Spring 2017 Episode Rankings – Week 3

Now that I’ve settled into my new watching schedule, I find that although most of the new episodes come out in one go on Friday/Saturday, I’ve got at least one to look forward to each day of the week, which is nice! 😀

There’s little mystery surrounding the identity of this titan… but how and why is this happening?

1 – Shingeki no Kyojin S2 ep 3 

2 – Boku no Hero Academia S2 ep 3 (↑ 5)

3 – Shingeki no Bahamut: Virgin Soul ep 3 (↓ 1

4 – Seikaisuru Kado ep 3 (↓ 1

5 – Renai Boukun ep 3 (↑ 7)

6 – Oushitsu Kyoushi Haine ep 3 

7 – Berserk (2017) ep 3 (↓ 2

8 – Re:Creators ep 3 (↑ 2)

9 – Little Witch Academia ep 15 (↓ 5

10 – Granblue Fantasy The Animation ep 3 (↑ 5)

11 – Zero kara Hajimeru Mahou no Sho ep 2 (↓ 2

12 – Yowamushi Pedal: New Generation ep 15 (↑ 7)

13 – Alice to Zouroku ep 3 (↑ 4)

14 – Clockwork Planet ep 3 

15 – Kabukibu! ep 3 (↓ 2

16 – Danmachi Gaiden: Sword Oratoria ep 2 (↓ 8) 

17 – Sagrada Reset ep 3 (↑ 1)

18 – Sakura Quest ep 3 (↓ 2

19 – SukaSuka ep 2 (↓ 8

20 – Hinako Note ep 3 

I’ll miss the cheap notepad Kiss Note, but it’s probably better for the series that it doesn’t keep relying on blatantly parodying such a big title.

Moving up:

As with most comedy series, I expect Renai Boukun will be going up and down a lot. All depends on how much it makes me laugh, and on how well the more story-driven shows are progressing. This one was certainly funnier than last weeks – more than anything, I love the weird things that the characters just accept as normal for their world, whether it’s schoolgirls with barrier abilities or creepy penguin demons. The destruction of the Kiss Note, and everyone’s uncertainty about what the consequences would be for the couples it created, also made for a brilliant second half. 😀

First time in the Top 10 for Granblue Fantasy The Animation – It has possibly the most interesting fantasy world of the season for me, with its grand floating islands, steampunk airships, swords & sorcery and plenty of interesting character designs. A great sense of adventure too, as our protagonists have no real goal in mind besides escaping their Imperial pursuers, so could end up anywhere. The thing holding it back is the pacing… slow compared with most of my higher-ranked series, where a lot more happens per episode, but in a way that gives it some added charm.

Deal! I hope that Drang and Strum end up being regular recurring characters, they were good fun.

Moving down:

Oh no, Croix-sensei is evil! Didn’t see that coming. 😛 Little Witch Academia certainly doesn’t do subtlety well, but I guess it doesn’t take a lot to fool Akko. Nice to see Ursula in full Chariot mode, and if that’s a shadow of her former powers, then I’d really like to see what she was capable of in her prime! Some good action scenes, and interesting character development between the two teachers, as well as Ursula and Akko… wasn’t as funny as the previous ep however, hence the drop. The whole ‘seven words’ plot still isn’t exciting me much at this stage.

Not a great showing from any of my late pickups, let’s be honest… SukaSuka came out the worst off of the four, still taking its time to introduce the setting and characters. I can’t say it did a brilliant job of either – the revelation that the girls don’t feel pain, don’t care about their lives, and exist to finish the battles that the now-extinct humans started was good, but none of the individual characters are doing much for me. Most of the rest was just Willem babysitting. Hopefully the groundwork laid in this ep will lead to more exciting episodes to come.

Rare to see such sub tomfoolery these days, a blast from the past!

General comments:

About time I mentioned the series that will likely continue to take #1 most weeks of the season: Shingeki no Kyojin S2~ Same great production values as the first anime, and a grand opening theme… what kind of ear hell is that ED, though? 😮 Plot-wise, the mysteries surrounding the titans and the walls keep on mounting up, and I look forward to finding out how Krista is involved in it all. The scene where they were riding in the dark, looking for the hole in the wall, was terrifying – even considering we didn’t learn that titans can now be active at night until afterwards!

At the other end of the table is Hinako Note, which is suffering in largely the same way that last season’s moe 4-koma show Urara Meirochou did. It’s cute, but not much else; there’s the lack of a real plot, of course, but also there’s not a lot of depth to the characters, even if their quirks do add some originality. The laughs aren’t as frequent or as hard as those I get from higher-ranked comedies. And they still haven’t gotten into the acting yet either! Maybe that will make all the difference in the upcoming episodes, but I won’t hold my breath.

Yet more misunderstanding-based humour! Glad they’re friends now, though. 🙂

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