Spring 2016 Episode Rankings – Week 8

A bit late this time, due to the delay in subs for Kuromukuro. So since I’ve already watched a few 9th episodes, and am struggling to remember what happened in which week, I think I’ll stick to discussing the later airing shows, just to be on the safe side.

Do not adjust your screens – these rankings do accurately reflect my thoughts on the past week’s episodes!

RIP Prince. Also, from the three options Yukako provided, I wouldn't be able to answer that in English!

RIP Prince. Also, from the three options Yukako provided, I wouldn’t be able to answer that in English!

1 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable ep 8 (↑ 5)

2 – Macross Delta ep 8 (↑ 5)

3 – Sakamoto desu ga? ep 7 (↑ 5)

4 – Bungou Stray Dogs ep 8 (↑ 15)

5 – Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge ep 8 (↑ 4)

6 – Kuromukuro ep 8 (↑ 4)

7 – Ansatsu Kyoushitsu S2 ep 20 (↓ 2)

8 – Re:Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu ep 8 (↓ 6)

9 – Haifuri ep 8 (↑ 2)

10 – Kuma Miko ep 8 (↑ 4)

11 – Ushio to Tora S2 ep 8 (↓ 7)

12 – Bakuon!! ep 8 

13 – Anne Happy ep 8 (↑ 5)

14 – Kiznaiver ep 8 (↓ 11)

15 – Koutetsujou no Kabaneri ep 7 (↓ 14)

16 – Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? ep 8 

17 – Joker Game ep 8 (↓ 2)

18 – Mayoiga ep 8 (↓ 1)

19 – Big Order ep 7 (↑ 1)

20 – Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn RE:0096 ep 8 (↓ 7)

*obligatory silly Atsushi face*

*obligatory silly Atsushi face*

Moving up:

Though I talked about Bungou Stray Dogs just last week, I can’t ignore that huge leap… so this series can be good when it wants to! It got off to a better start than usual, finally introducing Yosano, the detective agency’s doctor. Powers that magically heal all injuries can be a bit OP in most series, but I liked the conditions required for hers – it only cures lethal wounds, so if yours aren’t quite that bad, she has to make them that bad. Something she seems to enjoy all a bit too much! Aside from her, we had an amusing villain who blew things up with lemons, and the mysterious Kyouka who seems like she’ll be an important character from here onwards. And Atsushi actually did something at last! Action scenes and background music were better than usual. More of this, please!

Tanaka-kun wa Itsumo Kedaruge finally breaks into my Top 5! I did wonder how the adorably useless Tanaka would manage to cope without Ohta by his side: apparently the answer is, he doesn’t! The first half of the episode where he went to deliver a printout to Ohta’s house (with a lot of help and encouragement from Echizen) was definitely the stronger half, from that headbutt right up until the brave attempt to fetch bread from the school cafeteria, everything was hilarious. The latter half wasn’t bad either though – it always amuses me when Tanaka’s proposed solutions to a problem (e.g. learning English) seem like they’d require far more effort on his part (e.g. making Japanese a universal language globally). Always nice when a comedy show proves good enough to overcome my preference for action!

Tanaka's been quite good for silly faces in recent eps as well!

Tanaka’s been quite good for silly faces in recent eps as well!

Moving down:

So, what happened with Koutetsujou no Kabaneri? Not a lot, really. The train reached a station, and the characters were allowed to rest without fear of the kabane for the first time since the show began. They celebrated Tanabata, making wishes for the future. They restocked on food and supplies. We got to see more comedic sides to characters who’d been deadly serious up to that point, such as Kurusu. Overall, a passable transitional episode with some character development… and a whole lot of static pans. I feel this series, which has relied almost purely on its action scenes from the first episode, just isn’t that interesting when it comes to a stop.

Episode 7 of Kiznaiver was probably the highest point in the series so far for me; a fantastic, emotional episode that finally got to the bottom of Honoka’s trauma, allowing her to become one of the group at last. Compared with that, this week’s eighth episode was a huge disappointment. Their connections are getting deeper, and they’re starting to share more than just pain. How can we prompt them into even closer union? I know, let’s send a load of heavily-armed Gomorins after them again~ I’d have hoped the Kizuna Program, which don’t forget owns the entire city, would have the resources to come up with something a bit more interesting than that. Still, we got some more backstory on the Program itself, and I do look forward to seeing what the result of this forced-shipping will be… makes me wonder whether any of the pairings they’ve built up over the course of the series will actually come to anything, or will they fail along with the whole project?

One thing this week's Kabaneri did do to further the plot was introduce the Survey Corps... I mean, Hunters.

One thing this week’s Kabaneri did do to further the plot was introduce the Survey Corps… I mean, Hunters. I wonder whether they’re all Kabaneri?

General comments:

A classic example of a show giving me exactly what I asked for, but me continuing to complain about it anyway! This ep of Joker Game was the first of a multi-part story. It introduced a rival spy agency, one that wasn’t afraid to kill or be killed in order to carry out its missions. So why is the show making its Red Zone debut in spite of all this? Basically, it all goes back to the lack of character development. I just don’t care about any of the characters so far, and I still don’t think the missions or the dialogue have been interesting enough to make up for that. Judging by the high ratings and praise elsewhere, perhaps this series just isn’t for me?

Finally, Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta? remains an enjoyable (if average) watch. The eighth episode had a bit more going on in it than usual, what with Rusian’s account being hacked and wiped, the discussions between the impostor Rusian and Ako, and the revenge plot that the club hatched and successfully carried out afterwards. I know how it feels to have an online game account be hacked and to lose items, and it’s not a subject I’ve seen an anime series cover in the past as far as I remember, so it gets bonus points there. But, the characters aren’t the most complex, and the dialogue and comedy aren’t anything to write home about either, so I still can’t justify rating it over even the weakest episodes of Kabaneri or Kiznaiver.

In a game where presumably anyone can play a catgirl, I have to wonder what Yui did to gain such a huge following!

In a game where presumably anyone can play a catgirl, I have to wonder what Yui did to gain such a huge following!

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  2. I was also highly impressed with Bungo Stray Dogs’ eighth episode. It makes weathering the mediocrity of the first few episodes feel worth it. The last four episodes, especially with Dazai’s predicament, should be highly entertaining.

    • It’s a shame when series take a while to get good, as if I wasn’t in the habit of watching virtually everything, I’d have dropped Bungou Stray Dogs long before this episode. But yes, hopefully it’ll keep it up until the end now.

  3. […] << Spring 2016 Episode Rankings – Week 8 […]

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