Autumn 2015 Episode Rankings – Week 6

It’s week 6, and it’s time to finally say goodbye to the two shows that haven’t budged from the bottom of my rankings. Lance N’ Masques was a mess, and the preview for the 6th episode promised hot springs hijinks – not the best way to try and win me over at the last minute. 😛 Concrete Revolutio was far better, on paper at least, with decent production values and a potentially interesting storyline… but for whatever reason, it didn’t grab me at all, and there’s no point keeping on a show I’m not enjoying.

So far, so predictable. But what not even I could have predicted this time last week was that I’d end up adding FOUR series to my lineup to replace them. 😮 What are these shows that initially impressed me less than Lance N’ Masques, but that turned out to be kinda good second time around? Read on and find out~

And so ends the Bishamon arc, which was amazing once it got going. I hope Noragami's ratings don't slump too much now it's over!

And so ends the Bishamon arc, which was amazing once it got going. I hope Noragami’s ratings don’t slump too much now it’s over!

1 – Noragami Aragoto ep 6

2 – One Punch Man ep 6 (↑ 1)

3 – Subete ga F ni Naru ep 6 (↓ 1)

4 – Comet Lucifer ep 6 (↑ 4)

5 – Lupin III (2015) ep 6 (↑ 7)

6 – K: Return of Kings ep 6 (↑ 5)

7 – Young Black Jack ep 6 (↓ 1)

8 – Haikyuu!! S2 ep 6 (↓ 3)

9 – Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 6 (↓ 5)

10 – High School Star Musical ep 6 

11 – Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen ep 6 (↓ 1)

12 – Yuru Yuri San Hai! ep 6 (↑ 3)

13 – Shin Atashin’chi ep 6 

14 – Dance with Devils ep 6 (↓ 1)

15 – Osomatsu-san ep 6 (↓ 6)

16 – Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry ep 6 

17 – Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ep 6 (↓ 10)

18 – Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen ep 6 (↓ 2)

19 – Peeping Life TV: Season 1?? ep 6 

20 – Ushio to Tora ep 19 (↓ 6)

Newly added:

I know the feeling, though for me it's usually PC games as opposed to jigsaw puzzles. :razz:

I know the feeling, though for me it’s usually PC games as opposed to jigsaw puzzles. 😛

The highest ranked of my new additions is High School Star Musical~ The second series in my lineup in which cast members are prone to bursting into song at random, though it makes sense that a series about musicals would be a musical itself. Though the first episode didn’t leave much of an impression, I soon grew to like Hoshitani and the others in Team Ootori after seeing them improvise a murder mystery play… or try at least! Our protagonist Hoshitani stood out as the member with by far the least experience, whereas the others are mostly skilled ‘problem children’, but in the eps that followed he soon won them all over and somehow ended up as team leader. Their debut stage performance this week was brilliant, and I’m looking forward to their next one!

I initially skipped Shin Atashin’chi because it was the second series of a 330 episode anime from years ago that nobody subbed. But then I figured that since it’s slice of life comedy series with no continuing story, that doesn’t matter. A great decision, since this series is hilarious! Each episode is split into three parts, usually focusing on a different family member or friend as they go about their wacky lives. This week’s ep wasn’t one of the funniest, though the first segment which saw Mother falling victim to a cursed(?) time-eating jigsaw puzzle was brilliant. As long as it continues to make me laugh, I’ll happily watch it for 330 eps or more! 😀

Nice to see Team Otori have faith in their newly appointed leader!

Nice to see Team Otori have faith in their newly appointed leader!

The first episode of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry was almost identical to that of fellow Autumn series Gakusen Toshi Asterisk – both were textbook examples of generic ‘magical high school battle harem’ first eps, without a shred of originality going for either of them. A user on The Student Room forum suggested I give the former a second chance, and although it’s ended up in the red this week, I’m glad I went back to it. The tsundere master-servant relationship between Stella and Ikki developed into an actual romantic relationship within a few episodes, with both characters being surprisingly honest about their feelings. The side cast also has some great characters – I love Alice! The fights aren’t the best animated, but some of the abilities have been really cool, and again the villains using them have proven entertaining to watch. Kind of a guilty pleasure, but it’s certainly blown away my low expectations so far.

And finally, we have Peeping Life TV: Season 1?? I actually picked this up at the start of the season, but left it out of my lineup since it seemed so… un-anime-like that it would be unfair to judge it alongside everything else. But meh, might as well throw it in and round the list up to 20. 😛 Another comedy series split into mini segments, usually three or four per episode. Each features two characters (some original, others borrowed from Osamu Tezuka series and old Tatsunoko Pro anime), pretty much just standing still and talking to each other. And yet, the mundane things they talk about, and the way they often act completely out of character while referencing events from their own series’, instantly won me over. It’s just a style of comedy I’ve not seen in anime before, and I like it! My favourite segment (the Idiot Couple) haven’t shown up for a few episodes, otherwise Peeping Life would be up much higher.

Yatterman's Boyacky instructing Triton of the Sea in the correct use of a treadmill... just another everyday occurrence in the world of Peeping Life.

Yatterman’s Boyacky instructing Triton of the Sea in the correct use of a treadmill… just another everyday occurrence in the world of Peeping Life.

Moving up:

Back to the old lineup, and Comet Lucifer makes its Top 5 debut! Though since 12 of the current 20 have made it there at least once, it’s starting to look less prestigious this season. 😛 The uneventful slice of life eps seem to be well and truly over, as this episode delivered yet more action! A lot of character development too – Sougo is as dense as ever, but I really like Kaon now, and Feria being able to speak fluently can only be a good thing. The group are headed in search of the ‘Altar of Abyss’, which will replenish Feria’s power and stop her from growing older still (but hopefully won’t cause her to regress!), but once again they are attacked by the military. I loved the desert town setting, and the wedding ceremony outfits, this series has a lot of style.

Moving down:

How the mighty have fallen! I wasn’t overly impressed with this week’s Sakurako-san no Ashimoto, which saw side characters running around looking for a woman who may or may not be dead (she wasn’t), in order to return a ring that she’d made quite a definite attempt to get rid of. The only things the episode had going for it was providing more development for Yuriko (who I’m still finding quite generic), and properly introducing Isozaki-sensei… not quite the responsible adult I was expecting, but that made him all the more interesting. I did also like the part when Shoutarou used the missing child announcement to find Sakurako. 😛 Aside from that though, quite a dull episode and storyline.

I should have known the bread seller was an enemy spy - she reminds me of Shining Bread's Amil, so must be evil! :o

I should have known the bread seller was an enemy spy – she reminds me of Shining Bread‘s Amil, so must be evil! 😮

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