Summer 2016 Episode Rankings – Week 7

As everything aired this week as normal, I’ve dropped a second series to get my list back down to the usual 20. This series was the disappointingly repetitive Shokugeki no Souma: Ni no Sara. While there are still series in my lineup that survive despite scoring lower on average, at least they’ve managed to find new ways to be bad each week. 😛

Poor Fio, things really didn't work out the peaceful way she wanted them to. :(

Poor Fio, things really didn’t work out the peaceful way she wanted them to. 😦

1 – 91 Days ep 7

2 – Tales of Zestiria: The X ep 6 (↑ 3)

3 – Re: Zero Kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu ep 20 (↓ 1)

4 – Arslan Senki: Fuujin Ranbu ep 7 

5 – Berserk (2016) ep 7 (↑ 7)

6 – Orange ep 7 (↑ 1)

7 – Danganronpa 3: Mirai-hen ep 6 (↓ 4)

8 – Thunderbolt Fantasy ep 7 (↑ 1)

9 – Nejimaki Seirei Senki: Tenkyou no Alderamin ep 7 (↑ 8)

10 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Part 4 ep 20 (↓ 4)

11 – Taboo Tattoo ep 7 (↑ 8)

12 – Macross Delta ep 20 (↓ 4)

13 – Danganronpa 3: Zetsubou-hen ep 6 (↑ 3)

14- Amanchu! ep 7 (↓ 3)

15 – Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! Love! ep 7 

16 – Rewrite ep 7 (↓ 3)

17 – Handa-kun ep 7 (↓ 3)

18 – Mob Psycho 100 ep 6 (↓ 8)

19 – Cheer Danshi!! ep 6 

20 – Hitori no Shita: The Outcast ep 7 

Velvet Crowe made for an interesting protagonist.

Velvet Crowe made for an interesting protagonist.

Moving up:

It feels weird referring to this series as Tales of Zestiria: The X, given that the last couple of episodes were in fact a special for the just-released Tales of Berseria. Part of me thinks I should be rating this far lower, for dragging me out of Sorey and Alisha’s story without warning, for two episodes that (presumably?) will have nothing to do with anything else… there’s only a few weeks of this season to go after all, so every episode counts! But. The animation. Those action scenes. The dragon. The music. Everything was so spectacular that I’m more than willing to forgive the break in continuity. I liked the characters as well, so hopefully that won’t be the only ufotable adaptation of Berseria we get to see.

Berserk (2016) recovers from a bit of a slump – the previous couple of episodes were just Guts slowly making his way towards Casca, while pagans and the church alike engaged in horrific practices. It was never boring, but it still felt like the pacing had slowed considerably from the first few introductory episodes. It all kicked off this week though, as Guts finally tracks Casca down, only to find that she’s no longer in her tent (Nina is such a frustrating character, though I do sympathize with her greatly). The battle between the possessed cultists and the Holy Iron Chain Knights was as good as the clunky 3D animation can really allow for, but it’s the upcoming fight between Guts and the Great Goat that I’m really looking forward to!

I love Guts' bizarre party members and their interactions. :D

I love Guts’ bizarre party members and their interactions. 😀

Moving down:

Episode seven of Rewrite has is being called the best of the series so far by a lot of people… I have to say though, it didn’t do much for me. We knew Lucia and Shizuru were members of Guardian, and that they were fighting against an organisation known as Gaia… surprise surprise, Akane and Chihaya are members of Gaia. Those happy days of searching for occult goings on will surely be no more as a result, and we’ll be forced to face the main plot instead (which, so far, hasn’t interested me). Plenty of action, but it paled in comparison with Taboo Tattoo & Tales of Zestiria’s battle royales. Kotarou’s constant rewrites are of interest, at least – we still know surprisingly little about him and the ribbon girl, who happen to be my favourite characters, so I remain hopeful!

After 5 weeks at #14, Handa-kun finally moves, unfortunately downwards. I just didn’t find the exam retake segment that funny compared with earlier episodes, aside from the fan club’s early theories as to why Handa didn’t come first. The library segment was better thanks to the introduction of a new character, but followed the same formula as all the others before it. Disguising librarian-themed romance manga as rare books on calligraphy… how indirect a method can you get for confessing your love and admiration for someone!? 😛 I like the ending theme animation, which adds new characters as they’re introduced each week. Looks like there’s room for one or two more in there – here’s hoping they vary things a little.

I did like the blood-sucking tentacle-plant-dragon from Rewrite, at least!

I did like the blood-sucking tentacle-plant-dragon from Rewrite, at least!

General comments:

The gap between Hitori no Shita: The Outcast and Cheer Danshi!! at #19 is far bigger than the one place suggests – I really can’t see this series avoiding last place now. Not only does the animation quality seem to get worse and worse, but it’s still in the world/character introduction stage (though at least there’s a tournament on the horizon!) Soran and Houhou’s relationship changed a little this episode, with the latter finally showing some emotion in asking him not to leave, but that’s all that really happened. All the side characters and organisations just blend into one generic mess for me, with this week’s focus on Saen and the Tenge group doing little to change that. Bizarrely though, I still find myself looking forward to each new episode, for reasons unknown.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, 91 Days reigns supreme for three weeks in a row. This episode was brilliant, with Avilio manipulating everything and everyone perfectly to end the conflict between the Vanettis. Telling Nero that he’d introduce him to his (deceased) brother soon was particularly chilling! With him being so cold and deceptive, I find myself siding more with Nero each episode – I hope he survives, regardless of what becomes of Avilio and his revenge. Can’t say I’m sad to see Ronaldo and Frate go, but it’ll be interesting to see whether the Galassias buy Avilio’s story about what happened. Somehow, I can’t see them letting the Vanetti family off that easily…

Houhou is broken! :(

Houhou is broken! 😦

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