Happy New Year! 2018

A very belated Happy New Year to all my readers! My apologies, I was feeling a bit burned out after putting together all those end of year lists, marathoning manga to reach my ridiculously high Goodreads Challenge, and all the various other things I wanted to get out of the way by the end of 2017.


Keeping with the tradition of Etotama screenshots – sorry, Juuni Taisen!

Every year I try to vary my anime watching or manga reading habits a little through setting myself a New Year’s Resolution relating to this, whether it’s reading more in general, watching longer series, watching older series etc. And then there was last year, when I went with ‘keep doing what I’m already doing, for one more year’. 😛 But though it may have seemed like a cop-out, I was already planning ahead for some bigger changes in 2018: that is, cutting down my anime viewing to make time for other things, primarily gaming.

Right now, I’m in a sort of transition period – though the gaming has begun in earnest, and I’ve already completed two titles that had been sitting there unplayed for years, I still haven’t reached my goal of ’12 months life on anime’, as measured by Anime-Planet. For the past six years, I’ve always hit a new monthly milestone on January 23rd, and this year will be no exception. So, actually, my anime viewing won’t drop all that much until then. But since the next Life on Anime badge after that is 2 years (i.e. double the amount I’ve watched in my entire 12+ real-life years as a fan), I think that’ll be a good excuse to leave my old, precisely calculated watching regime behind, and instead watch what I want, when I want to.


Another tradition that must be upheld.

Of course, that means big changes to this blog. Weekly rankings posts have been a major feature here since 2012, although they were shorter and notably lacking in screenshots. Eh, it got one like at least, and I’d nailed the format by the time 2013 came around. 😛 And then at some point, due to increased work loads and a lack of free time, they became the ONLY feature (aside from those end of year lists). But, I’m only going to be watching 8 series from the current season, and am not going to make any huge effort to watch them on time and write about them either. So, no weekly rankings this season.

I don’t know whether that’s going to be a negative or not for my long-time readers – if so, I apologize. But personally, I don’t think it has to be a bad thing. This blog existed for two years before I did weekly rankings – back then, I’d rant about volunteering and life in general, make posts about the manga series I’m reading, promote a series that I felt to be overlooked or underrated, or pick a terrible-looking series and follow it weekly on here (or a good one, in the case of Kaiji S2 and Mirai Nikki). I pretty much made it up as I was going along back then, and that’s what I’ll do again going forwards.


Those early posts were some good times…  a little strange, but good.

To conclude, I’ve posted at least once a month here since January 2010, and that’s one thing I won’t be stopping. But as to what I’ll be posting, your guess is as good as mine at this stage…


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