and the fact that we still don’t know exactly what Carol’s plan to destroy the world involves – it’s possible the destruction of the Autoscorers may even be helping the enemy somehow! I was actually planning on rating the show lower this week, as I found Tsubasa’s story less interesting than most of the others’… but then they went and reintroduced Doctor Ver into an already complicated situation. I can’t wait to see what sort of chaos he’ll bring with him! 😮

That moment when the previous series' villain appears out of nowhere and steals your thunder...

That moment when the previous series’ main villain appears out of nowhere and steals your thunder…

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