500 Word Game Reviews: Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender

November 11, 2018

Nothing I say here is going to do as good a job of grabbing people’s attention as that game title, so let’s move swiftly on…

Rex Nebular and the Cosmic Gender Bender (1992) – Point-and-click adventure, PC.


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500 Word Game Reviews: Zafehouse – Diaries

October 20, 2018

Halloween may still be over a week away, but try telling that to the zombie horde that’s rapidly gathering outside your home… 😛

As with many other newer games I’ve reviewed here, screenshots feature small text designed to be read at much higher resolutions than this blog format allows (I might get around to updating it one day!) – in the meantime, opening images in a new tab and deleting the ?w=450 part of the url will let you see them in full-size.

Zafehouse: Diaries (2012) – Stragegy, PC.

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500 Word Game Reviews: Entomorph – Plague of the Darkfall

September 15, 2018

Unfinished business from my childhood… not only did I get the nostalgia factor, but also the satisfaction of finally seeing the story through to the end. 😀

Entomorph: Plague of the Darkfall (1995) – RPG, PC


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500 Word Game Reviews: We Know the Devil

August 18, 2018

No post next week, as I’m away visiting relatives. Expect my mid-season anime thoughts in early September… where is this year disappearing to?

Anyway, this is the only visual novel I’ve ever played… read? Experienced. And it isn’t even related to an anime series, though there are obvious influences from and references to Sailor Moon, among other things. 😀

I can’t do much about the whole image resizing thing, so if you want a closer look at the screenshots, open the image in a new tab and delete the ‘?w=450’ part.

We Know the Devil (2015) – Visual novel, PC.


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500 Word Game Reviews: The Pandora Directive

July 28, 2018

I’m currently playing through Under a Killing Moon, an earlier game in the same franchise, but The Pandora Directive is proving to be a tough act to follow… erm, precede. Here’s what I thought of it:

The Pandora Directive (1996) – Point-and-click adventure, PC.


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500 Word Game Reviews: Lands of Lore – The Throne of Chaos

June 16, 2018

Despite loving older games, and playing mostly older games, I’ve just noticed that for some reason all the reviews I’ve posted here have been for games from the 21st Century, aside from The Longest Journey which just about creeps into nostalgia territory with its November 1999 release date… Time to fix that!

Lands of Lore: The Throne of Chaos (1993) – RPG, PC


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500 Word Game Reviews: Spirits

May 12, 2018

Not quite ready to post my mid-season anime thoughts, seeing as Steins;Gate 0 was a late starter, so have an early game review instead!

Spirits (2012) – Puzzle, PC.


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