Winter 2017 Episode Rankings – Week 11

No more series ended this week, which probably means one huge post next week where I go through most of the remaining eighteen’s final episodes. 😮 Though preparation is important for big finales, those build-up episodes can sometimes be slow and boring… here’s how they all fared.

A lot of character deaths this week, but it’s hard to be sad about this one when the afterlife looks so fun. 🙂

1 – Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu 2 ep 11

2 – Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans S2 ep 23 (↑ 1)

3 – Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-hen ep 11 (↑ 1)

4 – Gabriel DropOut ep 11 (↑ 3)

5 – Youjo Senki ep 11 (↑ 4)

6 – Kuzu no Honkai ep 11 (↓ 4)

7 – Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation ep 11 (↑ 3)

8 – Kemono Friends ep 11 (↑ 6)

9 – Little Witch Academia TV ep 11 (↑ 2)

10 – Masamune-kun no Revenge ep 11 (↑ 2)

11 – ClassicaLoid ep 24 (↑ 4)

12 – ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka ep 11 (↑ 4)

13 – Urara Meirochou ep 11 

14 – All Out!! ep 24 (↑ 3)

15 – Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon ep 11 (↓ 9)

16 – Chain Chronicle: Haecceitas no Hikari ep 11 (↑ 4)

17 – Chaos;Child ep 11 (↑ 1)

18 – Onihei ep 11 (↑ 1)

Sioux’s revenge match against Tanya was over a little too quickly for my liking. No match for her, even with Being X’s backing.

Moving up:

Finally, Youjo Senki gets a Top 5 place! That frustrating situation of knowing WWII history, knowing that letting the ‘French’ army escape could well lead to the continuation of the war and her side’s eventual defeat, yet being unable to do a thing about it due to orders from above… It’s pretty awkward for me as the viewer too, I’m not sure if I should be rooting for Tanya and her Empire, but I find myself doing so naturally since she’s the protagonist. 😛 Real-life history and politics aside, great action scenes this week, and a dramatic and intense end to the episode.

The biggest jump this week goes to the other late addition, Kemono Friends! This episode started off with largely the same cute antics as usual, with Raccoon finally catching up with her hat thief and her hero Kaban-chan, only to learn they’re the same person. But then things escalated quickly, with Serval being absorbed by a giant Cerulean (right after we learned that Ceruleans wipe away Friends’ memories). Kaban also falls victim to the Cerulean after pulling her friend out, though this time there was more of a thudding and squelching sound… Adding to the suddenly very dark feeling was the lack of silhouettes in the ending theme, and the lack of PPP segment, with the stage they usually stand on looking overgrown and distended. If it wasn’t for the notable pacing issues from having two to three episodes worth of info was squeezed into one, this could have scored much higher. I await next week’s finale with excitement, fear, but still a little hope as well.

I love how Brown Bear just carries a paw on a stick, that’s some weird evolution there!

Moving down:

I’m not exactly spoiled for choice when it comes to drops, so Kuzu no Honkai it is! As I’ve mentioned before, romance series don’t usually do well in my rankings, but this darker take on the usually fluffy, innocent genre has proven to be the exception to that rule. And now that everyone’s moving towards their happy endings, it’s starting to feel a bit boring. I’m with Mugi on this one, I preferred Akane as a manipulative and broken woman, an antagonist I was clearly supposed to hate… but all this probably says more about me as a person than it does about the series’ quality!

Plummeting into the red is Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – they won a kotatsu, spent most of the episode under the kotatsu, and that was about it really. Same character interactions as usual, with a New Year’s theme, nothing I haven’t seen in other New Year anime episodes in the past. After a very good run, this series finally started feeling repetitive and dull to me right before the end, which I hope won’t affect it too badly in the end of season rankings!

Dragons in kimonos were cute, however.

General comments:

I haven’t mentioned Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans S2 once since the mid-season, and it looks like I won’t be mentioning it next week either since it’s continuing for another week after that, so now’s my last chance! And what an episode. Tekkadan’s HQ was surrounded by Gjallharhorn, but the escape plan seemed to be going well… too well, and that usually means imminent character death. But despire all the buildup and flags, that drive-by shooting’s suddeness and brutality ensured that this episode ranked highly. All I hope is that the rest of the gang manage to keep the plan going without their leader – their struggles to do so should make for some great final episodes!

Little Witch Academia TV‘s magic seemed to be weaking outside of the series too, as it spends a 3rd week out of the Top 5. This time we got actual plot and character development, as it focused on Akko’s goal of becoming a witch like Shiny Chariot (while the real Chariot continues to keep her identity a secret for reasons unknown). Following the clues on an old collectible card on the night of a blue moon, Akko finds a secret room, passes a test of will after being tempted with a shortcut to fulfilling her dream, and revives the second of seven ‘words’ that could unlock the power to change the world… if I’m understanding that correctly. Quite the info-dump, hence the mid-table rating. Hopefully the second half will strike a better balance of fun episodes and story-driven ones, as I see no reason why they can’t do both at once!

This episode was also notably short on Sucy.

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