Summer 2017 Episode Rankings – Week 10

Only a couple of posts left to go, and I believe at least one series is due to end next week! That’s assuming it airs next week, of course. 😛

This time, however, everything aired as normal, and everything in the Top 10 was excellent (while the lower ranked eps were all at least mildly amusing). 😀

[HorribleSubs] Made in Abyss - 10 [720p].mkv_snapshot_21.56_[2017.09.10_23.19.29]

Finally, we meet the third character from the ED theme and promo art!

1 – Made in Abyss ep 10 (↑ 3)

2 – Fate/Apocrypha ep 10 (↓ 1)

3 – Shingeki no Bahamut – Virgin Soul ep 21 (↑ 2)

4 – Princess Principal ep 10 (↓ 2)

5 – Boku no Hero Academia S2 ep 22 (↑ 5)

6 – Kakegurui ep 10 (↑ 7)

7 – Ballroom e Youkoso ep 10 (↑ 1)

8 – Nana Maru San Batsu ep 10 (↓ 2)

9 – Shoukoku no Altair ep 8 (↓ 2)

10 – Re:Creators ep 21 (↓ 7)

11 – Centaur no Nayami ep 10 (↓ 2)

12 – 18if ep 10 (↓ 1)

13 – Mahoujin Guru Guru (2017) ep 9 (↑ 4)

14 – Sakura Quest ep 23 (↑ 4)

15 – Vatican Kiseki Chousakan ep 10 (↑ 1)

16 – Gamers! ep 9 (↓ 4)

17 – Hitorijime My Hero ep 10 (↓ 2)

18 – Keppeki Danshi! Aoyama-kun ep 10 (↓ 4)

[HorribleSubs] Boku no Hero Academia S2 - 22 [720p].mkv_snapshot_07.57_[2017.09.10_23.24.13]

Ojiro and Iida’s exam also featured in this episode; brief, but entertaining!

Moving up:

Once again, a ridiculously intense and difficult to watch episode from Made in Abyss sees it take the top spot. Reg and Riko are SO under equipped and unprepared for these lower levels that it’s insane. A single prick huge impalement from a huge but stealthy monstrosity covered in deadly venomous spikes is enough to take Riko down, and to make matters worse, Reg has to ascend with her in order to escape. Blood from every orifice, a grotesquely swollen arm, hallucinations and an attempted amputation, and none of it censored. Wow. If only Mugaro had half the plot armour she seems to possess! Thankfully, the mysterious Nanachi shows up to help, and she seems a lot more knowledgeable about medicine, the 4th layer of the Abyss, and probably a lot of other things. Definitely looking forward to learning more from (and about) this character!

More physical tests in this week’s Boku no Hero Academia S2! It’s not quite up to the same level as the earlier sports festival, smaller in scale and faster-paced, but it’s still nice to see all of 1-A’s pupils using their powers again. This time, their opponents are the academy’s various teachers, slightly handicapped but still ridiculously powerful, experienced, and none of them pulling any punches! The kids’ assigned teams and teachers have all been made with their weaknesses in mind, forcing them to work together or adapt their usual tactics – and if apprehending their opponent isn’t feasible, they’re also rewarded for making a successful escape. Asui and Tokoyami (likely my two favourite characters) worked fantastically together, while in the second half Yaoyorozu got a much needed confidence boost, outshining the usually unshakable Todoroki.

[HorribleSubs] Gamers! - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.31_[2017.09.10_23.27.39]

‘Light excercise’… sure.

Moving down:

I hate to see Gamers! down in the Bottom 5, but this episode definitely didn’t make me laugh as much as usual. It really feels like misunderstandings are the only plot device at this point… they were FANTASTIC up to and including that sixth episode confession, but as I feared, that’s proving too great a moment to follow up from, especially using the same old formula. Chiaki now knows that Keita is the guy behind both of the game accounts she’s been chatting to and playing with all this time, but rather than tell him this, she drags her unwitting sister into the mess, claiming that she’s the game’s developer. Even this addition of a new character and branch of misunderstandings feels stale before it’s even begun. 😦 Chiaki’s reluctant feelings of love towards Keita offer a little more potential for some laughs/drama, hopefully it’ll spring back next week.

Maybe I’m being too harsh on Re:Creators – the episode seems to have been generally well received, and I agree that bringing back Setsuna as a creation was a stroke of genius. Great to see Altair reunited with her creator… even if she’s not the original, she seems pretty damn close, which shows how important she was to Souta for him to have re-created her so effectively. It was quite something to see the cold, vengeful and nigh unstoppable villain show so much emotion, both sadness and joy, and the two of them going off into their own world provided more of a satisfying ending than defeating Altair with force would have done. But, I like action. And the action is over now (barring any last ep surprises). The competition was strong, and a whole episode of talking was never going to score well in my rankings. That’s just the kind of person I am. 😛

[HorribleSubs] Re-Creators - 21 [720p].mkv_snapshot_17.53_[2017.09.10_23.30.32]

A happy not-quite-ending~

General comments:

The theme for this week’s general comments: Shows that should probably be in last place, but aren’t. 😛 Once again, I didn’t understand what was going on in this week’s 18if. At all. If it’s supposed to be mimicking the nonsensical plot developments and progression of real dreams, it’s working! This dream had quite an interesting fantasy setting to begin with, appealing to my interests. Then, suddenly, everyone was dancing. Then Haruto posed for photos in a cat onesie. I guess everything that happened (random as it all seemed) was entertaining enough, and we did get a small hint regarding Haruto’s situation – as expected, he’s also asleep, presumably suffering from the same Sleeping Beauty syndrome. The animation style was a little different, not as radically as in ep 7, but noticeable; this worked well in some scenes, but looked very odd/static in others.

Vatican Kiseki Chousakan is about as nonsensical and weirdly-paced as 18if, except it doesn’t have the excuse of taking part inside of a dream world. Although that could well be the next plot development, who knows? 😛 Seriously, I can’t wait to hear the self-flagellating bishounen Father Julia’s reasons for dressing as a clown and cutting off people’s heads. I’m also not convinced by Lauren & Hiraga’s explanation of the rainbow Jesus miracle… okay, thermocolour paint is a thing, but why did it look so wildly different to all onlookers? Why couldn’t the effect be recorded on camera? And they haven’t explained the source of the horn sound either (though I imagine that’d be easier to fake with a hidden speaker). Real sloppy detective work, if they’re leaving it at that! This is so bad that it’s good; though I’ll admit, this current murder mystery has me intrigued.

[Erai-raws] Vatican Kiseki Chousakan - 10 [720p][13133DC6].mkv_snapshot_15.45_[2017.09.10_23.34.10]

I had an easier time believing the inspector’s joke than most other things that have happened in this series, I’m not going to lie. 😛

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5 Responses to Summer 2017 Episode Rankings – Week 10

  1. ffg6 says:

    Hi Joe,
    do you know if AberAnime soc is still existing and screening?
    Do you have contact with other guys and girls from there like Gerard or MC?


    • Hello! mysterious AberAnime alumnus!

      Last I heard, it was still going strong! Their Facebook page is likely the best place to get info (type AberAnime into search if you’re on there) – though their last post was from May this year, building up for the annual barbecue. I don’t know who’s on committee this year or whether they’re still planning on actively using the group, but there will be more recent members there who can likely answer those questions. That’s assuming the new semester has even started yet, I’m out of touch with uni goings-on in general, and feel old!

      I’m in contact with a lot of the Aberanime generation from just after Gerard (and presumably MC = Mike Chomyk?), though sadly not those two themselves – you may remember Ste Knowles? He, the president after him (Ben Woodcock) and the committee from the few years after that (I went back and did an MSc, and was treated like some sort of all-knowing elder) still form the core of my friend base even today.

  2. ffg6 says:

    Thanks for the info!
    Yeah, I also remember SK and BW and others from that time.
    How I can find you on Fb?

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