Poll: Choose what series I watch next! 2019 Edition

A month and a bit on from my New Year post, the whole ‘watch more old anime’ goal isn’t quite going according to plan. So, time for another blog poll! Because the thought that my readers might be eagerly waiting to hear my thoughts on a series should provide the motivation I need… whether anyone is actually interested or not is neither here nor there. 😛

[HorribleSubs] Action Heroine Cheer Fruits - 08 [720p].mkv_snapshot_08.51_[2017.12.15_16.31.12]

I approve of your opposition!

And so, here’s another five shows from my backlog:

Gen`ei Toushi Bastof Lemon


The year is 2097. In the city of Xenon the ulimate cyber game has been created. Players battle and fight against the game as bio-mechanical robots. Then something goes wrong. Somehow, the game’s virtual space and the real world become linked. Damages that occur during the battles in the virtual space create havoc in the city. All this begins when the players hear a piercing scream, see the ghostly face of a little girl and a powerful scent of lemon overcomes them. To solve this mystery, the creator of the game assembles a “Dream Team” of the top three young gamers in Xenon’s Hall of Fame. This active team of rebellious, arrogant teens must overcome their attitudes and fears to find the answers to the mystery that is much bigger than the game.

It was the odd name that first caught my attention, but the thing that makes this one stand out the most is that it’s a South Korean production, dub and all! Not the first that I’ll have watched (that was probably Wonderful Days, followed by Winter Sonata), but still, there’s not many of them, and fewer still which have English subs.

Cinderella Boy

[Inf-AF-F]Cinderella Boy 01.avi_snapshot_00.01_[2019.02.10_21.11.46]

The lowlife Ranma and the beautiful Rella own a detective agency in Kirin city. He’s in it for the money, she’s in it for the action. But after a mysterious accident, they are now forced to share… one body?! Now, at the stroke of midnight, only one of the duo gets to use the body, both physically and mentally, causing quite a commotion. With cases to solve and unanswered questions abounding, can the two-in-one-body detective agency solve the greatest mystery of them all: how to return to their former selves?

Based on the 1980 oneshot manga of the same name by Monkey Punch (of Lupin III fame), so hopefully there will be more to this than most other mid 2000s body sharing anime. 😛 I like a good detective mystery series, though they’re something of a rarity – whether this is a good one remains to be seen!

Brain Powerd

Brain Powerd - 01 - Departing from the Ocean Depths [CS].mkv_snapshot_00.41_[2019.02.10_21.29.20]

In a possible future, mysterious devices called plates create robotic “Antibodys”: Brain Powerds, or Grand Chers. In this world, a monumental structure known as Orphan lies at the bottom of the sea, slowly making its way to the surface to fly into space; however, its success would result in the death of every living being on the planet. Already, natural disasters are prevalent due to its ascension. In order to stop Orphen from obliterating humanity, the organization known as Novis Novah uses Brain Powerds to battle it, while Orphan searches for more plates and defends itself using Grand Chers. In the middle of this war is Hime, a girl who found and mastered a Brain Powerd on her own and joined Novis Noah, and Yuu, a boy who has served Orphan all his life but now decides to escape and fight alongside Hime. Can these two young people make a difference in this war? And what is the true purpose of Orphan?

Despite my grumbles about Yoshiyuki Tomino’s weird storytelling and characters in last year’s Overman King Gainer review, I’ve only gone and added another of his series to my list. I never learn. Maybe one day I’ll get around to the original Gundam! So far, the only thing I’ve seen from Brain Powerd is the OP… that’s a lot of nudity. 😮

Lovedol ~ Lovely Idol

[ReDone] Lovedol ~ Lovely Idol - 01 (DVD) [34AF30FB].mkv_snapshot_01.03_[2019.02.10_21.36.39]

Lovedol is a pop-idol group organized by Tomohiro Fujisawa, a manager from Sweetfish Productions. There have been several iterations of the group, and though Tomohiro has been quite successful with the first two, he decides to again gather members for a third. But on the brink of its debut, the company’s president cancels for unknown reasons. In a search to discover what Lovedol is missing, Tomohiro inadvertently recruits a famous street guitarist known as Mizuki into the group. Will Tomohiro succeed in making the Lovedol shine?

Featuring character design (singular) by Nishimata Aoi – seriously, look at the key visual on the A-P link above, I’ve never seen such a bad case of same-face! 😮 A mid 2000s idol series by TNK, a studio which sticks out in my mind for its terrible shows with terrible animation… And yet, here it is on my want to watch list.


[joseole99-TCL] BECK - 01 (960x720 h264 AC3 AC3) [D035A8E6].mkv_snapshot_00.55_[2019.02.10_21.45.09]

Koyuki is a downcast fourteen-year-old boy who feels disconnected from life. Socially unpopular and lacking confidence, he takes some solace in his fandom of fluffy J-Pop. However, when he saves a strange dog from a group of cruel young bullies, his life changes forever; for through this encounter he meets a genius guitarist named Ryuunosuke and subsequently is introduced to the world famous rock band Dying Breed. Now, he uses his innate singing talent and beginning guitar skills to join with the indy startup band Beck, learning to live a life unlike anything he has ever known…

And finally, one that people might have heard of! The most viewed on Anime-Planet of the five by a ridiculous margin, and also the highest rated. Maybe sticking this in a poll with the other four is a bit unfair. But it’s been sitting here unwatched for 5+ years, so clearly I need more convincing!

Vote for whichever one you want me to watch, whether you’ve seen it yourself or not. I’ll make sure to view and review the series that wins at the very least, and possibly one or two of the runners up. Poll closes Sunday the 17th~

…if you’re wondering about the look of the poll this time, this is Polldaddy’s ‘manga’ theme. 😛

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