Autumn 2016 Episode Rankings – Week 4

A bit more movement this week after what has been a fairly static start to the season, which should hopefully give me more to talk about!

Just an advance warning, my next post could be quite late, as I’m away from my PC for a lot of next week… scary times. 😛

A different kind of Stand this week... one of completely no use to its 'owner', that I can imagine at least!

A different kind of Stand this week… one of completely no use to its ‘owner’, that I can imagine at least!

1 – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4 ep 31 (↑ 1)

2 – Flip Flappers ep 4 (↑ 1)

3 – Bungou Stray Dogs S2 ep 4 (↑ 1)

4 – Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku ep 4 (↑ 4)

5 – Drifters ep 4 

6 – 3-gatsu no Lion ep 4 (↑ 3)

7 – Bloodivores ep 4 (↑ 4)

8 – Bubuki Buranki: Hoshi no Kyojin ep 4 (↑ 5)

9 – Hibike! Euphonium S2 ep 4 (↑ 3)

10 – Shuumatsu no Izetta ep 4 (↓ 9)

11 – Haikyuu!! S3 ep 4 (↓ 4)

12 – Yuri!!! on Ice ep 4 (↓ 6)

13 – Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans S2 ep 4 (↑ 1)

14 – Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari ep 4 (↓ 4)

15 – Lostorage incited WIXOSS ep 4 

16 – ClassicaLoid ep 4 (↑ 1)

17 – Show by Rock!! # ep 4 (↑ 2)

18 – Nanbaka ep 4 (↓ 2)

19 – Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love Legend Star ep 4 (↓ 1)

20 – Touken Ranbu: Hanamaru ep 4 

Just when they were starting to get along. :(

Just when they were starting to get along. 😦

Moving up:

One of the biggest surprises of the season for me has been Bubuki Buranki: Hoshi no Kyojin. The first series spent most of its time in my bottom 5, not once beating Iron-Blooded Orphans or Haikyuu!!, but this sequel is off to a brilliant start. Nice to finally get some information about Demokratia and its leader, Guy – they’ve been around for a while, but their motives have been unclear. Seems he’s the true villain, and after setting up Lyudmila to kill the rest of the Russian team and then herself, there’s plenty of reason to hate him. We then had a further info dump, in a hot spring no less, as Azuma’s group meet another Oubu-like Buranki. This Duroc is sentient, and explains what the Buranki and Bubuki are, and why they’ve formed these strange relationships with humans. All great stuff, though I can’t help but feel the first series would have been stronger had they shared just a fraction of this information early on!

Hibike! Euphonium S2 also surprised me with its opening storyline. When the whole second year drama was brought back up again with previous club member Nozomi wanting to rejoin, I cringed a little as I was expecting their rejection of her to be down to some argument or similar petty reason. This was made all the more frustrating by the fact the upperclassmen wouldn’t discuss it in front of the first years, leaving Kumiko (and the viewer) in the dark. She slowly started to learn more about what happened though, from Nozomi herself, her friend Natsuki, vice-president Asuka and former enemy Yuuko, and things came to a head this week. A simple misunderstanding that led to deep trauma was far more interesting than anything I’d predicted, and goes to show once again that Hibike! Euphonium isn’t your usual high school club anime. The writing is superb.

Despite all Kumiko's efforts to bring everyone together, they pretty much did it themselves in the end, leaving her to stand there awkwardly. :razz:

Despite all Kumiko’s efforts to bring everyone together, they pretty much did it themselves in the end, leaving her to stand there awkwardly. 😛

Moving down:

One set each in Haikyuu!! S3~ This was another great episode, only dropping due to my preference for fights where characters’ lives are on the line. The battle between Karasuno and Shiratorizawa is fantastic in its own way though, passionate, emotional and brilliantly directed. Tsukki’s final block was a thing of beauty, and it was nice to see him show some rare emotion afterwards. Now that he and Nishinoya are getting better at reacting to Ushijima, I wonder what other tactics Shiratorizawa will rely on to try and make a comeback in the third set?

Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari is consistently cute, likely taking the #1 spot for a fourth week in a row if that was the only thing I took into account. This episode properly introduced Souta’s sister Rinko, who immediately terrifies Poco. Nice to see them bonding by the end of the episode though, after she saves him from the vine bridge. The siblings’ discussions largely revolved around family and childhood memories… Souta should just hurry up and take over the udon business already, as if that’s not the direction this series takes in the end, I won’t be happy! After the main episode, the Gaogao-chan shorts always make me laugh as well. 🙂

Poco's reaction to ice cream was a highlight.

Poco’s reaction to ice cream was a highlight.

General comments:

The search for Kira continues in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 4. Hayato knows that something’s up with his ‘father’, and Rohan is almost there… in the meantime though, Josuke’s gang are still being kept busy by Kira’s father and his new batch of Stand users. This week, an odd fellow trapped inside a pylon, which is itself an independent Stand! Great to see more of Mikitaka, whose alien transforming abilities don’t seem all that bizarre by this show’s usual standards. 😛 There was a lot of flashing from one place and one character to another throughout the episode, which I’m guessing means multiple enemies to come?

Of the series that are new to this season, Flip Flappers remains my favourite and highest rated. Even though this episode was far more relaxed than the previous one, with little happening throughout the first half, the visit to Papika’s home world in the second half meant I couldn’t rate it any lower. Stuck on an island, with only a couple of days to go before their exams, calling out to passing airplanes for help… brilliant. I love Papika, and the chemistry between her and Cocona; seeing her angry face whenever Yayaka shows up is great too!


Papika’s house was wonderful.

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