Autumn 2015 Episode Rankings – Week 7

Another week of huge rises and falls! Looks like I don’t have much choice about which series to discuss in this post. 😛

The only disadvantage of dropping the weakest anime series’ in my lineup mid-season is that I then have to give the lowest spots to enjoyable episodes – nothing in the Red Zone made me want to stop watching and take up another hobby, so a huge improvement from a couple of weeks back!

Zero gravity potatoes... imagine if she was carrying rice, or peas! :o

Zero gravity potatoes… imagine if she was carrying rice, or peas! 😮

1 – Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans ep 7 (↑ 8)

2 – Noragami Aragoto ep 7 (↓ 1)

3 – Subete ga F ni Naru ep 7 

4 – Osomatsu-san ep 7 (↑ 11)

5 – Lupin III (2015) ep 7 

6 – Comet Lucifer ep 7 (↓ 2)

7 – K: Return of Kings ep 7 (↓ 1)

8 – Haikyuu!! S2 ep 7 

9 – One Punch Man ep 7 (↓ 7)

10 – Dance with Devils ep 7 (↑ 4)

11 – High School Star Musical ep 7 (↓ 1)

12 – Shin Atashin’chi ep 7 (↑ 1)

13 – Yuru Yuri San Hai! ep 7 (↓ 1)

14 – Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen ep 7 (↓ 3)

15 – Ushio to Tora ep 20 (↑ 5)

16 – Peeping Life TV: Season 1?? ep 7 (↑ 3)

17 – Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen ep 7 (↑ 1)

18 – Sakurako-san no Ashimoto ep 7 (↓ 1)

19 – Young Black Jack ep 7 (↓ 12)

20 – Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry ep 7 (↓ 4)



Moving up:

Taking the #1 spot this week is Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans – I’m not deliberately giving each series two weeks at the top before passing the crown along, honest! I do hope Iron-Blooded Orphans holds the position for another week or more though, as when this series is good, it’s VERY GOOD. Tekkadan were outnumbered, using dated mechs in need of repairs and fine-tuning, piloted by kids who (while having some advantage due to their Alaya-Vijnana systems) had nowhere near as much experience as their opponents… but quick-thinking and dangerous tactics no sane soldier would attempt won them the day, after some of the best battle scenes of the whole season. If they can win Naze Turbine over, and Teiwaz as a result, they’ll have their guide for the path to Earth… doubt Gjallarhorn will just sit back quietly and let that happen, though.

Osomatsu-san jumps 11 places to re-enter my Top 5! The comedy in this show is very hit and miss, sometimes I feel it’s just crude for the sake of being crude, but this week’s episode had me in hysterics. Todomatsu finally found a respectable job in a trendy coffee shop, and may have told a few white lies here and there in order to impress his female co-workers… then everything goes horribly wrong when his five siblings inevitably show up. The Matsuno brothers’ utter disregard (or often outright hatred) for each other gets pushed to new limits the longer the series goes on, and the trolling in this episode was superb. And then there was Dekapan and Dayon’s ill-fated trip across North America, devoid of dialogue aside from the former’s ‘Oi’s and the latter shouting out his name (which seems to be the only thing he can say under normal circumstances) – that was also brilliant. There were a couple of other short sketches too, they were alright.

I don't know what to make of Bang yet, but nice to see someone aside from Genos acknowledge Saitama!

I don’t know what to make of Bang yet, but nice to see someone aside from Genos acknowledge Saitama!

Moving down:

Leaving my Top 5 for the first time is One Punch Man… not a bad episode, but it was less about the comedy and more about introducing new characters and information about the Hero Association’s classification system for threats. It turns out that not all heroes are in the job for the sake of upholding justice, as we saw with Metal Knight, who only wanted to test his new weapons – could be an interesting character. The threat this week was a giant meteor, which aside from being generic, doesn’t talk back like most of the fun villains so far. Both Genos and Metal Knight failed to stop it, which is when Saitama stepped in and did his one punch (which is starting to feel a bit old now). Unfortunately for him, the debris still resulted in huge property damage, which the ungrateful citizens (spurred on by minor heroes) blamed him for. Hopefully he’ll get his recognition eventually – for now, a jump up the rankings in C-Class will have to do.

Episode 7 of Young Black Jack was definitely not a bad episode! The only reason it’s so low down is that it was a buildup episode, introducing the setting, patient, cause of injury and a few clues as to what the underlying condition might be. Coming after episode 6, which saw Hazama operating in a war-torn Vietnam, in a village about to be hit by an airstrike, this week’s couldn’t help but feel uneventful in comparison. I do like that the series continues to go for settings and topics that were big events towards the end of the 60s, this time focusing on the civil rights movement in the USA following the death of Martin Luther King. While others are turning to violence, one activist named Johnny does not, though he’s been on the receiving end of a lot. Hazama quickly notices the man doesn’t seem able to feel pain, and is therefore in huge danger if he continues as he is… and so Black Jack will inevitably be performing yet more unlicensed surgery next week.

For all the new setting, and characters, at least some things in Lupin III never change.

For all the new setting, and characters, at least some things in Lupin III never change. 😛

General comments:

The last couple of episodes of Lupin III (2015) have been much more to my liking than the ones before them, with a lot of plot twists and multiple characters involved. Episode 7 saw Nyx reappear, as his daughter got kidnapped and (through various circumstances) ended up tagging along with Lupin and Jigen. Nice to see a more human side to the robot-like agent… but at the same time, with MI6 keeping tabs on him, his ridiculous sonar hearing, and his almost breaking out into berserk mode at one point, I do wonder whether he is a regular human! His daughter Brigitte was amusing, as was Rebecca who also made a reappearance this week. Also, it seems we may have a main plot running in the background, which I wasn’t expecting. 😮 The kidnappers made a reference to ‘The Italian Dream’, a term that Nyx obviously recognized, but wasn’t pursued in this episode – I look forward to learning more about that in later eps!

They really are pushing the Ayano x Kyoko shipping in Yuru Yuri San Hai! I can’t see it (or any other relationship for that matter) going anywhere in a fluffy gag comedy such as this, but it’s nice to see them hanging out more at any rate. Meanwhile, Chinatsu is forever pursuing her own love interest, this time going on a practice date with poor Akari, which made for hilarious viewing. Unfortunately, her actual sleepover at Yui’s house didn’t work out quite how she’d imagined it… actually, maybe that’s fortunate in some cases, as the image she has of Yui in her head is quite different from reality! I feel I’ve picked up a lot more comedy series than usual this season, so Yuru Yuri has a lot of competition, not to mention the fact that I generally rate series with plot or action higher. Considering all that, its fairly stable mid-table placing isn’t bad at all.

Berserker Akari may be even scarier than Nyx!

Berserker Akari may be even scarier than Nyx!

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